Couldn’t get a beta key for 1337 Game’s Tactical Intervention? We’ve got one!

OK, that’s not anything special, since everyone can theoretically get one now.

You’ll have to install the game via Steam, but once you’ve gotten over that simple step, you’ll be able to try out the FPS from Counter-Strike co-developer Minh “Gooseman” Le, which formally launches on Sept. 12.

At launch, players can headshot each other over 11 different maps in a variety of game modes. 1337 Games promises regular content updates, which will include new maps, weapons, and equipment.

You can follow Tactical intervention’s development more closely on its official website and Facebook page.

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  1. I dont know whats funnier. The game or the people that like this garbage.

    1. To the people that said the grapics are good…i wonder what games u played bevor if u think THIS GAME LOOKS GREAT. Wtf is wrong with your eyes guys? Wolfenstein 3D looks better to this day.

    2. At this CoD fanboy. IGNS TOP TEN GAMES? LOOOL, who gives a damn about IGN? Just CoD players looks like.

    3. Wasnt this game shut down a while ago because it was that bad? Why is it back? Yeah, they made a few updates but this doesnt change the fact that we have the year 2013 and this game is a 2006 game. Im talking about the mechanics, not just the visuals.

    4. As long people still play such games, devs wont stop pushing out horrible games. STOP THIS, dont play this.


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    2. call of duty covert ops
    3. call of duty heroes duty
    4. call of duty world at war
    5. call of duty black ops 2
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    10. call of duty 4

  3. This game sucks for many reasons:

    #1. Its a freakin call of duty clone.

    #2. Graphics are outdated.

    #3. Not enough guns in the game.

    #4. Crossbow is completely useless, not like the crossbow in call of duty.

    #5. Cant use mic.

    #6. Game looks terrible on max settings.

    #7. Machine guns shoot through walls.

    #8. Lots of glitches.

    #9. Horrible Mechanics

    #10. Bad money system

    • Wow -_- stupid call of duty fanboy get out of here not every game is a call of duty clone. Besides battlefield 3 is the best game ever! SO LEAVE PLEASE

  4. This game would have been a big hit five or six years ago. Today not so much. It’s fun in its own kind of way, but it just can’t compete with most modern shooters.

  5. It’s kind of sad to see folks who make games but don’t aim to make it stand out. It’s like they just want to pump out a game just to say they’ve done so, rather than work on it and make it an awesome experience.

    • @reavermyst

      I would like to point the finger at Perfect World and the games they have developed (Perfect World, War of the Immortals, Forsaken World, Jade Dynasty, Ether Saga Online and Battle of the Immortals) as examples of your statement–Even by briefly looking at them they share way too many similarities. It’s developers like this that really don’t care about what they do. It lacks passion. It’s rehashed. It’s been done. They’d sooner just reskin their garbage and get it out to sucker people out of money than make something that stands out.

      The few games they do have that stand out as something more? They didn’t develop them but merely host them. RaiderZ? Not dev’d by Perfect World. Star Trek Online? Not Perfect World–that one is Cryptic Studios. Same goes for Neverwinter. And the list goes on.

      Developers of these cheap F2P games seem to lack passion. The games are made from the ground up with money as the first thought instead of their vision that they want others to see. Indie developers however seem to be bringing back some of the spark from yesteryear.

  6. i have some fun with this game ,okay the aim of the game is fu**ing strange but its funny ^^” ,don’t forget its a beta ,i think the game will be better at the end .

    • Yes it failed under OGPlanet’s management. Now 1337 Games has picked it up. I don’t expect it to do any better than under previous management. It has good ideas but it is so laughably bad visual-wise. literally makes me laugh till I cry.

    • Take for example Counter Strike GO, which uses the same engine as Tactical Intervention and was released in August 2012.
      Which one looks better?

    • Oh boy I have a feeling that you pulled that blanket statement OUT OF YOUR ASS.

      I quite enjoy games made on Source, especially Half-life. But this is just so poorly done especially in terms of animation. I should not be laughing my ass off at the dude hopping around on one foot when the game tries to put you in serious situations like a mall being taken over and innocent people becoming hostages. That should not be funny. I should not have my eyes watering at how over-the-top stupid it looks.

  7. Seriously, You all judge this game for Graphic’s. It’s not the graphic’s that are bad, It’s all the hate it’s getting, If you give this game a try, you will freaking love it. Graphic’s don’t make a good game, The player’s do. And the fun you get from it. So please just shut the f uck up about the grphic’s.

    • You seem not to understand that graphics are a very prominent feature in many game’s successes nowadays. I came from the golden age of gaming. This rose-colored love for gameplay over graphics is something I understand; but you need to open your eyes and realize that today’s industry is not yesterdays–no matter how amazing the gameplay is, if the game looks like dog$hit it will receive negative judgement in many people’s eyes. It is just how it is. Speak with your wallet; or in the case of an F2P that someone doesn’t want to play, their time. That will be the deciding factor in this game’s success or failure.

    • We’re not asking for a Crysis or a Battlefield.
      But if a game uses, for example, Unreal Engine 3… You EXPECT it to be as good looking as an average Unreal 3 game.

      And when people complain about the graphics, they also complain about the animation, and the smoothness of the gameplay.
      Yes, many people say “CoD sucks”. But you have to admit that CoD has VERY good, smooth, and responsive controls. CoD is not a bad game, the bad thing is that they do the same good game over and over until it becomes bland.

  8. LOL this game is soo horrible looking. It has that potential cheesy fun aspect, but it is so hard to watch people skip around, nonsensicle camera, bizarre physics…but all in all, it lokks fun for like 15 min sessions then dump it XD

  9. My gut feeling is telling me this game is going to go the same way as it did when it was under OGPlanet’s management; straight down the toilet.

  10. Well, this game is just not that great. It’s not terrible. It plays about how you’d expect a potential successor to Counter-Strike to play. It’s mechanically great in a lot of ways – the lean system and blind fire, for instance. But it lacks fluidity and has a few kinks that really need working out. Honestly, it just doesn’t feel good to play. Granted, this is open beta. But then, it’s also open beta, which usually translates to launch, but with some sense of impunity about bugs. All in all, I don’t think I’ll be playing it much.

    Also, from a personal standpoint, I generally don’t like shooters without a global tight aim/ADS system. That’s a preference, and so I can’t say the lack thereof in Tactical Intervention makes it bad, but it does make me want to play it less.

  11. the graphics sucks so bad, and the gameplay is buggy and outdated, get Battlefield 4 or at least COD Ghost. COME ON NOW IT’S 2013!!! GET YOUR SH1T TOGETHER!!!!!!!


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