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Game of the Week: Battlefield Heroes

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  1. I’m sorry ppl, the f2p for DCUO is perfect for those who do not wanna pay to play, or buy DLC, because I honestly think this way the company will get the money that they are due, due to the fact that they are going to release it via f2d(free to download) vs paying 60bux for a copy.

    As for paying only 5bux inorder to be a premium content user, I think 5bux once is a pretty sweet deal saying that it gives you the chance to play a little more into the game, and a bonus for buying some wings or even one month of game time…again stop whining about how unfair SOE is being to the F2P community, if you cannot stand paying for a game, then dont worry about it…just leave the game alone and continue on with your F2P lifestyle, and put money where you feel it best suites your current lifestyle.

    Good day to the best of you, enjoy your F2P gaming, and try to enjoy the fact that SOE is opening their doors on DCUO to the F2P community!

  2. The DC Universe free to play looks pretty useless. According to the way they currently have it planned is that F2P players can’t use the auction system, they can’t trade with other players, they can only have a maximum of 1500 in in-game currency, and they can’t send items via the mail system. Pretty F’n ridiculous restrictions. Might as well call it a free trial.

    • Agreed. It screws their paying players too because it limits the amount of people they can buy and sell from. Should never put in economic restrictions.

      • Actually no it doesnt, because maybe about 25% of the ppl who do end up paying for the game will stop paying and be dropped down to the “premium” status in which they will still be able to use the auction system, just having less space in which they can sell, so its not going to have a massive effect on the auction economy.

        Seriously this will probably raise the amount of ppl that do play this game due to the fact that they have a f2p option that will draw in the “F2P community” and from times to time, those F2P players will use a cash shop to buy something they want, and after spending $5 they gain access to the auction house…not a big draw back…

        This is probably the best thing that SOE could have done. Period!


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