In this week’s episode of Free-to-Play Podcast the cast talks about Gloria Victis updating its animations per the Bomb communities request, the in-n-outs of Life is Fuedal, Trion’s new voxel based game Trove, and EverQuest Next: Landmark’s newly available founders packs. All this plus your community comments on this week’s episode of the Free-to-Play Cast!

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Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. I don’t mind subscriptions along-side Free to Play Cashshops. However, if I subscribe everything should come with the subscription and there should be no Cashshop requirements for things such as expansions and cosmetic items.

    O and no pay to win in pvp for Sub or F2P.

    My Da-Bomb is for Planetside 2. Before the game was unplayable; now even in big battles my frames per second stay adequate.

  2. you poor sheeple consumers. Discussing what is sub or F2P is like discussing what is a right price for an item in wal mart (or any tore). As a consumer you fight over the price on the shelf. MEanwhile, us “in the know” guys are tracking COG’s (Cost of Goods sold), PRice of entry vs price of exit, etc. No one here has ever been in the accounting office or boardrooms and held the actual papers of actual costs of production vs revenue. So far no public company is very open, and Star Citizen is probably as close as revenue tracking vs output as you get (although we will never know the amounts budgeted for cocaine hooker nights in vegas vs. ACtual production realization.)
    The only power you have is signing in and playing vs NOT. Want to make a difference DONT play certain titles you want to see change.

    • insulting every one off the back dose not help your post “you poor sheep consumers” now I am going to look at some things about your post 1 yes I have seen many games change from how other people talk about them so yes we do have power over a game if we all agree now cost and how much your playing to play are even you have to put out the huge risk that making a game F2P is so with huge risk comes more money to start it. jest look at 25 and under insuring of cars it a huge cost because of a risk of them crashing is high the risk of a game failing is high. so they have to raise the cost of item and pay to play aspects jest to get some money back. now if you don’t play the game what worth are you to the game makers non at all if you do play then they will think they can get you to play bye bending a little so if you want to change the game lvl up in it then buy a little of the items then talk calmly about it and see if you can find more people with the same thoughts on it, YOU CAN CHANGE A GAME BYE PLAYING IT

  3. I believe that if a game has a subscription, then it should either be for the sake of making a bit of extra money while giving people the option of whether or not to play as a subscribed player. Games that go full sub should really only be that way if the content is worth what you’re paying for. If a game’s content lacks and you’re paying money for it, then it just seems so very wrong and unnecessary. A sub should only be set up as a side bonus for extra stuff, like better loot, more money from killing monsters, bonus exp gain, etc.

    • i for one think that, tera did great transition. they kinda allow you to go 90% content and even then, the game itself shows that, game needs more input resources. so in the end it’s like this – come on, play; then understand that you will need a lot of stuff to progress, but you can get it by grinding, and in the end – you can play game in very “social active” mode where you find parties friends and do efficient runs, or you can by sub and skip bunch of content.

      f2p subs brake games more, than transitions from not f2p.

    • Pretty much all these shows are good for lately. To get mounted in the comments.

      You know that this phrase of yours means that you are getting mounted, right? No mounting something/someone, but getting mounted yourself.

      • curst its a mmobomb thing theirs a reason behind it all of us know it you should go look it up your self btw it dose not go that way mounted meaning you jest mounted, you looking at as he mounted that guy but its implies the person not some one else so your wrong on that frostank mounted not frostank is being mounted

        • Watch early episodes of F2P Cast where Magicman and his crew are jokingly discussing ways to improve this show. At some point one of them says “We should add monts. But our mounts are going to mount us, not the other way around.”

          Some time after that Magicman asked his viewers what in their oppinion would have been a good replacement for “First.” in comments. Many people agreed on “Mounted”. That’s the genesis of this “mounted” thing.

          So decide for yourself if I’m wrong or not…


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