After months and months of closed beta testing Hi-Rez studios has finally decided to share their third-person MOBA SMITE with the rest of the world. The game officially transitioned into open beta today meaning if you somehow never found the time to give this MOBA a go you finally have no excuses left not to. Players who reach level 30 during the open beta are being rewarded with a limited edition skin for the mage-tank Ymir which turns the normally blue and jolly giant into a badass demon complete with shoulder eyes and exposed intestines.

Hi-Rez also wants SMITE to hit the ground running when it comes to eSports, with plans for a 100,000 dollar launch tournament. Tournament details are expected in the coming weeks so you still have time to hone your skillshot…skills and gather a winning team. While 100k pales in comparison to League of Legends 2 million prize pool and Dota 2’s 1 million dollar tournament, 100k is still quite a lot and it’s great to see Hi-Rez putting real money behind SMITE’s eSports scene.

A new video detailing new content and features for the open beta can be viewed above. If you wish to give the open beta for SMITE a go you can create an account here.

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  1. nilla123 on June 11, 2013


  2. SinfulSix on February 6, 2013

    SMITE is a really good game i have played it for over 4 months now. I tried lol didn’t like lol, too much clicking and the view i didn’t care for. That being said SMITE brings the 3rd person view and the skill shots to the table its a whole new play style and fresh. Unlike other mobas you can see above and see behind you. In SMITE if you turn your back and let your guard down you could be ganked 😉 Love smite and i feel it will keep getting better and better.

    So if you enjoy 3rd person view and feels more like your playing a mmorpg but moba style this game is for you. All Skill shots if you miss you miss.

  3. ZhaoYun on January 24, 2013

    i don’t like this the way u look at the char and the way u move him i prefer point and click mmos like league but its a good game overall

    • ~Sakee~ on January 25, 2013

      I prefer it due the camera and the controls. It does provides a lot smoother gameplay for me than LoL or DotA2.

      They are called MOBAs by the way.

      • ZhaoYun on January 26, 2013

        ik how they called i play mobas since dota 1 from wc3 anyways its all about what u like/dislike

  4. speed9x on January 24, 2013

    I am going to win Ymir skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Nuno on January 24, 2013

    its F2P right?

  6. TheGamer on January 24, 2013

    Why is it saying 2012 in the final of the video?

  7. dirtyzerg on January 24, 2013

    been playing a while, game is pretty fun

  8. diego gonzalez on January 24, 2013

    O:O nice game

  9. XGamerTwix on January 24, 2013

    I like games like this looks cool i want to play it

  10. rakanms on January 24, 2013


  11. Rufinus on January 24, 2013