Trove was only announced 10 days ago, but if you want to start throwing money at it, Trion Worlds won’t stop you!

Today Trion opened up the option to purchase Support Packs for the upcoming voxel-based MMO, in seven denominations: $5, $20, $50, $100, $200, $1,000 (whoah), and $2,500 (WHOAH). Each package comes with a number of Supporter Credits, which will be usable in the in-game store, as well as guaranteed alpha and beta access (except for the $5 “Scout” package, which only guarantees beta access).

Feeling generous? The $2,500 “Voxel Savant” packages will ensure an item in the world is named after you — also part of the $1,000 “Pixel Master” package, and you’ll also be able to develop your own biome alongside the dev team. At this point, the deal sounds more like the high-end rewards from a Kickstarter project than an MMO pre-purchase package, but if Trion can get someone to pony up that kind of coin, more power to them.

Are you planning to spend early on Trove? If so, what package do you think you’ll go for? And could you ever envision yourself shelling out thousands of dollars on a game you’ve never even played, no matter how awesome it looked?

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Trion sucks, every game they have sucks. They are putting such outrageous packs out because they are failing. Layoffs, its a trash company stop supporting it.

  2. Was looking forward to play this game. Now they start the support packs. Next comes premium packs, then buy into early access, etc.

    All I see now is a money grab.

  3. DO NOT give this company any money. It abandoned its online fps game, failed to support Defiance properly causing it to spiral into nothingness and is generally spreading itself too thin. Too greedy, too dishonest.

  4. Regardless of what the game actually is, it’s doomed to fail.
    Trion doesn’t have a god damn clue when it comes to maintaining their games. They’ll try ride a hype train on this for some profit and then when it’s half-dead they’ll move on to their next game.

  5. I haven’t heard much of this game but from what I can see it seems similar to Minecraft with MMORPG essence added to it.

    Though the idea is good, I think the timing is bad. This idea could have been developed years ago, yet nobody cared to do it. The reason it’s such bad timing is because I think Everquest Next Landmark will be the next big thing when it comes to the super sandbox genre. The concept is similar to minecraft but far more detailed and still easy to create things; I don’t think this game will be successful after the launch of EQN.

  6. Hmmmm which voxel based game will I choose, the

    Trion one which is a blatant ripoff of minecraft….orrr

    Everquest Landmark which looks a billion times better, has much more creation and exploration possibilities not to mention the massive community, and a company with a proven track record for developing games.

    Not a very hard choice.

    • You have to admit, Trion looks more simple and will pull in an audience somewhat. It looks like Cube World which is also voxel.

      Landmark is amazing as well, just from what I seen looks really complicated. Don’t get me wrong it has an amazing company.

      Hard choice eh…I’ll just play both. Both are free and seem pretty legit. So why not?

      • I would give this a try if Trion was not known for completely shutting down development on anything that is not making more money than their top game, and if the top game switches, the old top game dies.

        If I play a game I want it to be around for a while.

  7. Don’t listen to 90% of the commenters on this. All they know how to do is spread hate and say every game sucks. Look at every mmo ever and look at the comments underneath them. Most of the games arent bad and I personally think trove could be amazing. I’d be willing to give 5-10 bucks for early access of the game.

  8. I think Trion needs something.. new. Who the hell is going to play something like trove these days?
    Perhaps only those who have tetris instead of a proper pc… ok, but then they expect tetris owners to pay 1-2k$? nice joke.
    Anyways… i want more games like baldur’s gate, neverwinter nights… why don’t trion try to make something like that instead of trying to make a game more fit for a tetris. Sigh~ oh well, it’s their turf.

  9. First off this a mmorpg not a building block game, yes it looks cheesy but might be fun. Second off Trion also makes Defiance witch is pretty fun & The Secret World witch is totally awesome! The whole founders pack thing is getting old though. Who the hell wants to pay money for a game that is still in closed beta & not even know if any one is gonna like it or not. Neverwinter tried that shit & What a crap game. I am so glad I never paid for it. As for Rift being a WOW clone you are totally wrong, awesome game as well & totally different than WOW. I hate WOW & all that it stands for! Rift is way different.

    • Trion has nothing to do with Secret World. Secret World is being developed by Funcom. And Rift is basically a rehashed combination of different WoW features with addition of rift mechanics.

  10. F2Ps games just keep getting lower and lower everytime lol everyone wanted all games to be F2P few years back but now with all this companies just trying to milk money out of customers using the ‘F2P’ model as a free pass,I’m starting to regret ever wanting it like that.
    I used to go look for F2Ps games all the time but this days they all look the play the same way to me except for your occasional 2-3 games hyped F2P games that come out a year other than that most are just cash cows,also the communities are pretty bad lol one of the reason I prefer subcriptions or B2P games nowadays.
    Haven’t seen a good f2p game for some time now..none that I like.

  11. I hate saying anyone is copying or knocking off of someone else, and it’s true there’s been a lot of silence going on…. but it’s like I’m looking at Cube World all over again, ‘cept with goofier looking characters.

  12. Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble who thinks this game will be worth a damn. But it’s an obvious Minecraft ripoff, and don’t get me wrong, I dislike Minecraft as well, but it’s sad to see a “Big Name” company walk right in, and try to do this.

    I’m not even sure why Trion would even attempt to make such a trashy game, it’s honestly expected from Indie companies, but as I recall, the only game they’ve actually made somewhat successful was Rift, and even that being a total World of Warcraft ripoff (Hate WoW As well), Rift didn’t do too well going Free to Play almost a year later.

    Here’s a little advice to Trion Worlds; You only have one game that succeeded, and neglect the other titles which “Could” be good, such as Defiance, which was a pretty amazing game in my eyes, but to to lack of content, negligence, and maintenance, that game also died fast. Work more on titles you currently own, and stop trying to rip off every good idea you couldn’t come up with.

    My future prediction is “Trove” is going to be a big disaster, and I certainly wouldn’t even be tempted at paying even $5, knowing it’s going to bomb.

    Man, Trion is turning into a joke of a company…. Minecraft… Really…?

      • Okay everyone lets think about it.
        Combat style of Cube World and being able to build and destroy environment like Minecraft. So if people like both, this is a game from them, so essentially it combines the 2 making it abit more fun to many people I’m gonna guess. Again announced 10 days ago and its gonna be F2P so everyone can have a try so if you don’t think you gonna play it? Okay. If you gonna try it abit since you didnt play CW or MC like me, I’ll try it and no harm so, yes a bit of a rip off but it combines the 2 so lets just see where it goes from there?

        • We shall have to wait and see, who knows, Trion could add an interesting twist to this “Minecraft/Cube World” clone, even though I doubt they will, but seeing as its not even in alpha, we cant quite yet make firm verdicts on the game…

    • I like how you hate on the game without even doing any research…

      “My future prediction is “Trove” is going to be a big disaster, and I certainly wouldn’t even be tempted at paying even $5, knowing it’s going to bomb.”

      Its a Free-to-play game.

      • I don’t need to do my “Research”, I’ve played every single one of Tron’s games a year at the bare minimum, to know that majority of their games are knock-off’s, and the only good one they’ve produced/Published is Defiance, and due to their lack of attention with the game did terrible.

        All their other games are failures, like it or not, that’s the fact. I don’t care if it’s free to play or not, I’ve been around long enough to understand “Free To play” games aren’t actually “Free”, and involve some sort of Micro-Transaction setup where players feel they need to “Look Cooler”, “Get better items”, etc, etc.

        I’m someone who’s played mmorpg’s, Online games, and just game’s in general for majority of my life ever since I was 3 years old, starting out on the NES, SNES, and Atari of all systems… So around… 17 years as of now (do the math to figure out my age). But usually when I predict a game will fail, it actually does fail… Go figure…

        I’m not saying “you” shouldn’t enjoy the game, I’m simply stating the obvious. It’s going to bomb, like it or not, research or not, it is what it is. “Trove” is Trion’s way of saying “Gimme your money!”. Nothing more then a cheap money grab. And you’re going to be the “Sucker” who pays $100 for it I bet, just to say in the future “What the hell did I spend $100 on!?!”

        My predictions may not always be accurate, but I take things from a perspective of the “Gaming” community in general, and not just a select “Few” brats.

        This game is going to die, whether you like it or not. The end.

        • Now I know you’re talking rubbish. Don’t confuse your opinion for fact. Its all that is. No one cares about your gaming history, it has no relevance.

          oh and Defiance hasn’t even been out for a year, barely 6 months.

    • Minecrafted wasn’t the first game that did that you know? you sound like a WoW noob who thinks everything gets ripped of it. tho i do admit they used minecraft is inspiration. Trove is different tho, they have better combat. quests and more minecraft doesn’t have so to write a game off just because of its looks and SOME of it’s gameplay. is really stupid

    • You know… They say that you cant make up anything completely new anymore…
      You cant make new chair anymore… All the chairs are variation of the original… with cosmetic or minor practical differences.

      One more thing… It’s fact every single online game WILL die someday… It’s inevitable.

    • You know… They say that you cant make up anything completely new anymore…
      You cant make new chair anymore… All the chairs are variation of the original.. with cosmetic or minor practical differences.

      One more thing… It’s fact every single online game WILL die someday… It’s inevitable.


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