On this episode of MMO Thoughts, I’ll talk a bit about the gaming mice I’ve used and review the new Razer Naga Pro. Is it worth the price? Let me know what mouse you use and why!

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  1. I have a Naga Trinity on my laptop and a Naga Chroma on my desktop.
    I find the software to be horrible. It updates quite often and each update requires 2 Windows restarts. The locally-stored profiles are useless since the software requires you to login online to use it. About the always-online: one evening I wasn’t able to play games because their cloud was offline and it didn’t allow me to do any settings and the default settings weren’t fine for the game I wanted to play. What happens when they will go out of business? All their mice will stop working?
    Over the time I have seen a degrading quality of the hardware. Usually the double-click problem. The last mouse I bought was the Trinity and after 1 year it started with the clicking problem: first it was double-clicking instead of click and then stopped clicking at all. The problem can be fixed replacing a 1-dollar microswitch. However, I find the problem unacceptable for a 100 dollars mouse. I had much cheaper mice working better.
    Overall I started to dislike Razer and their products and my next gaming mouse will surely not be from them anymore.


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