This week on Free to Play Weekly Eligium Open Beta was launched, Aika Prepares For Battle With Epic II: Hestia, Rusty Hearts: Requiem Update is Now Live, Tactical Intervention is coming, Jagged Alliance Online: Open Beta is here, Perfect World International: Descent Expansion, sweet giveaways and much more.

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Game of the Week: Zone 4: Fight District


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  1. cristi on June 18, 2012

    cum il instalez

  2. Aririkadoto on February 24, 2012

    OMG XD was canning myself, might as well have called it wet dream for me lmfao XD

  3. Cartoonbuzz on February 24, 2012

    Hey can you guys put mmobomb on facebook pls and do stuff there like also post vids and stuff news thats would be great thx

  4. Gin on February 22, 2012

    Video of the week was priceless, made me laugh
    too bad about MGO closing though..

  5. SteamChaos on February 20, 2012

    A “Open Beta” is nothing short of a marketing tool..even more so with no wipe…

    Anyway, nothing really interesting this week sadly.

  6. AirwalkerX on February 20, 2012


  7. beyonzo on February 20, 2012


  8. ibspartan on February 20, 2012