This week on Free to Play Weekly Fiesta: Expedition To Adealia was launched, Age of Wushu is coming to States, C9 Continent of the Ninth Seal is Recruiting testers, Repulse Enters closed beta Testing, Aeria Games acquires ijji Games, Conquer Online: Invasion of Pirates Expansion, Bright Shadow: Curse of Hera Expansion, a sweet giveaway and much more.

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Game of the Week: Cabal Online


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  1. fan on January 12, 2012

    Webzen has launched his MMO FPS named Battery Online
    And it’s only for korean
    But europe and America don’t have to worry
    It’s a Test for Battery online in eu and usa

  2. Name (Required) on January 10, 2012

    uhm whats with ava diddnt get it

  3. dany23 on January 10, 2012

    me i w8 to play.. aion :X…

  4. Durian on January 9, 2012

    I guess not much news coming out….

  5. zenyth on January 9, 2012

    why posting so rare these days ?

  6. TheGodReaper on January 9, 2012

    up to now first 🙂