This week on Free to Play Weekly Firefall reveals the Dreadnaught, SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online coming to North America, the future of Land of Chaos Online (LOCO), Jagged Alliance Online closed beta registration now open, Seal Online Monster Survival Mode, Windslayer 2 closed beta key giveaway and more.

Free-To-Play Weekly is the exclusive web show from This show presents you with the most important news of the week about free-to-play online games and the latest releases, with a few jokes thrown in for good measure. Have fun and expect a new show next week!

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Game of the Week: Shaiya

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  1. Most of you youngsters probably dont remember jagged alliance. Really awesome game at the time and full of ACTUAL strategy. Hopefully this game sticks to that. Graphics look about the same though lol.

  2. beside firefall update I haven’t noticed anything interesting
    remove screwatack shit
    wasn’t shaiya the game of the week already ?

    • They refer to the 4 quarters of the month. Example Q1 means First Quarter and so.

      P.S.: A quarter is composed by three months of the year, do the math ^.^

  3. Can we divide these videos ?
    IT is not free to play weekly anymore …. just full of random news…
    You going to lose viewers that is for sure.

    • I do not understand what you mean. All videos are divided into sections as always. The only addition was the ScrewAttack section but that is only extra content, does not interfere with anything and helps to keep members informed about important game related news.

      • uhm strutture pomagonillente molto semplici e qualche texture un po’ slavata, tuttavia la resa globale sembra abbastanza pulita e, tutto sommato, potrebbe consentire un frame rate stabile a velocit piuttosto elevate. sembra, da qualche video, che ci sar un uso massiccio di blur, il che renderebbe del tutto inutili texture pi dettagliate e strutture particolarmente complesse.sembra anche molto ispirato sotto il profilo artistico.incrociamo le dita e speriamo in un sistema di controllo in grado di divertire e dire qualcosa di nuovo: su wii potrebbe finalmente arrivare il primo nfs degno di essere acquistato da un po’ di anni a questa parte (mi basterebbe anche non fosse noioso e con caricamenti biblici come nfs shift).

    • Free to play weekly is a NEWS segment of free to play games. So full of news pertaining to free to play games is pretty much the goal. Not sure if you’ve ever watched the news but they dont talk about the same topic the entire show. Unless some star beats his wife or says something stupid.


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