Free-to-play games are a big trend nowadays. So we set off to discover the top 10 most searched free to play games in the most popular search engines. The results are quite surprising…

Our report gave us the data of the previous 90 days (June-September 2011) in several worldwide search engines (including our website search). However, Google’s search engine was our biggest reference since it’s the most used in the entire world.

Top 10 Trending Free-to-play Games (To Download)

1 – League of Legends6,120,000 global monthly searches (Approximate value)
2 – Maplestory
3 – Tibia
4 – Combat Arms
5 – Imvu
6 – World of Tanks
7 – Team Fortress 2
8 – Dragon Nest
9 – Second Life
10 – Perfect World
– 2,740,000 global monthly searches (Approximate value)

Top 10 Trending Free-to-play Browser Games

1 – Habbo 30,400,000 global monthly searches (Approximate value)
2 – Club Penguin
3 – Runescape
4 – Farmerama
5 – Travian
6 – Greepolis
7 – ddtank
8 – Ikariam
9 – Roblox
10 – Ogame
– 4,090,000 global monthly searches (Approximate value)

Fun fact:

Did you ever imagined that right now, some free to play games are more searched for than some upcoming retail blockbusters such as Battlefield 3? Comparing some trend results of free-to-play with retail games, free-to-play games seem to be much more sought after. A sign of the times?

*These results only include games in English, meaning that Asiatic free-to-play games are not included since we didn’t have enough reliable data. In this report we also exclude Facebook games.


  1. World of tanks is a very good game. It uses real information from 40′-50’s and the tanks all really existed. good game play and fast pace quick battles.

    • just w8 till u get at higher tier and will either have to buy credits to continue playing or pay 60 fkin $
      for an in game tank to make decent money, dont bother with it.

  2. I absolutely cannot believe most of these games even have a player base let alone being the most searched for online. Most of these are total pure shitty garbage.

  3. Ahahahaha, well ofc LoL is the most searched one…with ppl looking every second for builds, videos tactics etc etc…few ones actually come up with a build on their own…still it’s a nice game…even if you get kinda bored after a while and there’s ALWAYS the mechanics of “Releasing the champ-make it uber lame so that people will cash it-keep it uber till the free week-drop it in the bottom of nerfing hell-nerf Orianna some more-repeat” …with some luck the poor champ ll be re-balanced a lil later on…

  4. IMVU is a simlike game and if its close to maple and it won World of tanks(most realistic tank game ive seen) and TF2…….i have no idea what is the diff in real life and simulated life….iwill never touch those games….NEVER.

  5. according some recent news dcuo since going f2p has gone up heaps in terms of player-base so i think right now dcuo should at least be placed 10 on the Top 10 Trending Free-to-play Games (To Download)

      • that’s World of Warcraf t,most famous mmorpg… Warcraft is one of the best real time strategies,and has the best custom made scenarios ever ! DotA is one of them 😀

        • Yea they are right but also it killed alot of ppl lifes in the world cuz they site all day long playing it like fat a$$ and dont move lol u i guess if u wanna be 1 of them…. lol
          i mean ther is normal ppl in ther but most are like that 30% normal 70% fat lazy A$$

          • All games have that, regardless of genre or pay/free status. The only possible exception I can think of would be the Wii Fit genre and the only reason those fail the test is because it’s sort of hard to do them while sitting – the players will likely be standing.
            Please do not judge a game by the stereotypes associated with it. I’d imagine you too would consider it unfair if I informed people that:
            -Most people who play Dead Space (2) are psychotics who have enormous blood/gore/murder boners
            -Star Wars games are for those who cuddle up with their Darth Vader security blankets
            -Bejeweled and other PopCap (and related) games are for idiots who cannot understand more complex gameplay mechanics
            -Pokemon is for children and those 100%er lunatics

            Shit like that y’know? An entire demographic cannot be judged by the actions of a select few within

          • How ignorant of you to say that there are studys that show that 70%(ish) WoW players play 3-5 hours a week yet in games like black ops a game that has much less stereotypes associated with it has a far worse average play time than wow so its a small amount of wow players that are actually no lifers

        • I don’t really like warcraft, possibvly because of the fact that I love warhammer and Blizzard completely ripped off warhammer (which has been around since the 80’s) and called it warcraft, same with starcragt.

  6. is it just me or does mostl mmo’s lead too the same end game boring doing the same stuff all the time ive play a whole bunch ov em en found that unless your a tank or healer yah kinda dime me a dozzen dps or whatever they are called in others most mmo’s ive played lead to the same expectly the so called free ones you must pay to get the best out off it eh maybe im getting too old fur games

  7. oh, also, it was just expected that LoL was one of the most searched games, it’s true, it is recent, (that’s another awesome achievement they had too) but the game was the best online game of 2010 (voted by players all over the world for the golden joystick awards), a lot of people are aware of that, and probably they searched it to know what it was about x)

  8. Out of all those games. The only good ones are Team Fortress 2, Dragon Nest, Perfect World, and Combat Arms. The rest pretty much suck. I gues its true like with movies and TV shows, people for some reason like crap.

    • sigh… i hate to say this so many times, but you are aware the world isn’t made of just one color right? i mean, there are different people, and so, different tastes, so you like those games, and you don’t like the other games, who are you to say the games are crap? Exactly: No one.
      It’s just a personal issue, i hope you understand. also, it may be personal, but the truth is that you’re wrong in saying they’re crap.

    • you have to note,maplestory is mainly played by asians like me(i livein SG) and since chine combined with other asian contries is alot of people,i can tell you,many play Maple.
      But i agree that the rest is crap.

    • Read the Title :Top 10 Trending “Free-to-play” Games on Search engines.
      WoW is Pay-to-play…
      … and the only good thing on LoL is that all those ‘tards will keep playing it after Dota 2 release.

      • No offense how plaing a game makes you a “tards” and well as i seen dota 2 it really suck 🙂 And i did not like dota on war3 at all anyway . Lol is one of the games i play i dont think i’m a “tard” because i play it .

        • Gotta be pretty retarded to like the genre period imo. Same thing over and over again and yet people honestly believe its strategy. Repitition is the opposite of strategy. Strategy requires frequent change and you then have to adapt to that change.

          • Don’t talk about things that you know nothing about, moba’s are strategy, you have to respond to how your opponent is playing, just like chess, and because everyone has a different playstyle, even with the same character, the game is never repetitive.

            You sound like one of those people who tried it, got owned and now you’re raging.

          • listen dude you dont have repitition at all actuly, if you are in a fight and your loseing you have to work with your team to take down your opponit and that is the strategy part of LoL it is a team game just because you may not like that aspect or you dont see it in that light doesn’t mean it is’t there, so consider all aspects of a game before you make any judges on the game itself because i see that you haven’t done so or you would have seen my point in what im saying.

          • On this one i realy have to say Shelby is right,not on the tard thing but on the moba games have no strategy at all this days ,even if you have 100 champions is just a memory game, just like driving; when you start it seam weird and you take time and everything seam dificult but then after doing it 300x you dont even have to think on what your doing and thats just a Moba. you play the same game modes the same fields and the same 100 champions 300x in a match for more then 30 mins…if you think so when you finaly get the 300 games done youll be knowing every single move of every single champion doesnt metter what your oponent trys your allways going to be abble to change the combat at your favor cuse you know everything,yh a Moba is just like playing an arcade game with 100 lvls over and over again,after biting the game 2 times on the third one youll know whats the best to use against that boss ect

          • When you talk about it that way, all games are repetitive, and therefore all people that play any game, are “tards”. Maps never change on any game. Classes don’t change on any game. Skills don’t change on any game. It’s all the same, all the time. Right? Wrong. The experience differs. because you’re not fighting “classes” or “maps” you’re fighting players. each with different expertise in their ability to play. So before you call people “tards” think about it. Your reasons for not liking the genre, are quite global to all games, ever. because people are not AI, with algorithms and patterns to detect. People adapt and adjust. I’m guessing you’ve never played a match of LoL, where you were getting wrecked, and had to completely change your strategy and then turned the game around when the enemy was in your base? Hm. that’s a shame. Try to exclude generalizations. 🙂

          • what are you talking about first in a mmo you always go to new areas in 9 dragons the skill animations change when you lv it up and most mmo has class advancements

          • HAHAH ARE U KIDDING ME ??? if u dont change frequently in LoL u will get crushed. play it be 4 judgeing it


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