This is probably one of the most difficult top 10 we could assemble. How can you list the best free to play top 10 anime-inspired MMORPG games without leaving quite a few behind? We did our best at reuniting a few classics of the genre and some more recent games in our Top 10 Anime MMORPG, but we’re sure we left some great games out. Without further delay, here are 10 free to play Anime MMORPGs that everyone must play.

10 – Iris Online

Iris Online is a case of an MMO that looks good and plays great. There’s a great twist to the game, with the inclusion of Tarot cards that can be used both for customization or monster summoning. Turning into a monster during combat is good fun, but it’s even better when there’s a fully-fledged MMORPG behind it. Such is the case with Iris Online.
Play Now: Iris Online

9 – Dragon Saga

Dragon Saga (Dragonica) is one impressive Anime game that breaks from the usual perspective in MMOs. Designed as a side-scroller and blending elements from the MMORPG and fighting genres, the game also scores high on the visual department. The comic touches added to a satisfyingly deep experience turn it into a quality MMO.
Play Now: Dragon Saga

8 – Grand Fantasia

Grand Fantasia may seem like a generic fantasy MMORPG with the usual anime graphics, but it is quite a few years old, when the theme still wasn’t over-explored. That also means that Grand Fantasia has a lot of content on offer, the sprite system is an interesting feature and the large world is filled with a lot of fun quests.
Play Now: Grand Fantasia

7 – Rusty Hearts

Rusty Hearts is a high quality anime-style brawler, featuring some impressive character art and smooth animation. It’s a great fighting game that is only made better by the polished visuals, appealing both to fans of the genre and those attracted by the graphic design. The best of both worlds, we could say.
Play Now: Rusty Hearts

6 – Mabinogi

Mabinogi is a classic free-to-play 3D MMORPG with cheerful anime style visuals and a focus on the community aspect of things. It’s a relaxed game with a lot of peaceful activities to do, but combat and dungeon exploring are also part of the game. This is a game for every kind of player to enjoy and leave any competitive desires aside. The prequel, Vindictus, however, is a more mature action-MMORPG.
Play Now: Mabinogi

5 – Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online sure is one old MMORPG! However, there aren’t many games that can claim to have an original art style such as the one in display here, and those that tried to do it (Solstice: Reborn, for example) are far from receiving the same acclaim. But there’s more to Ragnarok Online than its beautiful and large game world, with regular content updates bringing something new to the table. Ragnarok Online is considered by many the best anime mmorpg anime of all time. A sequel is in development.
Play Now: Ragnarok Online

4 – Fly for Fun

Fly for Fun (FlyFF) is another long-running popular MMORPG with lots of updates, a level cap that keeps on climbing and, of course, anime graphics that may show their age but have the merit of supporting a game with all the popular features. As the name says, when players reach a certain level they will be able to fly, opening new opportunities such as air combat and races.
Play Now: Fly for Fun

3 – Eden Eternal

Besides offering some of the best anime graphics in a free-to-play MMORPG, Eden Eternal has a couple of features to make it stand out from the competition. The most important is the class system, where a player is free to switch between classes, as long as some conditions are met. The clean interface and frantic combat also deserve a mention, but beware of the grind.
Play Now: Eden Eternal

2 – Dragon Nest

Nexon is the publisher behind Dragon Nest, an MMORPG with extremely detailed anime-style characters and a world that fits perfectly with the theme. An experienced team comprised of elements who worked on Kingdom Under Fire and Ninety Nine Nights is responsible for the development of this game, a charming blend of RPG and dynamic combats.
Play Now: Dragon Nest

1 – Maplestory

Maplestory is a timeless classic and a legend, a free to play 2D Anime MMORPG that is one of the most popular ever. Released in 2005, it still manages to hold an impressive playerbase, boasting figures of over 100 million subscribers worldwide and over 8 million registered users in Maplestory Global alone, as of 2011.

It’s easy to understand why the game is still so relevant nowadays, but it’s almost impossible to replicate that success. First, the regular updates keep the game fresh and interesting – a recent update added PvP; secondly, the cute anime style looked so captivating that players spread the characters all over the web, acting as the best marketing tool that exists. Finally, Maplestory looks like an easy game to play and consequently draws many new players, although it has a lot of features on offer.

Other games tried to imitate the visual style of Maplestory, but there’s nothing quite like the original.
Play Now: Maplestory

That was our Top 10 free Anime MMORPG. We hope that you just discovered a few great games to try and share your experience with us. Sadly we couldn’t include all the games we wanted, leaving names such as Fiesta Online, Elsword, Lunia, Legend of Edda, Cloud Nine, Asda 2, Ether Saga Odyssey out of the equation, but let us know in the comments section if you agree with our choice and what would be your perfect list.

*This page will be updated from time to time so don´t forget to share your top 10!


  1. FlyFF does not deserve to be so high on the list, or even on the list at all. Also this is a more debatable point but I think Aura Kingdom deserves to be on the list.

  2. I played maplestory for 7 years don’t play it unless you have a shit ton of money for higher level gameplay believe me when i say that you will need a shit ton of money to buy some decent gear and cube them these guys don’t know what there talking about its either there like level 100 or are lying about how long they have played believe me I have gotten 4 level 200s and the rest of my characters are 160+. I stopped playing like 6 months ago because of the shear amount of money and time it takes to fund your characters and level them up. Dont really suggest maplestory or any nexon game really because most of the time there pay to win games.

  3. Rusty Hearts? High Quality? REALLY!? This game has nothing to do with High Quality!
    It’s buggy as hell and the classes are unbalanced. Sometimes you go like 10-11 Times into the same exact Dungeon, because you get 10161616565 Quests but you can only have 20 or so in your Questlog. Have fun to play until highlevel and get asskicked by Bugs and Game crashes…

  4. DO NOT play Aura Kingdom I had a level 27 account and when I tried to login it said unreckignised password or username. I HAD IT ALL RIGHT! So I AM WARNING YOU! It is doin it recently but I’m not sure if it did it in the past…..but still.

    • Ya I know, I had a level 10 account. And when I had to go to the dentist I logged out. When I came back home to log back on, it did the same thing.

    • Your a boob, if you afk’d and it kicked you and sent you to a log in screen you gotta exit the game and relaunch it, which is probably what happened to you. I have a level 54, and 2 lvl 45s nothings bad about the game, you just had a “User Error”

  5. Well those games did i play before (dragon nest) did i play 1 year or more and still play this game. This game has a very good graphic and there is so many classes in dragon nest this is 1 of my fav game i played dragon saga (dragonica) maplestory did i play but still old but maplestory2 comes out soon in Korea and it will be 3D!! any way many of those games he post they are pretty old but good for beginners who love MMO or how i say good for them who love MMO and don’t know those games well anyway…
    Maplestory 2 will release soon in 2014/2015 there will release soul worker and black desert and it will take long time till it will release in EU or NA.. so enjoy those games he posted 🙂

  6. I was just wondering about Mabinogi I’ve heard that the game is good and isn’t getting as much credit as it deserves. Is that true ive only played it for like 4 mins and gave up cuz it was to weird (I skip dialogue alot im impatient) So is the game worth it or not? I’d really like to know!

  7. Wow, I’m happy to see that MapleStory is #1 on many places, already 8 years and a half playing it ^^
    And still love it 🙂

  8. Elsword is not there?
    Elsword and Grand Chase are better than Maple Story, but Grand chase has been dying recently.

  9. I kinda disagree with #1.
    La Tale is way better than Maple Story
    reasons :
    better graphics
    better community
    better combat system (season 2)
    its just more fun overall

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  12. Where is Elsword ? Its fun game . I enjoy the pvp system, field is stiil new to me though ( never going to get use to that ) xD

  13. Yay for Eden Eternal~.

    Seriously Wtf -_-. Atleast make Elsword #2

    Absolutely hate Maple Story, beginning is boring, Pay to Completely Win, too much people spending on it, and its not as good as it used to be. But I can see why they chose to make it #1.
    In terms of how fun a game really is though, I’d personally rank Maple story lower then hell :\. No offense to Occults.

    I’ve never played Wonder King before, but I can tell by the trailer that I really wouldn’t rank it any higher then #14 of what games I’ve seen anime based.

    Grand Chase actually doesn’t really belong up in the top 10 anymore. Its lost what it used to have after being transfered to Gamerage.

  14. My 3 favorite games were on here.
    Mabi, eden eternal, and grand fantasia,
    im suprised grand fantasia didn’t a better place in the list.

  15. somebody give me a really good 2d game that is like dungeon fighter to play please just give me a simple answer pleassssseeeeeeeee33

    • Elsword is like exactly what you want dude, that or dungeon fighter online. Dungeon fighter online is cheesy but appealing at the same time, however in terms of user friendly design Elsword is better. Dungeon fighter online is a more traditional rpg witha 2d beat them up style.

  16. Actually Maplestory has changed a lot.It is better then most of the games. Unlike other games, Maplestory has the background so that it can attract normal girls.Now it is extremely hard and plusthis commentary is terrible. My dog could do a better job. He has not one idea of what he is saying.

  17. Um guys, I love mmobomb, but this list needs a serious update! Its almost 2 years old! A lot of new games are out there and I think people should know about them. I am sure some games might actually go off this list. So please please please, update this list!

  18. dragon nest is way better then maplestory…..maplestory suck cause people all way stealing your monsters and u don’t get xp…..but dragon nest…you go alone or team up with people or your friends….and u get more xp for kill monster and with done with the dung u get more xp and they got nests to get more loots and some money 🙂 and it way easier to make money in dragon nest then maplestory (period)

    That All Or Maybe There More :O(period)

  19. Maplestory? More like HACKERstory

    Every few years, there is some major crisis in the coding & hackers have been able to gain access to the account database. Long time players have found themselves stripped of everything they spent countless hours obtaining. Nexon has the worst customer service on record & have allowed their game to go from epic to shit. Proof is around of mods allowing hackers to get away with their activities. Conventional LEGIT players get banned for little to no reason at all due to the failed autoban feature implemented meant to stop hackers but causes headache for everyone BUT the intended target.

    Wizet’s sellout to Nexon was the worst possible business deal ever.

    • I know right… maplestory is a hackerstory cuz they all way do a hack that kill every monster in a dung and i allway change channel and there all way people in every dung that kil ing and i can’t even level up to 70 ahhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh ahh >:(

    • I know right… maplestory is a hackerstory cuz they all way do a hack that kill every monster in a dung and i allway change channel and there all way people in every dung that killing monster and i can’t even level up to 70 ahhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh ahh >:(


    Lol I love MapleStory and I recommend you guys play it if you haven’t! I’ve never gotten bored of it, but sometimes it lags… I remember one time I lagged soooo much because a ton of these hi-lvl maplers were using pointless attacks for no reason and plus they were typing random crap which made me have to log out and log back in because I froze…

    but other than that I LOVE the game! 🙂

  21. I personally think 1 should be Elsword. Maplestory is unbalanced and easy to kill bosses/monsters now. In elsword, I don’t have to explain. IT’S AWESOME! 😀

  22. Maple Story 1st? Omg ur truly about this ? O_O
    I got heart atack when i see that , even Elswords is better that maplestory.
    And were is Tera Rising ? It should be 1st xD

    My opinion guys , the rest of it depends of you 😉

      • Mabi is da BOMB and it should be 1st, but it aint my list so I can’t change that, but look at my name, Mabi is the best! (Normal name is astrelt I just added mabi master for lols)

  23. Mabinogi is currently my #1 game in this list. My only problem with that game is that you need a party to do some missions. Its pretty tough to solo the mainstream quests, so you need a friend to join you in the game. If you are new to the game, your chances of quitting is pretty high. This game is not friendly to new people.

  24. Mabinogi is currently my #1 game in this list. My only problem with that game is that you need a party to do some missions. Its pretty tough to solo the mainstream quests, so you need a friend to join you in the game. If you are new to the game, your chances of quitting is pretty high.

  25. Maplestory is a fun game,
    yes it is a 2d game, and that why most of the people think it’s bad.
    But it’s not.
    But I agree with those who said Dragon Nest is better,
    ’cause I also think that.

    Any ways, good Ranking. 🙂

  26. Agree with most of them but… how can iris,ragnarok and mabinogi enter in top 10,but elsword or gc no,both of them are nice to play,nice graphics,nice action,many cool things,many combos and mab is just an idiot mmorpg (im not sure it is),iris and ragnarok too,ragnarook 2 may be nice and maple story,very cool even graphic isnt soo nice,many levels,things,armors,weapon…

  27. Maple is a good game. Maple is a bad game. It doesn’t matter whether or not maple is good or bad. In other’s eyes it will always be #1 or #0. Iv got a lv 170 (then hacked) and ill b admit it has gotten easier to lv but nexon plans to change it back to the old days s look forward to that. The new classes are overpowered but have u ever given a thought how much u played compared to those who play 24/7? even if ur funded or think ur pro, unless u know the right areas to train and have the time to do so then u will never be able to surpass 24/7’s. New skills and classes will keep coming out, level cap will soon be raised to 200 and those hyper skills are so op damage cap will be raised as well. The chances of beating them are less than 1/1000000000. Overall maple’s a good game but personally I think there are too many hackers (or no LIVES) out there who prob given up on life, get paid, ruined their life, just have no lives or those dammed “trolls” who hack people probably for their enjoyment of thinking of others expressions of once they get hacked. Many people hate maple because of that and other just have their own opinions. Ps: Maple is made originally an anime but cut short and ended with a shitty ending because the game was way more popular. Almost every player on maple doesn’t even know the anime ever existed because nexon has given up on it.

  28. @Joe… u r wrong… the max lvl was 200 since the beginning O-O I dunno where u got that info from… and NX can’t really get u higher damage, it all depends on luck. An by luck I mean not.., the LUK stat but ur own luck when it comes to Potentials… If you’re lucky enough u might not even have to buy NX because u will get an amazing potential on an item straight away.

    Thats all 😛

    • You know you can buy items(equips, etc), meso bags, gachapon, etc. with NX right? You can get extremely good items with NX, and buy meso bags to get more items from marketplace, and you can get expensive scrolls and such with Gachapon. That’s what I meant to say, not like you get automatic damage boost the second you buy NX. Yeah I can agree with you need luck to get potential scrolls successfully, but still, why buy scrolls when you can just directly buy already scrolled items. It just saves a lot of your time wasted on trying to get something that you need.

  29. I don’t get why Maplestory is #1. That game went downhill since 2009 or 8 (I don’t remember). I used to play it with a bunch of friends and we would just have a lot of fun like 6 years ago. I had a level 52 Assassin (Thief) and it took freaking me like a really long time to get to that high level (max level was 100 then). Then with all the updates and crap, the game went pummelling down. It took days and months to level and get at least 1 mil. Now it’s just 1 mil in an hour and NX for everything. I mean 6-10k damage was a lot of damage, now even level 30s can hit that much. I really don’t hate Nexon that much, but they made Maplestory into a money-eating game. Seriously if you don’t have NX, you can’t do shit, you’ll be people at lower levels would be doing twice or 3 times your damage cuz of NX.

  30. Guess what? not a huge fan of Anime MMORPG 😛 only played maplestory
    The Original Classes are just useless now. Most oF them.
    I hate Maplestory now that most server don’t have anyone doing pq
    Only Scania and Bera have some people.
    Maplestory should be #5 or #4.

  31. What? Are u kidding me?
    Mapplestorry oh my god
    it 4GB?
    oh i don’t think it so big like this
    look it just 2d game
    so how could it be?

  32. well maplestory really annoyed me i got banned for trying log in and kinda wrote wrong pass :/ ….but got banned for that reason only…. they dont even know how much money i spent on that game, and how much i wasted my time… i wouldn’t say maple is 1st rated they ban people but they cant fix hacks, bugs, instant.. which is really annoying.

  33. Games is Game for play no metter how old are you? Game is for fun no metter how graphic is it.
    I like Dragon nest the most
    this game is the best one

  34. maple story sucks now. i have been playing it for around 3 years if u count all the time together. the amount of updates and new things just make it so crap and confusing. i remember when there was just the explorers. now less than 2 years, they already added around 10 new classes and more to come which is just crap. you get all excited then it all dies down immediately at level 50. now it is just too easy to level up. you can now go up to level 70 with the new classes on constant playing in around a week. but the original was around 4 months which gave the game a challenge. They changed a lot of things in the game. for example, they changed all the map layout and new parts. also the mobs level have changed down and new stupid mobs.

    PS i stopped playin around 2 years ago not that u care any way

    • Umm well maybe u should look again cuz maple is harder then ever
      now you go up to lvl250 and everything is 3x harder now people might be hitting hard but it actually doesnt do much to anything now

  35. maplestory sucks my little sister get bored from that stupid game and when i played it i almost want to trow my laptop out of the window

  36. I am just going to say this. I am happy that Dragon Saga/Dragonica even made it on the list. Though in my opinion it deserved a better score. Look guys you aren’t doing nothing good, screaming and cussing at each other. I’ve played some of the games on that list and in MY opinion (not YOURS) some of them shouldn’t be on that list. If it were me doing that list… Maple Story would be in 7th. I don’t like the game, but I can’t say I hate it. I guess its okay if you don’t like games that take MONTHS to max level it.
    We all have different views about this. I prefer 3D mmo games with fast combat and good skills. Others don’t mind that much and are comfortable with a 2D mmo game with ‘normal’ skills and an easy leveling system. So don’t get all het up when someone doesn’t agree with you.
    My personal review on MS would be that the graphics aren’t good and to me that makes a hell of a lot of a difference. To others that wouldn’t matter to them so much. Guys we’re human beings, we all get slightly annoyed when someone doesn’t agree with you or something that you love doesn’t get to be in errr.. 1st place? ._.
    Look for you game lovers out there I will give you a tip, if you’re getting so annoyed about your favourite game not being at the top of the list then you better go on holiday and experiance real life. Staring at a screen for hours looking at a bunch of pixels moving around, fighting mobs isn’t going to do you any good.

    So yeah, I don’t want any mean comments because I’m trying very hard not to get anyone angry right now… As you can see (If you even bothered to look at what I put) I was trying to look at both points of view.

    My final thoughts: Dragon Saga ought to be in 1st place. It’s not perfect, button mashing gets annoying and dungeons can get boring but other than that it’s a really good game with a acceptable pet system, item mall prices are average and when you’re new people offer to help you without you even asking.
    So just remember, we all have different opinions….

    P.S-Woah this was longer than I intended it to be!! xD

  37. MS sucks no graphics and ppl only play it cause they like easy games they can feel pro in i have a friend playing MS for 1 month and he became pro they say tht MS has 7-8million registered users ask them how much of them still play and Ask them how much dislikes the game had compared to likes 67million likes (idk if it would go up cause it stopped at tht point) 112million dislikes the game is a mf chibbi game ppl with huge heads running around with weapons hitting things tht look like they came from fcking dora the explorer its a damn pre school game I havent palyed most of the games here BUT I AM SURE THEY ALL BEAT MS GC was good Eden was great idk the rest

  38. Not happy wit their choices, or the order of their choices. I spotted several that should’a come first, or last >.< over all, not 'terrible' choices, just off by a smudge. RK isn't in here, not surprised(much)
    But a couple of these I was sitting at the edge of my chair gawking " I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY EVEN PUT THAT IN HERE!!!" sorry, my oppinion i:

  39. all yo mofos are just hating because maplestory has the most CREATIVITY in all the other mmos.
    since when in a mmo did ur char balance light and darkness >:o.or since when did ur char be able to actually GLIDE with wings at lvl 10 >:o (other than aion)and lastely since when did u get to actually use a 2 crossbows?

    • Errrrr yes….. Perfect World international if you play a certain class you can get wings at level one. You really need to play all the games in the world before you can come up to that conclusion. Most likely the most games a person would have played is about 50, and even that isn’t enough to come up with a conclusing like ‘only THIS game has THIS’ Like for instance me saying, ‘Only Dragon Saga is a side scroller mmo’ when Maple story is a side scroller aswell.
      So please dont come up with conclusions till you know the facts.

      ~Am not tying to be mean…

  40. Vindictus should be or must be the
    1st of free MMORPG
    ^^ all the character
    if u dont like this game i will come to your house and kick your little ass XD

  41. I’d like to do Maple Story some justice. It was the first MMORPG I’ve played, and I find myself jumping back into it from time to time, but it was never enough to keep me around for more than a few weeks. And then my characters will go on hiatus for over a year before I decide to scratch the itch again. During the course of years that I went on-and-off with Maple Story, I’ve also tried out other games such as NosTale, Ragnarok Online, Destiny Online, Crystal Saga, LUNA Online, Trickster Online, and LaTale.

    First off, Maple Story achieved one of the most important requirements of an MMORPG — quick-to-learn controls. I hate having to figure out the controls and find it cumbersome if I have to read through some in-game item manual. I’d prefer if they have the controls explain simply and quickly within the first 5 minutes itself.

    Secondly, the graphics are a little old compared to the other MMOs, but they do have flashy skills that are attractive to an extent (which will become better when you level up and get better skills). I’m quite upset though when I heard that you have to pay real money to get the Nexon Cash currency in order to master Evan skills. It just seemed like, “I’m never going the bring out the full potential of my character no matter how hard I train, because I can’t master his skills without paying with my lunch money.”

    Thirdly, and one of the most popularly criticized aspect is its population base. The demographic of Maple Story, when I first started playing, seemed to be young teenagers ranging from ages 12 to 16, with the occasional odds of younger children (my friend was mortified to find out that his Maple girlfriend was really just an 8-year-old), or adults around the age of 30 (there was also a nice senior player who confessed that he is a 65-year-old professor in person, hence the reason why he never wanted to marry anyone in-game). Recently I gave Maple Story another one of my itchin’, and I met gamers who ranged from ages 13 to 19. While there are annoying brats who just scream n00b with the way they talk and harass others, you may also come across players who are more mature and helpful. It’s all about luck. In every community – there’s bound to be a ratio between fun people and stupid people. Sadly in my opinion I find Maple Story leans more towards the bratty and obnoxious children (because Mommy and Daddy can afford the NX they want to win in the game), though lucky players may find real fun people to casually hang out with in the game.

    Maple Story is considered a classic because of how long it stood while many other MMORPGs have shut down or have been announced to have their plugs off by 2013 (after many months of Ghost Town Syndrome). It managed to survive by keeping its contents fresh, but I must admit that it puts me off with its new and overpowering jobs (compare the typical Explorer Assassin with Hero Phantom both thief class, or Cygnus Dawn Warrior with Resistance Demon Slayer both warrior class).

    It’s comparatively easy now so it maddens the senior players who have spent plenty of time and effort into levelling their characters up back then, including myself. So really, Maple Story to me is almost like a first ex that you always have a sense of nostalgia towards, but find yourself hating because they are money faces that keep you around without you realizing that they’re sucking off your money and energy as long as you’re lax with time management. The moment you left him/her, they can still stand on their own feet by attracting other people with new tricks and whatnot. It’s really a love/hate thing for me. xD

    I’m so sorry for such a long post. If you’ve finished reading this entire post, thank you so much for your patience!

    • i play nostal and i read almost everything u said nostal has more graphics flashier skills u dont need real money to get ur full potential only things is it could take a while + nostale has events easter halloween summer spring stuff that come with raids and it has a high population it has a war zone (frozen crown) an arena mounts costumes huge bosses and monsters its alot of fun so how did u leave nostale for tht chibbi ugly big headed game with nothing but crappy graphics and idiots who rage all over it

  42. Uh, first; everyone here needs to STFU! I don’t care what you’re a fan of, enough with the arguments. They’re getting old. On that note, I’d like to point out that the sequel to Ragnarok Online is almost done; and we here in America get to play the OBT starting December 27th. And personally, since there are so many anime MMOs out there, it may be more appropriate to do a Top 20.

  43. Wow, just the complete idiots that are posting on this. People are ignorant.

    Maplestory is the #1 game because of the features it presents. Reviewers have a list of points that they compare the ideal ones based off of various surveys and research, to the game itself. Maplestory happens to meet those ideals quite well.

    It has frequent updates, a large playerbase, unique gameplay and story, plus it has a simple learning curve.

    Putting aside Maplestory, a game that had those features would be incredibly appealing to you. Maplestory HAS all of those features, regardless of what you think of it. Hence why Maplestory is #1 on the list.

    If you feel that it’s so wrong, put together a full fledged, PROPER review of YOUR 10 best anime games. And ensure that it is written in as objective a manner as possible, providing as much information on the game that is important. And then come back and complain that this one’s wrong.

  44. they’re all the popular games– maybe mmobomb should suggest some games that we’ve haven’t heard of or the just-been-released ones. some of them must be fun to play.

  45. it would have been a lot more fun to watch the mapelstory vid if he had done it level 20 and above
    under level 20 your just no class you have no real skills and you have that anoying hitbox problem
    its solved with skills like fireballs lightning super jump thingey of doom and stuff like that
    and to get to level 20 takes max 30 min

  46. i find it amusing that almost everyone hates this maplestory considering you most likely played the game at some point meaning you know that it constantly changes and gets new events characters and updates almost monthly, I’ve been playing this game on and off for about 3 years so i know if you play yea it gets boring after about a few weeks then you get of it, but after a month or so when you go back on you’ll see some new content.

  47. Iris Online is dead. 🙁

    I think it’s still up in other countries, but for players in NA, it’s gone.

    I guess the developers decided to keep only Legend of Edda alive in NA since the sequel is now in CBT — while Luna Plus and Iris got the boot.

    Right now, the only option to play Iris is on a private server.

  48. i see what the guy about means opinion but face facts dude maple story just straight up sucks and whoever thinks it’s cool good for u but still it is a horrible game so hey wateves but owell FROM cambamslam

  49. I’m looking forward to downloading Grand Fanstasia, Eden Eternal and Dragon Nest. The reason I want to download Grand Fantasia is because I love the MMORPG and anime style, same reason for Eden Eternal. Dragon Nest is a game that I’ve been thinking about for some time because It kinda bothers me that the classes are gender- locked and I like more to customize my character and that game doesn’t really have that, but the way this game is ( aside the character customization ) It just makes me want to play it so I’m going to download to see if I like it.

  50. MapleStory reminds me a lot of WonderKing however it seems Wonderking was much better. I dont know if its back running yet though

  51. lol …. really o.o idc if its anime or not go play shaiya …. its also run by nexon… then tell me crap like some things in “MapleStory” are hard so i can laugh at you >.>

  52. Also, a honorary mention to Mabinogi. That’s as close as F2P gaming has gotten to actual Roleplaying at the moment. The playerbase is poor and the entire map-system could be redone to be more player-supportive. Traveling is a drag and a /community/ is slightly lacking. Having said that, all the systems revolving around the player themself are SUPERB. A skill system that doesn’t require those stupid skill points, you train a skill and if you’ve mastered it to a certain degree you can move on to the next skill, it’s innovative and you see it in anime’s like Sword Art Online.

  53. My current top 5

    1.Lucent Heart
    2.Asda 2
    4.Luna Online

    Maplestory is a great game because it keeps you going. The arguments that it ”sucks” are meaningless. It’s you against the millions of people who enjoy playing it. If the game sucked nobody would play it and it’d shut down. Also, i’m pretty sure the writer took in account all the Maple PRIVATE servers that are also widely popular.

    • I agree to you.. Lucent Heart is the best.
      It has good graphics, gameplay, definitely 3d , awesome matchmaking, dance &race competion, Pvp, astrolable which is really unique and fashion, great map, cute and ferrocious monsters(and the hidden monsters), Instances, funny actions and awesome pets and items there are also unique skills apart from your chosen class. The quest are also awesome and the map..too bad I haven’t tried other transportaion aside from the cable ride before it went down 🙁 I really miss my game.

  54. After taking a few minutes to see what people had to say. The majority of people on here are biased to something if not.. Complain, complain, complain. You act like you have the power to change it. You can’t. 🙂 Either shut up about it (which you won’t.. Clearly) or talk to private groups. I’m one of the few population who doesn’t care about the game in general. We play, and chill. Anyways, what’s with you constantly comparing Maplestory to some off-set game? I’m defending it a little. Cause it is holding that #1 title. I got props. ATTENTION. Yeah, people have really short attention spans. Oh, random question.. Why the hell is PlanetSide 2 so similar to Tribes Ascend? (juuuuuust wondering)

  55. The best free mmorpg available right now is AION Online NA version, Vindictus and maybe Dragon Nest.
    In the near future I’ll add PSO 2 as the best mmorpg f2p game and maybe if Blade&Soul will be free(I doubt it) i’ll add it too.

  56. i used to like grand chase but it got kinda boring, cash dependent…
    but i strongly recommend dragon nest, dungeons can get boring but PvPs are so full of fun and action >:D

  57. We all have our favorites and least favorites so stop fighting c:
    Out of those ten, i played 5 (Iris, Rusty Hearts, Mabi, FlyFF, and Maplestory). Honestly, my favorite has to be Rusty Hearts and least favorite is Iris (which shutdown). Mabi was alright, but not my type of game. I used to love to fly around in FlyFF, but it got boring. And Maplestory, I played it for two years, but then it just got plain easy and boring. Old Maplestory<333

  58. I’ve played 3 of the 10 (mabi, rusty hearts, and dragons nest) and 2 others (eden eternal and maple).
    Played mabi the longest which was for like.. 2 or 3 years i think, was good but then it got boring so i up and quit. Rusty hearts is good, i played it in CB and like it but once it came into OB i just didnt feel like playing it anymore, probably cuz i was playing DFO (dungeon fighter online) and i preferred it over RH. Dragon’s Nest is ok but idk i just didnt keep on playing it like i did with mabi. Eden was just… bleh and maple… well i just didnt plain like maple.

  59. im so glad that grand fantasia has been included its the only game from that list that i have actually played i might try out some of the others at some point 😀

  60. I`m not sure why you people are even having this conversation maplestory was my first mmorpg and the reason was it was easy to level and then got bored played others and every once and a while I would come back to it to see what they have done with the game obviously they are trying to keep their playerbase and there is nothing wrong with that you people are annoying as hell and are just a bunch of losers with no friends or lives I am writing this because I feel that everyone should be able to have a chance at good lives and i`m sure not all of you are losers and just play mmos as hobbies and that is okay because I do too everyone has opinions and just go back to playing mmos/living their lives this is all just a pointless conversation

  61. I come back to this list around once every three months, over the course of a year this list has not changed. So try not to get so defensive about a outdated biased list.

  62. If you have a problem with Maplestory take it up with the Korean version. There is also a meaning behind the classes that are released. Take the heroes class as an example. The hero classes are comprised of the Aran, Evan, Mercedes, Phantom, and, in December-ish, Luminous. If you take the first letters of each of the hero class you spell MAPLE, rearranged of course. Another prime example is the Demon Slayer class. The Demon Slayer class is directly connected to Maplestory’s plot via the Demon Slayer being the Dark Mage’s subordinate. The Resistance class were created to combat the organization that works under the Black Mage AND to serve for future use so the Demon Slayer can be incorporated into the Resistance organization. The Cygnus Knights are directly related to Maplestory’s plot; in that they are the lead organization whose purpose is to combat the Black Mage. The Cygnus Knights also maintain ties to Phantom, from the original Cygnus that Phantom loved, which gives a reason to involve the hero Phantom. The Pirate class as an adventure class does not come to a surprise in that each adventure class, archer/warrior/thief/pirate/mage, has a hero, Mercedes/Aran/Phantom/Luminous/Evan. To be honest I do not know where the Canonneer, Dual Blade, or Jett comes in. They may just be side clases to allow side stories to occur in game; which in turn allows a further in-depth story line.

  63. Guys ill settle this maple story is number 1 because its for all ages and very stress free.Its not addiction and it like everyones first mmorpg

  64. wats better ,grand fantasia,ghostX ultimate,Freestyle Street Basketball or Bounty Hounds EU?
    And do any of these games hav IP blocks concerning UK/EU?

  65. from what I found about maplestory to be good in the game or to even get someone to talk to you, you got to be high level and have bought items from the item mall. I find people rather childish on maplestory and never saw myself liking it. I have played alot of anime like mmorpgs, but never found myself really sticking with one only because how much the item mall goes around the game.


  67. BTW. Grand Chase is a great game. It should have definitely been in the top of this list.
    Elsword, no. NO game that has a stamina bar should be allowed to even be called an mmo.

  68. Here’s what I think. The reason MapleStory got first on this list is because of the person that wrote it. That’s all. Whether it was because it’s his favorite game or based on the player base of it. Who knows. MapleStory started off as a game of it’s own kind, hence why it had so many players on it. Their player base dropped a LOT at one point I remember. They basically did a complete revamp, added new characters,maps and amped up the experience you get from quests and such, bringing back old players (which a lot probably made new accounts forgetting their old ones contributing to a + in player base) and brought in new players. I wouldn’t say it deserves #1 but it deserves to be on the list. Rusty Hearts is a great game in my opinion. I mean, how many games can you name where you can use a bad ass scythe as a weapon. I played it for a while but quit because of the lack of people that play it. Dragons nest is a great game also. If any game on this list deserves to replace MS I think it should be that. I have tried every game on this list at one point or another because I love trying out games I haven’t played before. Iris online is good but I didn’t like it THAT much. Dragon Saga was just plain boring to me. Grand Fantasia was also another boring game IMO. Didn’t like Mabinogi or Ragnarok. Flyff is just plain dull and boring. It’s like every other MMO out there with nothing original except being able to fly which isn’t that great of a aspect. Eden Eternal is blah. Only 3 of the games on this list is worthy of even being on a list at all. I wish people would stop adding in Runescape to the conversation of opinions on this list. Runescape is awful. Even if it was fully F2P. Just awful. Anyone who thinks it’s great is just pathetic and need to get off of their old windows 98 computers and experience a thing called life.

    90% of you people who keep arguing about MS being “gay” or “sucky” or “great” or even the “best” just seriously need to leave. You can’t spell for crap. Your grammar is horrible and you just plain sound retarded. Why don’t you focus on getting an education first. Most of you dumb ass people probably have characters that are higher level that your IQ. You’re pathetic.

    So before I go just a few more words of advice. Please, for Gods sake, grow some damn hair on your body before you try to act like you know anything about criticizing something you know absolutely nothing about. “It fun i can lvl up fast and be a loner while mom changes my diaper”

  69. You’re all absolutely pathetic for arguing over Maple Story, let it go if it’s so great go play it, if it’s so terrible put it out of your mind, whelps.

  70. u guys are stupied? maplestory is first because its cool and wat year do u live in calling maplestory classes unbalanced they NERFED THEM so stop complaining they just make them op at first to help people level up think of it and u say elsowrd and grandchase is better pretty much i think maplestory is better i didnt have fun playing elsowrd nor grandchase and btw solo zakum in 30sec thats in kms not gms no one in gms soloed zakum in 30 sec

    • monkey quest=booring if u ont pay.i played it and i DIDNT enjoy it,the weapons and quests where too weird for me and there is very little social interaction when i played.

  71. For people arguing, hating, or being retards; everyone has a different opinion. If someone likes something doesn’t always mean the next person will. For example: some people hate to play games. So basically everything is usually biased, no need to rage -.-

  72. really maplestory im sure im not the only one saying this but that guy is really terrible.I dont mind that it was on there but number 1 really? I guess everyone is allowed to voice there own opinion just mine is that game blows…

  73. All the games on the list should move up 1 and maple story needs to be knocked off the list. I tried maple story and I gotta say its the worst game I have ever played in my life. Super mario bros on the nes was 100x better than that shit.

  74. Every god dam anime games uses chibi characters. And those aren’t are region blocked. Perfect, love you all! I mean curse.

  75. flyff is awesome, wer in ur private server hahaahha u dont have to wear that shit newbie suit, cause in privater server ur suit is already cool, XD

  76. i think mabinogi shall be on 1st place i plying this game fokr alot of time now
    and i think thts very spical game i nevar found other game like tht (there is no lvl limit items or class limit u can lern every skill u want to but u hav to rain there is also no lvl limit i can reach lvl 10000+
    )if u wanna know more abut the game add omribh12-SIxz(omri) on skype i will be happy to help with starting the game

  77. my god, so many argues, hahaha, no matter how good is the game and fascinating there’s always haters, because gamers are not satisfied really, in my opinion i don’t really like maple, i hate 2D’s ,i want a game thats 3D, if theres a game like eden eternal and blade and soul combined, i would be very2 happy to play that, EE for changing jobs, and B&S gameplay, hahaha, this is just my opinion, feel free to hate XD

  78. Of these games I of course think ragnarok should rank 1st but i am partial,it was the first mmorpg i invested a lot of time in and i have a fondness of it though i think the guild they added is kind of lame(quests are nice but i wish vending had been disabled in it,it’s way over crowded with merchants.) and it’s not as compelling to me after i’ve played several newer mmos. And I am kind of sad to see wakfu didn’t make the cut-it’s not hugely populated but by far the best strategy mmorpg and it is anime based.

  79. Yeah!!! dragon nest would be the best IF it not gender locked ; had a lagrer world , house system , better guild system ,better pet system ,free realm , maybe dual class system (like dream to me)….
    If not… Eden then…DN’s only up sites are storylines and fighting styles ,there’re need a lot more than that to be a really fun game…

  80. PPFFFFFFT Mabinogi only ranked rank 6?! this has to be a fluke! lol. either way, im so glad that it ranked at all, and im so proud of the fact that not one, but three of nexons games ranked. <3 nexon.

  81. In my personal opinion, Eden Eternal doesn’t deserve to be on this list. Sure it’s popular, you’re not limited to any class, and the graphics are fancy, but people need to open their eyes and see how repetitive this game is. I never made it past the closed beta testing phase, this game was a huge disappointment.

  82. I’ve played Maplestory and thought it was a good, not great, game. I liked the casual nature and the social aspects of the game (marriage system, party quests…). However the releases of so many jobs that were so similar to the originals and potential gear and Miracle Cubes killed it for me. :/

  83. You know with maple story I was like why not go try the new classes I went to try them and the launcher is all messed up lol I reinstalled it like 3 times 😛

  84. Where’s Spirit tales on here?!?! :S Test it out! Its awesome Quality and they’re SOOO Cute! Its a mmo too 🙂

  85. Lol u guys should shut up …. Maple Story is not 1st fore no reason
    Maple story is one of the biggest mmorpgs so stfu
    (not that i like it)
    Cant w8 fore Blade & Soul :3

    • what we mean by saying that maplestory doesnt need 2 be 1st is that it is done it is over the fun times and all that in maple story…the game was awsome back in the days and now it is just change became boring with the lvling up so fast u can be a lvl 100 in 2 days or 1 doesnt matter….

  86. I have to comment i cannot contain it…. I mean really REALLY i believe this site just lost all credibility it ever had or ever could have had… You just put maplestory at the TOP THE TOP!!! You put it ABOVE EDEN ETERNAL!!!!!! and DRAGON NEST!!!!! Who the *************** Rated these games??? Maplestory SUCKS! Even if it was a halfway decent game Why DEAR GOD WHY is it above those ones??????

  87. Alright, everyone has their own opinions about Maplestory. Why can’t everyone accept that? I love Maplestory, although I loved it way more before Nexon f*cked it up with all the classes. Although the classes are pretty much just stupid remakes of the original explorers, they can be pretty fun. Maplestory is unique in many ways and it has its major flaws, just accept it as for what it is, if you don’t like, whoopdy f*cking doo, just quit the game and play others. Theres thousands of games out there to try and probably enjoy. And Nexon is greedy, and everyone knows that, just get on with it, they want to make money.

  88. After being a part of Maple Story when it first came out and I played the betas and got my characters wiped… I would say there really isn’t much to it. Maple Story consumes way too much time for the people who have a life. The only way they keep pulling back the veteran players is because of their so called new classes, and people’s curiosity wins them over. I know every MMORPG has grinding, but taking hours upon hours of grinding just to gain one level when you’re up on the high levels… The only reason I played for those few years on and off was because of friends who went up to the 150+ levels… which is ridiculous.

    That’s my 2 cents. PEACE

  89. im 10 years old yeah maplestory might have chibi graphics but that doesnt mean the games sucks i played it for everz and i still play it now its realy fun. IF U LIKE WONDER KING AND U DONT LIKE MAPLESTORY U MUST DIE wonderking is a copy of maplestory same look and even same controls. maplestory pwns wonderking.wonderking sucks. i and lots of other peoplez r just trying to prove a point.

  90. First of all maple story isn’t anime inspired it’s more in west style . La Tale is anime inspired plus has more action than autistic ms, so La Tale >Maple Story .

  91. maplestory is awesome its better then any thing else on that board ms has alot of level like up to 200 it has alot of jobs like a mercedes a evan a demon slayer and more

  92. LoL!!!! Dudes Dragon Nest Are For Real Games that are looking for unique combos and great gameplay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its not just a simple click and w8 till the opponent dies but the use of so many buttons!!!!!

  93. I really dont understand why the hell ROSE online isnt more popular. Its one of the best Free MMO’s Ive played. I dl’d most of these and since its 2012 they all seem abit outdated and repetative. I dunno why but in pay to play games I LOVE quest related gameplay. But in Free MMO’s Questing sucks, obviously because its free. You can’t deny that. But ROSE is pure grinding and has a unique feel to it. And most free MMO’s try to go for Quests and fail. I played rose with a party, that I know in real life and the whole feel of trying to get those rare drops to kick off your money gain. And having competitions on who in the end has the best equipped char, and the richest char. Aswell as working as a team With MULTIPLE class types what are actually Noticably different. Is amazing. I mean we have finished with rose, But we keep eventually coming back to it because we search for new MMORPG’s And all have nothing on it. And for some reason ROSE is empty now. When there is SIMPLY nothing wrong with it. TBH I find it hard to see why People play guild wars. But Alot of MMORPG’s now are just clones or copy everything to other popular ones. None of them have decided to make original type games, which is a shame. Thanks for reading, just my rant for today 😀

  94. the no.1 game will always get a lot of bad comments no matter its ms or dn or whatever game… itz juz cuz of the players not satisfy that the game they played didn’t get no.1…

  95. I play MS off and on. Once you get into the higher levels it just kinda turned into grinding. So i went to Mabinogi. Started paying that. I play alot of MMOs and all of them are fun, Ghost recon online, Mabinogi, MS, AvA, Global agenda, But anyways i think all of the above are great games and they are all really fun. So all you haters can just go eat yourself. 😀

  96. Guys, earlier on (somewhere in the first half of this page?) someone said that this is all about OPINION. Many of you are saying that the people that play this game sit on their butts all day, but do you realise that you’re doing that now? Arguing non-stop, saying “HEY! THAT GAME SUCKS!” or “THIS GAME ROCKS AND YOU ARE CRAP”. I have played Maplestory for awhile some time back, but I had quit because it wasn’t my type of game. HOWEVER, it does NOT suck. I agree, there are a bunch of hackers here and there, but you only come across about 2 or 3 in a day? If you’re talking about bots, then multiple games, preferably 2D (because it’s easier) have bots. I’ve recently uninstalled the game, but I might be going back in 2013 to check it out again. Again, all OPINIONS. I personally think it shouldn’t be #1, but still in the list (#4 or something). I haven’t played too many games, and my taste in these MMOs are way different than most, considering many people say that the games I play sucks. Another point (following the above post) is that it IS an anime game, even if its graphics are somewhat unappealing to some, like me. I also want to add that the number of people actually ACTIVE is much more important than the number of people who signed up, although it may not be possible to calculate such numbers. Comparing that to the number of people who signed up, you can guess what first impression it makes and whether it’s actually good or the trailers, gameplay videos, advertisement, etc. that gives their playerbase. Now, for the most opinionated part. You haters say that “Oh, these games are for kids” and other kind of crap. Please, be honest with yourself and don’t give such shit when you know adults (WITH A GREAT LIFE) play it too. Sure, perhaps some are close-minded and such, but most of them may be the kids. Teenagers and adults alike should have played at least 2 other MMOs, unless they’re just starting out, then they have no rights to comment on whether a game is good or not.

    A re-cap on my opinion on Maplestory: It has a few problems that I really hate but it can be very enjoyable to those who like these kind of games. All in all, it’s pretty good, just not good enough to be #1 in my opinion.


    1: Maple Story shouldn’t even be compared to a real “Anime” Game, their graphics aren’t worthy of “Anime” Status.

    2: No one is saying that maple story should just die, all we’re saying is that it’s not good enough to be considered the best MMORPG out there. The game is only fun for people who like to do nothing else but kill monsters and lvl their character (and both my brother and I have played the game), there are a lot of mmos out there that offer a lot more then just becoming stronger.

    3: How many people play the game is meaningless…all that shows is how good their advertisements are, this has nothing to do with how good the game actually is.

    Personally i don’t care who likes or hates the damn game its not that bad but it deffinitely ain’t the best and doesn’t deserve the #01 spot.

    • Wow i didnt know people played games because of how the ads look. Cause you know people play WoW cause of advertisements. Doesnt have to do anything with gameplay or that, No of course not. 😛

      • WoW has great advertisements but unfortunately the gameplay of WoW is terrible now, even one of it’s renown players ranted about it(Athene). and I just want to point out to all the people above if they ever come back and read this XD. That Maplestory has had some of the best advertisements as soon as release. I played Maplestory on and off since CB and I have seen some awesome advertisements over the years, and the playerbase has changed a lot over the years aswell, the game use to be all hackers(like 90% hackers) then they patched a lot of hacks, hackers left, then they started making a bunch of shitty updates. Then the made some more. and eventually like all other games do, they do to many updates and lose what the players liked in the first place, so all the oldies leave and newbies flock to game. same thing happened to runescape(the wildy update ruined game) and if u were old to either of the games i just mentioned think about the leaderboards and who was always on top Tiger, and for runescape Zezima. and everybody use to know the names of those two players. Now if you go on those games only a few people would know who u were talking about. Well all of that talk about the past and stuff had a underlying reason, the point i wanted to put out is, that for new players to an old game(in most cases) will see the game as sucking, while the new players will see the game as awesome, so argueing about if it is awesome or not is pointless since the two will never come to terms.

  98. never played maplestory. Just couldn’t get into the look and felt it wasn’t my cup of tea. All that aside, it’s obviously still a great game for many many people out there. Kids, adults, people with low spec or older hardware, whoever makes little difference because a bad game will NOT get played no matter how much marketing and tricks they pull or whom they market it too. If it were a bad game people just wouldn’t play it after the “newness” wore off and that’s a proven fact about any game out there. They certainly wouldn’t be playing it for years after.

    So for whatever reason, people play it and still play it. Lots of people using lots of different hardware play it now and played it then. There has to be a reason for that and marketing t kids or anybody won’t mean squat if its not a good enough game to keep them playing much less spending real money on (which people do). Bottom line its a great game, may not be for everyone (like me) but its still a great game.

    And they don’t advertise on cartoon network at least here in the US they don’t. All their marketing comes from the internet and social media (facebook, et;al). Now if they do advertise and market on TV in other countries I cannot say, but I haven’t seen a single TV ad for it yet and I love cartoon network. If you meant the Cartoon network website, I didn’t see anything for maplestory or any nexon game there. They have their own games they market and push there.

    • well if u from EU u can’t sign in to the Normal Nexon Dragon Nest u need 2 find the SEA Verison or Dragon nest if ur from EU

  99. I really wanted to play Iris Online but when i logged in, the tutorial went good but when in the game it was lagging extremely! so sad..

  100. OKAY HERE IS THE SHT!!!!!!!!!…maplestory is a great game untill u run into that part where ur wanting more combos or spells or armor..well guess what…ther is none unless u buy it or lvl the sht outa urself…(buy as in real money) and the fact that they advertised thru cartoon network gets u those little inmature kids playing and bugging girls *coughcough* me (email is fake =3) and bugging others thinking they can do whatever and be urber annoying..the number one mmorpg i would actually say lostsaga or rumble fighter…both have difficulties but they arnt boring or shty like alot others *cough cough* (looking at u maplestory and cartoon networks exuses for mmos) but there is one thing good about maplestory….dawn warriors and pirates ^_^

  101. I’m sorry, but how in the hell is RUSTY HEARTS a stale piece of shit every day action MMO better than anything before it? Grand Fantasia was one of the best anime MMOs I ever played it mops the floor with Rusty. Hell that game shouldn’t even be mentioned it was so bad.

  102. most of u little children out there think maple story sucks. just because u dont think hard enough to follow the story line and have fun with it doesnt mean its a bad game. it just means your mad your favorite game (which didnt make it cause it fails) didnt get up in top 10.

  103. LOL. I haven’t played Maplestory for like 5 years. It’s looking MUCH better. I’m very glad that they have more customization features now. They use to give you a 3 choices for each (hair, face, top, bottom, shoes), and it sucked. I might just play again now.

    • personally i prefer eden eternal since you can change your class any time (as long as you meet the requirements) so a person wnot get bored with only one class. There is also a huge variety of races like human, mouse, frog, bear, and halfkin (cant really remember their specific names) also updates are every week so theres always new content.

      This is only my opinion its not like im saying dragon nest is bad. but it just seems like i cant quit eden eternal and i highly recommend this game.
      EE IGN: soulx1011

  104. about the rusty hearts video you should probably remake that now since there’s a lot more choice going from a focus at level 20 where you master sword or scythe(scythe is the level 10 weapon you can pick from) and show how Just Guarding works

    and a little tip with sword magic missile is a homing skill so you don’t have to melee so much and depending on the class and weapon there is a charge bar which gives different melee chains, for example,
    Angela scythe:
    chain 1 :she spins around killing anything close,
    chain 2 :she twirls the scythe launching her for into the air and then uses that laser skill,
    chain 3 :she throws her scythe air juggling her foe leaving them wide open for a team mate to kill them or for you to follow up with some magic

  105. MS is great because of it’s player base, simplicity, and social networking is basically what I saw the most of mentioned here. Does that mean MS fans are sad and lonely?

  106. Maple story doesn’t even have place on this list. Where’s Lunia? Grand Fantasia? LaTale?

    How could you even put Maple Story before all those other games on the list? They’re all better than Maple Story, every single one of them. I tried them all, along with Maple Story.

    How are “Eden Eternal”, “Rusty Hearts”, “Dragon Nest” and “Dragon Saga” worse games than Maple Story is beyond me. On this list, 4 games that I’ve listed above are in a completely different league, when it comes to quality.

    I’m guessing it’s something like “World Of Warcraft”. took the market early, because it was very unique when it first came out, there was nothing even similar, it had years to promote itself without any competition, and so it gained popularity, and it’s hard to break it now with anything. In that genre of 2D Side-scrolling mmorpgs, LaTale takes the 1st place. Just get a player that never tried MS or LT, let him play both games for 10 levels, and see which one will he choose to play.

    • i have played Maplestory AND LaTale and i can honestly say i prefer AND dislike them just the same.

      im level 153 ice and lightning arch mage on maple( char names: Melaniann, im a guy just dont ask lol) and i really liked the game because unlike LaTale maple has events that dont involve spending real cash (majority of the time) while all LaTale’s event involve you buying a “special” cash item. BUT ever since the whole potential cubes came into maple that has changed and in order to be anyway strong you need to spend hundreds of dollar,

      i am a lvl 170 Maestro (level 143/144 Minstrel cant remember) IGN: zerodyl
      like I previously stated LaTale is fun but lacks in updates so its the near same old content continuously

      while in LaTale you can buy super puzzles but unlike maples potential cubes theres a limit of how much they increase ,
      for example in maple you can get a wide variety of stats e.g 18-27% any stat on an item to LaTales balanced super cubes where normal cubes get you +30-40% min/max damage increase,super cubes can get you 50-100%min/max damage increase.
      this being said before people compare my above said stats i have +0% INT and my chain lightning does 20-40k x 5 = 100-200k dmg, my friend has 200% INT( about 1k dollars worth in value) 200-300k x 5 = 999,999 – 999,999 (damage cap) since he was practically level 120

      In Short: Latale lacks updates,non cash item related events, balanced power(generally)
      Maple lots of updates not many cash related events, VERY unbalanced power

    • i totally agree on eden eternal and grand fantasia. eventhough eden eternal is a new game there is actually alot of players on and the updates just keep comin

  107. Maple isnt the best game out there, majority of the mmo games out there are way better. Gonna play RH next. Shut up about Maple already!

  108. wouldn’t put dragon nest at 2 xD that was a epic fail of a game for how much people said it was great.
    my list would be
    1. MapleStory
    2. Iris online
    3. Ragnarok
    4. Rusty Hearts
    the rest of them games are awful.

  109. I dun really like MP anymore cuz i didnt really like it being 2D. Its fine other ppl like it cuz wats my opinion compared to a bunch of other ppl. Although i do agree that there are also a bunch of other ppl who dislike MP. I used to like Mp but now i think what a waste of time and money it was. I think Grand Fantasia is good and stfu if u dont like it cuz i like it and u can go jump off a cliff if u dont. GF is okaaay for being in #8. Shut the hell up about MP already k? this whole page is about u guys arguing over the same stupid thing. CHANGE THE SUBJECT ALREADY!!!!!

  110. They did not put MapleStory as #1 because of it’s player base. They are just saying that MapleStory is a popular game telling from it’s number of players(different accounts not chatacters). Nexon(partner of Wizet and publisher of MapleStory) has made over $540,000,000(USD 540 Million) dollars while Wizet(developer of MapleStory) is making $350,000,000 (USD 350 Million) dollars per year! MapleStory offers a wide range (really really really wide) of items, characters, classes and gives you hours of fun. As well as fresh updates and patches. If you are experiencing bugs or lags the adminstrative team fixes ALL OF IT by the next server maintanence. People don’t just “play” MapleStory, some of the older players aged from 12 to their 20s are using MapleStory as a social network where they can actually sit and chat (well its virtual) with the relaxing music or just have great fun challenging each other in the new Battle Mode where players can compete against others in all good fun. So if you have any more crap that you don’t like about MapleStory the administrative team is right on it 😀 oh and the hackers are reducing greatly thanks to the new and more active GameMasters! And all of you haters who say that MapleStory is sooo easy and then start complaining of getting scammed. I mean what kind of dog(noob haters) falls for the “clone your items” scam?

  111. I appreciate MapleStory since it’s usually a “beginner MMO” that people play before they get into something differrent. I don’t think it deserves a #1, maybe a #4. I really thought Ragnarok Online deserves a higher rating. It’s like the original anime MMORPG and is still popular today, though mostly in Japan. On a related note, don’t bash on WoW just yet. The game is hugely based on communication and has always been very intuitive and difficult to play. It demands comradeship between players to achieve a common goal, called a guild, and other competent players outaide the guild that may generate fame or notority within the server through word of mouth. All in all, I’m not saying WoW is the best, but is viable for its originality and gameplay at least. Unrelated to this list, since it ian’t an anime game. Also, I’m disappointed that Ether Saga is not in this list and Dragon Nest is somewhat overrated, not a #2, but maybe one number down.

  112. Dragon Ball Online isn’t up… because it isn’t in US yet… tho it does have “English Patch” so you can play the original language ver….

    Also… as said, Maple Story doesn’t really deserve to be the “First”, because just because there’s a lot of players, doesn’t make it the best game.

    In fact… you could have said WoW is the Number One Game if we go by the number of players…
    But as we all know… WoW isn’t the best… (but this is a “F2P” discussion, just making an example)
    Just because there’s a lot of players, doesn’t make a game good.
    Also, there are a lot of other games out there that’s really great, but really low number of players (due to sukky company that doesn’t update – such as Camon Hero)
    And Rusty Heart is awesome, but not a lot of players play it… so it have low number of players.

    • I’m not a WoW fanboy or anything but i did play WoW for 3-4 months and i’ll have to say that WoW has more polish than any mmo in the f2p market and that’s exactly why it was unbeatable for the last few years sure mmos such as aion and warhammer tried to compete but they lacked the polish that WoW contained even now lots of the mmos in p2p and f2p market can’t compete with WoW except Rift and swtor and later on GW2 with more to come

      so even though playerbase doesn’t determine whether the game is good or not it’s the content and the overall package which drives all these players from playing it

  113. Really most of you complain about MS being number 1?
    I never played it but I heard a lot about it. Most ppl who told me about it said that it’s a good game. And if you look at playerbase… Well… There must be something good about it since ppl play it?

    Only thing I’m asking myself is “How the hell did FlyFF get into the top 10?!?”
    Sure if this list came like a year or 2 ago I’d agree but now? Gala-Net screws up the game and makes the end game cash shop dependant. So if you want to reach the lvl cap you either have to be awesome in economics (which is hard since prices are high and ppl keep rising them to sell their goods and ask low prices if they want to buy) or just pay real money to actually get there with exp scrolls (amps). Looking at Flyff’s player base there’s still no reason that this game should make the top 10. A bunch of people quit because of the sucky updates that disappointed everyone. The ones who now play are either the ones who want to be with the game till the end or newcomers who haven’t seen FlyFF on it’s best.

    • I would agree on that statement of why FlyFF is on the top 3… It’s ok on the list but not on the top 3. They screw up the gameplay on that game badly and I know, I’ve played it when it was just starting…

  114. ok why is dragon nest no2 maple story is for N00BS!! this is a complete waste of time looking at the list i mean i looked at this list a few times saying WDF dude, if this is all this website has to offer maple story being no.1 they must be out of there mind.This is the most stupidest thing ever.MAPLE STORY IS FOR LITTLE KIDS 6-16 ZOGAN!! I TOTALLY AGRRE!!!!!!maple sory is one of the games that isn’t fun and plain and it doesnt have a good plot! DRAGON NEST SHOULD BE NO.1! IT’S FAST IT’S FUN ALSO IT HAS A PREFECT PLOT!AND IT’S 3D WHICH MAKES A POPULAR GAME!

    if you a maple story gamer and you thing maple story is waaaaay better than all the other mmorpgs then your as demented than Geroge Bush

    • “AND IT’S 3D WHICH MAKES A POPULAR GAME!” Wow, just wow… You know when you say that this is for kids 6-16 it sounds like you are being a hypocrite with that attitude and grammar of yours…

  115. this is SAD maplestory should be like NO.10 no wait IT SHOULDN’T BE ON THE LIST!!!! THESE PPL DON’T HAVE A GOOD TASTE OF RPG AND MMORG!!!!!!

  116. WTH??? You people are still argueing over that stupid Maple Story? This is worse than pulling out a lollipop in a classroom full of Kindergardeners! I personally don’t see how a fake game has any real benefit to life. (If you’re stupid, I dare you to say “Hand-eye coordination”)

    All I’m trying to say is that all these arguements are pointless and a waste of time. Also, no, I’m not a hypocrite for argueing as well because I’m just telling you to shut-up and play… or learn something useful.

    Playing once in a while is fine (like what I was planning to do) but this? What a waste… pathetic really 🙁

    Don’t bother replying unless you see Zozo on some other site or the word GarthNix in front of it. I unfortunatley <3 being bossy… especially when I'm, sort of, annonymous 🙂

    • You know, they are actually making doctors out of gamers… They have machines they rely A LOT on Hand-eye coordination that you would believe. So, yeah, it does have an ‘impact’ to real life.

  117. Does anyone else notice that the only people saying MapleStory is any good at all are the 6-to-16-year-olds that can’t talk worth the space in which they reply? Not only that, but they think some 2D, (supposed) “anime” style, generic game literally made to entertain children new to MMORPGs is better than something else–and I mean ANYTHING else. Hell, -Rappelz- is better than MapleStory! Sh|t, some of the games are better than MapleStory, and they’re all amateur-made games made and (sometimes) maintained by about 1-4 people per game! MapleStory may have a lot of players, but that’s ONLY because 10-/11-year-olds went around on social networking sites and spammed “U G0TTA TRI MAPELST0RIE! ITZ S0 K00L!” (Children’s internet lingo ftw.) The only reason people got tricked into continuing to play MapleStory is because it’s so damn simple, a baby could friggen play. So, with that level of (un-)intelligence required to play, a bunch of children started playing it and even some adults. The adults got tired of being inferior to the children, so they created a bunch of hacks for MapleStory, which then spread to all the children, and that completely ruined an already-sh|tty game even further. The people using hacks for MapleStory aren’t even punished properly, so the millions of players keep using them, which forces newbies to get them and get in trouble for telling others that they’re using them thinking it was completely fine to talk about. So they all make new accounts, maybe change their IP Addresses, and play with more hacks than before. So, really, the player base isn’t incredibly large, it’s just a bunch of banned newbies and their alternative accounts . . . and other children . . . and about six adults that suck at life. Hell, the Moderators are even children! I had the misfortune of TRYING to argue with one my second month playing and got permanently muted for calling him a child several times. So, that ruins the game further: Baby Mods. Lol. I hope you realize now that if you play MapleStory, chances are you’re either a Child, an Adolescent that acts completely childish, or are one of the six Adults that suck at life. That, and, like the other person stated, you’re completely close-minded . . . but I don’t blame you, since you’re a child or childish adolescent. The probability that you have actually played any other MMORPG and stayed past the first trial of any real importance is likely to be around -1 to -3 percent. (Yes, children, that means it’s impossible; as in, you never have and probably never will.)

    Once again, a large playerbase does NOT make a game any good, and if you actually think MapleStory is any good at all, you’re either a child, a childish adolescent, or a complete loser–most likely a child/childish adolescent, though.

    Wall of text anyone? Hope you read it, all you MapleStory-loving fools out there, and, just so we’re clear, MapleStory is awesome. Everyone should go play it. “Be All You Can Be–A Six-year-old Dumbass Playing MapleStory”.

    • im 15 and have been playing maple since 06 on and off and i can say its one of the most memorable games that i have ever played because it is so easy to socialise in and easy to play (sorry for lack of grammar cbf)

    • I am 18, and I think Maplestory is an ‘OK’ game… but this kind of bullshit about how much it sucks and how it’s made only for little children has to stop.

      1. You compared BYOND to Maplestory… I think Maplestory is better than the BYOND games NOT in population but for content and gameplay which BYOND games lack.

      2. Maplestory was there when Myspace was popular and Facebook never existed…

      3. Yes, the game is simple but sometimes very complicated (Where do I train? What quests should I do? Should I get some more money to get better gear? etc.)

      4. Hacks, yes I think they are the most retarded things out there but the population of accounts don’t account for “banned newbies” they only count the actual people who play (using the same IP address of course)

      5. I don’t think the mods are ‘children’ if they are they should not even be working there because mods, in most mmos, do it as a job, you know with an actual paycheck… And also you getting perma-muted for insulting a GM of a game is not really a ‘smart’ move for you… I mean come on, who calls a GM a child and continues arguing that, and NOT expect to be punished?

      6. I bet most of the kids here have played other MMO’s other than Maplestory. Heck, it wasn’t even my first, it was Runescape. And there is a lot more MMO’s out there as well so you do not know if the “little kids” are even playing them or not…

      7. Your 2nd paragraph, you say a large playerbase dosn’t make a good game, that is true, BUT it does not JUST have a large playerbase, it also has a lot of content and gameplay to be had. That sounds a lot more close-minded than anything you said…

      I hope you read this and re-think about what you have wrote.

      Also, I have been to Cartoon Network (although, not much anymore) And I have only seen the advertisement once or twice through my life time.

      So stop trolling, and get out, and you better read THIS wall of text.

    • oh good for you. bravo bravo. you managed to give us a wall of text that has absolutely no information given at all. youve shown us that your imagination is quite limited and your ability to think outside the box is very subpar. why you have’nt even told us, in your opinion, which game you think is better than maplestory. And have you realized, dear sir, that everyone who is bitching about maplestory is just another fatass, whose sitting in his little computer chair staring at screens for 9+ hours a day, who just got so full of himself that he had the gall to go and insult something that someone else, or many someone elses, have put a lot of work into. Yes maplestory has a large playerbase, yes maplestory is EXTREMELY easy to play. but that in itself is the very reason why so many people play it. its simple, its easy, there isnt a million confusing things thrown at you the second you start the game. Its kind of like appale products right when you buy them. they come in a box and on this box is a picture and a single word. while every other product or tablet or whatever has a milllion things and pictures written all over it. Maplestory is simple , easy to play and IS NOT for little kids.I’m 15 and 90% of the people I’ve met in maplestory are over 20 and quite intelligent, and do not “suck at life” as you put it. oh and speaking of adults who suck at life since you believe that the moderators are childeren how old must you be, 45? maybe even 55? b/c i dont believe ny self respecting senior citizen would even be on one of these sites. OH and “close-minded” you probably dont even know the meaning of the phrase. when you are openly insulting a game you have obviousy not even taken the time to try. I particularly like MAplestory , the graphics are good for a 2D sidescroller, and there is a multitude of classes that make the gameever more interesting. and yes all of the classes are based off the 5 main ones( mage, warrior, thief, pirate, and archer,) but this is what makes the game more interesting, as finding someone who is exactly like you is virtually impossible. I have tried Dragon nest and yes at first it is very fun but s soonas you get to max level, which doesn’t take very long at all, your done and you have to make a new char to keep playing. I believe that maplestory has earned its place as the # 1 anime mmorpg as it is a GAME and games are only arounfd to kill time, and this maplestory does VERY well.

    • Honestly, the choice to like a game is an opinion. I could say that Maplestory is great, or that it is utter crap. I honestly could talk trash about any of the games on the list if my opinion was I don’t like them. You just typed over a paragraph of information that could easily be constrained to,” In my opinion, Maplestory is for children.” Not,” Did you notice how blah Maplestory blah blah blah blah and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.” You have absolutely no evidence to prove ANY of your claims. Why? They are all opinions. how can you prove everybody who plays a game is a child? how can you prove ANY of the statistics you listed? In the end you’ll just get many people who look at your comment and think TL;DR. For the record, before you rant about video games, do research and make sure that your claims are opinionated. K? Bye.

    • I am mmo player for about 6 years I played a lot games, a lot. Maple Story was my 3rd mmo, it was really funny in these times but now after SIX years of playing mmorpgs I have to I MUST admit that your beloved Maple Story is piece of shit , 95% mmos which I was playing was BETTER than Maple Story.
      So my conclusion is Maple Story is for players new to MMORPG games.

  118. Maple story? Eww, just cause some people who find real life far more difficult then a fake 2D fantasy life, it doesnt make it a good game.

    Rusty hearts is okay, but it is just hack and slash really. You enter a small box, mobs spawn you bash your keys like crazy in the most uncomfortable way possible and just continue the routine.

    Though it does add excitement when you are suddenly owning the mobs with ease.

    Everything else on the list is utter crap meant for girls, girly men or little children.

  119. lol are u ppl suriose??? seying maple story is a pice of crap and all wtf? i mean it is a word of idk a 3-5 haters for a word of 6mil-7mil of players that anjoy maplestory and u sey u get bored in it fast well yea cuz u pic a class like DB that over powerd easy 2 lvl and every 1 have it i mean literly every 1
    but yea it needs 2 be the 5th best or 4th not 1st the first place needs 2 be Dragon Nest

  120. i didn’t even play this game called MapleStory but it looks suck graphic and suck on every thing + its not global stupid so we cant say that it will take the first place u know that
    i prefer dragon nest in the first place
    2.eden eternal
    3.Rusty Hearts

    • Lol. Why don’t you actually play the game first and go learn some english before you post narrow minded comments like this. Just because the graphics sucks doesnt mean everything else does which, the graphics dont suck and someone mentioned latale having better animations than maplestory. I’ve played both and ms has better animations, definately

  121. i have to say that every 1 who hates on a game didnt have a good time in it. i know maplestory is easy now u can lvl from 1-70 in 1 day (100 is way to crazy) but maplestory dosnt always revolve around fighting, u can get social on it and make friends thats when a game gets fun playing with your friends and laughing. I played maplestory global closen beta, i quited alot of times but i keep coming back because of the fun memory’s i had.

  122. Lol this reply goes out to the newb named Vlad.I love stereotypes that assume that people who play WoW sit on there asses all day playing it.Alot of people I know play World of Warcraft and have really good jobs it’s just one of those big mmo’s that got really popular it came out in 2004 so it’s had seven years under it’s belt.An as for Maple Story that game is terrible the new updated they added you can get from 1 to lvl 100 in a day i’m sorry but that’s not a challenge at all if you play that game and think your hot sh*t for being a high level on that game your a noob.And before you ask no I don’t play wow but I do play alot of anime mmo’s so f**** off

  123. Guys maplestory is like so freakin gay. First off its really boring once ur a high level. trust me I have a lv 179 DB and it got boring. Plus there are noobs who scam. Dragon saga Is one of the best games i know. actually the first one was better but dragon saga is not that bad. It beats the crappy MS that people play.

    • What… I think I liked MapleStory better with its cool hangout and party quests, Dragon Saga was just mainly repeat of dungeons where you just grind and cool. In the party quests of MapleStory it’s not always grinding and killing, but games too, like matching the right numbers, searching for items with people and friends 😀

      • I COMPLETELY AGREE Gamer. Maplestory is fun and all but i got bored after like 150 and made a new character. which actually further shows how fun it is.


  124. lol many haters but i think runescape derserved to be hated. lol people like it cuz it fun people hate it cuz it addicting and take away your money. lol i think runescape need to fix there f2p so people will stop hating. f2p get nothing fun.

  125. Not sure how the games were chosen specifically, but if it’s the visuals, then I’d say MegaTen should’ve made the list, great original graphics, can get bland at times, but that’s usual for mmo’s.

      • Megaten is a anime game, it is based of a crappy anime and so they made a crappy game to match that almost everyone in my city place cause everyone here is a stupid mexican( im not talking about you smart mexicans so dont even reply ) so to make it short, MegaTen sucks and dragon nest should be first.

        • Crappy anime? WTF are you talking about? Megaten isn’t really that bad (liked it for the gameplay that required logic and analytic abilities). Besides, the Shin Megami Tensei series is insanely popular and known for always having epic stories and good strategic gameplay. It really feels like your opinion is filled with prejudice.
          I’m not being fanatic or conceited, I was a fan of DN before I discovered the Shin Megami Tensei universe.
          From my perspective, Dragon nest may seem like an awesome game, but if you look into it, it’s just an dungeon-based action button-masher with chibi anime graphics and with a stereotypical storyline.
          Now don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed dragon nest and really liked the flashy action-styled gameplay, but by the end of the day I realized that the game was becoming increasingly repetitive and simply zombifying.
          Never had that feeling with IMAGINE though…

  126. Maplestory in first?! You’ve got to be kidding me.

    That overrated crap doesn’t even deserve a ranking! Having a huge player base doesn’t qualify it for 1st.

    • ………have any of you actually tried the social parts of the game? like maybe try talking to some one? instead of spamming your shit all over everyone else. you’d be surprised how friendly people are if you dont try to screw witht them.

          • well Skylus has the biggest point in the world, without friends ur there staring at ur screen around lvl 80ish(i know because thats what happened to me on most of my chacters) but with friends u watch them party with (u can party with random peeps too, but u get my point) then after 110 where leveling gets tougher they help,,, remember what F.U.N stands for? (F=friends who do stuff togethor…U= U and me…N= n-ywhere at all across the big blue sea…..i also met me new GF who i love to death <3, meeting people online doesnt make u weak(socially) i have tons of friends but then online it just happened…. like i understand ur opinions tho , but i guess it all depends how hardcore u are into gaming, i mean the new classes maybe copying old ones and then the new ones copy the newish ones copying old ones but i mean there is only so much of a class that can be brought up…. so yeah it a great game, u guys get bored because u hit the wall to much take frequent breaks, anyways i doubt some one will be reading this so yeah all u guys ,, me being from the future…2012 doesnt exist just saying (;

  127. I love maple story and ragnarok….but i still think tht ragnarok sould be replaced bi Vindictus….its a way beter game no questioning tht.

  128. Woot! Maplestory is first! I don’t care if half the people on mmobomb hate it, I still love it. MS and Ragnarok Online were the first mmorpgs I played and are still my favorites.

    • hey dude i was wtf too about maplestory but i think they are puting this in with higher player base and maplestory wins in tht belive me -.-“

    • Same here. only Everquest was my first MMO. Everquest is over 20 years old. Maplestory is over 10 years old. ANd don’t say i am wrong look up Maplestory’s age.

    • what do u people see in a side ways playing chibi game with ppl with heads bigger than their bodys running around with 2mm long weapons hitting animals and other stuff for days and days that go to weeks and months and years The reason u ppl like Maplestory is because ur game liking standard is low MS i played for 46 minutes and regreted the time i spent downloading it idk exactly MMO and Rpg And mmorpg games difference so i wont name any that idk but GC was a good game but it is repitive meaning u ahve to do certain things hundreds of times to get a new class Eden Eternal was a good game Dragon saga was a nice game cause u can actually move around and dodge attacks unlike maple story only thing is at lvl 33 -39 its gona take a while to lvl up and quests are a bit difficult

  129. Okay, to shine some light on WHY crappy MapleStory has such a huge player base, it’s such a low requirement game ANYONE can play it on almost ANY PC. That DOES NOT make it a good game, it’s simple, addicting, and never empty, hence the craze. I hate maple story, but am very glad to see Dragon Nest as #2, since maplestory doesn’t exsist to my MMOer mind, that means Dragon Nest is #1.

    Very good list, though if you took out MS, moved everything up, and added another as #10, it’d be perfect.


    • addicting yet crappy? well they did a good job..because you just called them addicting =)

      a lot of games has tried to copy maple story style AND ALL FAILED..

      • Well yes “addicting” as in it’s a crap game using simple mechanics to grasp mass player base. Like almost all Facebook Apps. It isn’t GOOD in the least. The reason MS clones have failed is lack of player base. MS grasped a few ppl, they told friends, etc etc. enough to get MS net-fame, this brought more numbers, to fall into it’s brain-numbing simplicity. And now we have this CRAP game always making top MMO and top Anime-MMO lists.

        I like runescape getting #1 for browser, it makes sense. Its a complex game, available to most. But if RS got #1 fantasy MMO i’d be pissed.

        MapleStory may be the #1 2D MMO, but it is far from the #1 Anime MMO

          • I’ll just ignore your simply bluffed percentage regarding the MMO-gaming population.

            About the “don’t know each other in rl..” statement, that is not entirely true. There is a type of friendship called “online pals”, if you’ve never heard of it. Quite interesting, really; MSN, Skype, Facebook, etcetera. So, did I reply your comment politely enough?

        • +1 There are 2D sidescrollers out there that are technically/graphically superior to MS in almost every way (LaTale is a very good example), but MS has arguably the most game content of any mmo out there. Plus it’s sheer playerbase, people will play a sub-par game if their friends are playing with them. LaTale are one of the few 2D mmos that I consider better than maple story, with much better animations, gameplay, and platforming that involves more than simply jumping over gaps and climbing ladders, plus it also has a large population.

          • “Plus it’s sheer playerbase, people will play a sub-par game if their friends are playing with them.”
            Call Of Duty is a great example of this… Terrible game, but people buy it because their friends play it.

          • the weird thing is, no matter what I will not be one of those people, I’ll use my experience with maple story, so far, I’ve played as Shade and Xenon, the game play is extremely frustrating to get the hang of because I can’t move the movement keys, and the fighting feels really clunky, the design feels a bit lazy(but maybe because I’ve been seeing alot of pixel art games nowadays) and also, the characters in Shade’s story makes me wish I could kill villagers, and all the quests in BOTH characters are really tedious feeling

          • I’m saying the same and I have played for several years. Its utter garbage. Just easy and lower requirements which make it a game for kids. Its got far too many hackers and bugs that don’t get fixed and they push updates that many disapprove of and new classes that are just reskins of old ones. Hell it sucks to the point that I have quit, and couldn’t even find someone to give my millions of mesos too. There are almost too many worlds for the number of players so a lot of them have few players other than on the channel 1 which is where bots go to trade.

        • maplestory is a different kind of mmo it is very relaxing and is very easy to play the casualness is why it is so popular and is why i enjoy it

      • I know this has been a year or so but there is one that didn’t fail Gran Age. Dont get me wrong i love maplestory but saying that they all failed inst the case.

    • MS is one of the best games that i have ever played. Not because i can, but because i like it. So if you guys think that MS is just a crappy game of low requirements go play WoW locked on your room with the TV on and some corn-chips by your side!!!
      Next time, before you guys even speak about MS go try it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!´

      ValdekPT, signing out!!!

      • It’s your opinion but don’t you think it’s annoying with so many hackers and scammers in maplestory so they have crappy game masters

          • Then you are lying about playing for 6 years. I have played the same number of years. EVERY SINGLE major event or holiday event has hackers swarming.

        • Okay i have played MS for five years i have yet to see (meaning i have not seen) one single hacker in the entire game. I have seen Scammers but only on Channel One in Henesys.

      • Anyone who says Maplestory or WoW is the best game out there is so close minded and deluded. Those are the type of people who never played another mmo and or lack of a library of games played, yet automatically assume the one they play is the best.

        • I am not close-minded nor deluded. Maplestory to my own opinion is a good game. WoW however sucks. And i have played other MMOs besides Maplestory like Mabinogi and Vindictus they too are good games. SO please don’t call people close-minded or deluded. They like whatever suits them best.

        • oh im aorry we dont al have the time to stay locked up in our rooms fpr 12 hours at a time and silently not moving but just clicking and typing a our lives slowly slip away.

    • Steven,about the low requirement game,that is what all games should focus on.Not that bad graphics.You know the iphone?IT IS SO SIMPLE TO OPERATE THAT A 5YEAR OLD COULD DO IT!!!That is the charm.Complex things suck cause many people cant understand them.SIMPLE things onthe other hand,which is maple(kill,sell,lv quests,etc),is the charm!
      If anyone can play it,of course the player base is huge!
      On the other hand,i wouldnt mind in CODMw3 had graphics of the mw2,that would be good enough to run on my com.(which doesnt even have a intel prosescor..well not that i know of)
      Basically,Maple is good cause its simple.Games like rage may hav complex things,but those things are fun things,so i wouldnt mind.

    • Too bad this is all opinion and you have no right to forcefully alter said opinion. And an MMO having a low system req, being never ending and addictive is what makes it a good game. Nobody likes a high end, 4 hour story MMO that you have to force yourself through like Phantasy Star Universe.

  130. There arent many successful anime-styled MMORPGs so i say there is NO EXCUSE for them to have forgotten Ether Saga. This is unforgivable.

    • Ether Saga is a steaming fresh pile of crap with the new “Future’s End” Update that requires you to pay to complete dungeons and get ahead of other players

  131. keep in mind ALL of this is opinion. Unless you were to present a ‘top 10 anime mmorpg’s REPRESENTED BY PLAYERBASE’ or any other factual argument, this is all opinion. So anyone reading, don’t get angry because your favorite isn’t number one, or the outdated maple story is #1, just remember that you are entitled to your opinions, just as the idiots over at metacritic and the idiots who public articles like these are entitled to theirs.

    We all have our opinions.

    • alright, everyone is saying maplestory is shit and yes its gameplay style is boring, but the reason it was put in 1st is cause its updated like every single day and cause of the number of people that play it. i played all of those games and my opinion would be dragon nest should be number 1 especially in 2014 with the assassin character out for north america

      • true i used to play and had a little fun but then it got boring to me dragon saga never got boring Until… my account was hacked

      • Why? Because the number of players make a good game? Or is it because Maplestory advertises to young children through Cartoon Network? Its a cutesy game marketed towards children through children television. That doesn’t make the game good it makes it money grubbing.

        • This is very true. Nexon is a greedy and terrible company. They have destroyed maplestory. The newest classes are rip offs of old ones and it just over all sucks. I have played for years and quit. Wonderking proved much better even though it has a smaller player base. Playerbase just means they have money to advertise. Some of the best games I’ve played have had lower player bases.

          • Nexon is the complete opposite of that!
            I doubt you have even played maplestory saying it has been destroyed. Wonderking completely copied maplestory cuz maplestory was made before wonderking and everywhere it says wonderking copied i have even played wonderking and it sucks (they failed trying to make a 2d mmorpg)
            and WTF IS IT WITH EVERYONE SAYING MAPLESTORY IS FOR LITTLE KIDS JUST CUZ OF ITS ART-STYLE its just a unique art style that many games dont have its not aimed for little kids so STFU, anyone that says its for little kids is stupid!

          • Hey hey hey…..Maplestory is the only rpg that can be placed next to runescape for me.Maplestroy was once hard to levelup[…NOW…its a casual game and if you want,you can play hardcore .Maple is okay,but in making money,its okay!Monster carnival,you can sell stuff with the maple coins.its improved much,and i feel slightly embarrased as ive played for 6yrs yet im only a lv 39 cleric=PPPP
            But….the extra classes might be a bit to off….a gun class having the ak-47 or desert eagle takes the cake,nexon shld do that.

          • I have to agree with Shunsei although Nexon is greedy and SOME of the classes are rip offs of the old ones Maplestory is still a good game. It has it’s own problems but it is VERY popular and Wonderking is a rip off of Maplestory. And i don’t care much about the classes as long as they are fun i am fine. I’ve played Maplestory for 5 years and not one thing makes me think otherwise of it,

          • tsuk right they are a hated company i have heard dozens of complaints on different games about them
            and they are greedy they will try to make rip offs

          • maplestory has become waste now, back in 2006 when I recently moved to AUstralia had so much fun, with friends and all that. Mabye I have outgrown it it is rather childish but if MS was to become like it was when it was released I would play. New classes area load of crap, pirate wtf????? those dawn guys, wtf they are a pure rip off the original well contructed classes.

          • maplestory has become waste now, back in 2006 when I recently moved to AUstralia had so much fun, with friends and all that. Mabye I have outgrown it it is rather childish but if MS was to become like it was when it was released I would play. New classes area load of crap, pirate wtf????? those dawn guys, wtf they are a pure rip off the original well contructed classes. I played for like 2 years and slowly realised how crap it had become, Honestly I can’t belive I spent over 400hours in a game which has turned into dust…

          • your wrong nexon isnt a greedy and terrible company they havent destroyed maplestory if you wanna see who destroyed maplestory you should talk to the koreans they destroyed it the most nexon just published it

          • uhm… no… just no… the newest classes were made to introduce a new story line, and mobilize some of the older classes, demon slayer = warrior but can glide and has rapid mid dmg attacks, all of their classes are op at 1st introduction, but it’s just a test run of sorts, they nerf it appropriately around a month later. nexon isn’t greedy, it’s just a business, if it didn’t advertise to the appropriate and intended audience then it would eventually go out of business. Lie all businesses, they don’t want this. They are not greedy.

          • Nexon is a money-grabbing company because, while the games are free, they’re all “Pay to win.” The cash shops offer unfair advantages over those who don’t have the money to spend on a game.

          • im sorry bro but u are just terribly wrong….
            deserves to be the most epic game ever made by Korea
            and wonderking fuqin copied them.
            i saw a skill logo of the I/Lmage ThunderBolt skill
            on wonderking Mages
            to be honest i played wonderking before i ever knew maplestory i think i remembered that my lvl was like lvl 30-35..
            but who cares! Wonderking ended! it got shutdown
            a number of players from there came to MS.
            its possible nexon is being crappy but people always change.
            u never know a company janitor is gonna stop this and bust in the conference table and say wise words to the people.

        • Okay i have NEVER seen Maplestory advertise on Cartoon Network. So what the f*** are you talking about? (I have been on Cartoon Network alot because of my Baby Neice wanting me to get on there so she can watch her missed shows.)

      • numbers speak for half of it haters speak for the rest all games have haters it just certain games like maple story have lots of them i have not played it and im sure i will never play it but this does not make me a hater

      • Numbers don’t justify anything, and they are usually inaccurate…plus, they don’t account for people who start games, think they suck, then they quit…Maple Story was weaker than a praying mantis with cancer.

        • Too bad for you that Maplestory has a massive REGULAR playerbase though, so they’re obviously doing something right.

      • lol 3 million registered users, not active you know, really boring game i played for 4 hours and stoped…Ragnarok deservers better place

        • uhm maybe trueou play a game for that 3 milion users doesnt activate, but there arent 3 milion players!
          there are more then 10 milion users. and if you play a game for 4 hours you cant say that a game is boring because you didnt play it long enough

          • Yea you can. 4 hours is alot of time for a game actually. the old Maplestory was good now it is pure garbage. if Anyone wants to play a good free game then download a private server for World of Warcraft. It is free and legal so yea. Also Maple Story doesnt have 10 million users -_- the only MMORPG that has that many is WoW

        • It does not suck and if you have evr actually played it you would know that maplestory DOESNT END which mean that you CANT beat it. I”ve been playing maplstory since the year it came out, and yes it does get boring at times, but the constant updates keep me coming back to play it. Time and time again.

          • point is it gets boring after a while. i used to be addicted till i notcied mapple story is just a bunch of chibi’s showing off their flashy overpowered special attacks. The game barely requires skill to play. trust me after a while of pressing th same few buttons over and over you will get bored

          • if you want a good button smasher play spiral knights its newer its a combo of sci fi steam punk and fantasy yes it only has like 5-10 buttons but you can play it as a browser downloaded so you can go off it for a bit and come back but since how its made you can battle social and make items yes it does lag but that just means there are alot of player online it has (what i call) parallel server so there are alot of people to talk to also yes they have very bad timing on scheduled maintenance but that is good because it only takes 5-9 minutes

      • Call of Duty and halo have more ACTIVE players than Maple but it doesnt mean that theyre the greatest games ever. Sure theyre good but when a game is released into a genre it causes over saturation, making the game feel “oh god not another one of these”. Updated graphics and a difficulty overhaul could fix it.

          • I know I was using it to reference a example. I was trying to say numbers dont mean anything. Companies that boast huge numbers are counting players “signed up”. That doesn’t mean anything if you have to create a account in order to download. But out of genre reference aside, Maple is making money, companies will copy it to make money. Maple is causing over saturation.

        it has cheezy combos and is for little kids
        i have a 3 year old and he even got bored he almost broke meh computer!

  132. 1st!!!!
    1. MapleStory , i am like ” WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT ”
    haven’t played any of those games even so im not a anime fan at all , but still i like Dragon Nest XD

      • Kids or not. Games are games. It’s like saying “Milks are for babies.” You still drink them from time to time. Are you a baby or an adult? Therefore, if you say these games are for kids, then stop playing games because games ARE FOR EVERYBODY.

        • Games are indeed for everyone, but I think you misunderstood what Faycal meant. Games are for everybody, but there are certain games targetted to specific audiences (either people in their late teens….kids below 10 and so on and so forth). Dragon Nest is an example of a game that isn’t targetted towards a specific audience…directly. The thing about it is that it is highly skill based. Having played several MMORPGs, I’ve seen many kids playing on them as well, but almost NONE of them are good at MMORPGs that don’t involve pressing a button and having the skill do all the work for you. And Dragon Nest is even harder, you have to move around, dodge attacks in real time and aim and such. Its not geared towards a specific audience, but its difficulty is too high (especially in PVP) for kids, hence, its for older and more experienced players.

          • well if you have good enough PC and pretty fast hand, u can finish lvl20 dungeon with lvl 15 character alone with full health, and yeah indeed is for older people

          • I am not much adult and I too play Dragon Nest. It’s not much hard and I am a good at pvp. It is right that we gotta dodge, aim , make strategies. Maybe you can’t do it. But don’t underestimate others plz. Dont take my reply on the wrong way .

          • Ragnarok Brings Back Memories When I Was A 5 Year Old I Started It Then Went up To Dragon Nest Then Up To Fps Then MMORPGs Then Back To Ragnarok Again Memories

          • first off that is really offensive to some people like me for example I am 12
            and i have been pretty much been playing mmorpgs for my entire life so dont say that its for more older and more experienced players becuase you may just be hurting somones feelings ok?

      • “real gamers.”

        I hate when people say you have to play certain games to be a real gamer. It doesn’t make any sense.

        • Ragnarok Is Everyone To Play Its The Game With Most Players In All Over 1 Billion PLayers Of Ragnarok With Official Servers,Private Servers, And Those Player Kill Servers Ragnarok`s Reign Never Ends Right ishirut?

      • i guess i would say a kid if you say dragon nest for real gamer. try Eden Eternal lol ( only suggesting you)^, dragon nest would be no-where near that one ;D


        • Maple Story is classic. One of the first and still the most popular anime MMO. Personally, I think that Maple Story being on first place is rather appropriate.

          • maplestory has changed A LOT since it begins, the game is unbalanced, and over powered characters, i know the old maple was just grind 24/7, but this maple is just too easy, boss are simply too easy now, i remember zakum being killed by 30 ppl now a guy can beat him in 30 second, how we are supposed to make friends in a game is just about having the greatest damage

          • u think its approprate!!?? my dad wont let me play it. the only thing that works that if he says no ill just w8 a year and hell say yes.

          • This guy is right. Everything else people say about maplestory is crap. Like Maldito down there, the ones who can kill zakum in 30 seconds are funded. They spend alot of money on maple, alot of people do. Maplestory has real events to work for, its not unbalanced at all, I mean, a Warrior would be way better than a Demon Slayer if funded correctly. A lot of things in maple you have to work for, If you go to the free market, almost everyone there is working hard to make mesos(money in maplestory.) PLUS, Maplestory, unlike any other game, has uniqueness in; Skills, Equipment, Pets, Map, etc. The only problem i have with maplestory is the quests, which really arent worth doing.

        • yea they are fun but they arnt to such a general audience cuz if your into a whole gaming world then you dont wanna play grand chase or elesworld

          • yes,imo wonderking is way much better than the trash maplestory.
            Wonderking will always be the best game. 🙂

          • Wonderking is the best mmo i have ever played And the only one i have not got bored of. Its gameplay is funner and smoother than maplestories, and its not pay to play. You pay and get visual aspects and some bonuses regarding exp and money. Im waiting for it to be re-opened. Also Flyff i played off and on for 6 years. Its ques are mostly useless, if you plan on playing look up the good ones. For me the only reason i stopped playing was because i didnt build my class right and failed to make loads of ingame currency. If you mess up your stats and skills early on. You HAVE to buy a little bit to change your stats and skills. Oh and getting 0.15 exp a kill at lvl 90 is a bit hard on my patience.

          • After reading this I have to join the bandwagon, Wonderking is a completely different experience from Maplestory and I’m glad there are others who love this game. I have heard it is re-releasing July 1013.

          • Have to agree with GC and Elsword, though I dont really like games like Maplestory and Wonderking, I won’t go b*tching about it. I started playing GC again and now I play it almost 24/7 since it’s vacation anyway ^^

      • IKR?! I actually reviewed Elsword first because it is so far the best game yet. I’m reviewing MMO games as well. I will put up my first game review soon on youtube 🙂

        • Slivercrow you stupid i think your computer suck cause some people aren’t lag like you and probably have no money to pay for good computer learn biatch

        • lemme revise that for you. “That’s your opinion. This is theirs. Go make your own Top Ten.”


          – Grammar Nazi.
          P.S.: WHY DIDN’T YOU REVISE?! ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

      • all of the storys of all the caracters in maple story are amazing and the gameplay and the attacks so dude i think thats why people are playing that

      • the story of all caracters is amazing and the gameplay story to and the skillz so dude i think thats why people are playing maple story if you havent played it you cant say it is trash cuz if it is like that so yaa dude

    • I agree, I was happy when i saw mape story 1st place

      • Me too~! I have 13 classes right now. I play in DN SEA..Lvl 60 all … Saleana, Elestra, Smasher, Artillery, Sniper, Tempest, Windwalker, Inquistor, Guardian, Dark Summoner, Blade Dancer, Spirit Dancer and I have one Assassin Class in DN China, The Raven class 😀 Dragon Nest is so addictive~!

    • I h8 how people get their shi confused that isn’t no dam anime-style THAT SHI IS CARTOON STYLE omfg I h8 how they think that art style is = to the greatness which is anime.

    • i was surprised Elsword or rumble fighter wasn’t in this
      Elsword has adventure its own back story awesome enemies and amazing weapons classes

      rumble fighter is a little old but its awesome for anyone who like fight

      but i have to admit Dragon nest is one of the best games ive ever played its challenging adventurous all the qualities you want in an mmorpg


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