After six hard-fought rounds that pitted its tenacious tenno against menacing mechs, vicious street thugs, dragons (and their dungeons), the gods themselves, and that most dangerous of enemies – cute anime characters – Warframe sits upon the throne as the champion of the inaugural MMOBomb Ultimate F2P Showdown!

Just hours before the final round of voting ended, it looked like Warframe would have to make do with second-place honors, but a legendary effort from the fan base and an 11th-hour promotion from developer Digital Extremes through the official Warframe launcher helped seal the victory. Warframe wrested control of the title from runner-up SMITE, racking up an astonishing 81,225 official votes.

Fueled by a strong tournament-long drive on Reddit and early promotion through the official launcher, SMITE managed 80,071 votes, making the final margin an extremely competitive affair: 50.358% to 49.642%. In all, over half a million votes were counted in the tournament, with roughly half of that number going to the final two games alone throughout their runs in the tournament. Sometime soon, we’ll write a post-mortem recapping the showdown and detailing what we’ve learned from the competition, namely “it ain’t over till its over”!

Hail to the victors! And congratulations to all the entrants who called their banners and made this tournament an event to remember. We’ll see you next year!

Edit: Official Response from Warframe developer Digital Extremes”

Although we were down initially, you can never count our Tenno out. It was an honorable contest throughout, with formidable contenders and we are impressed with the passion of everyone’s fans. The contest was great fun and the Digital Extremes office was filled with Dev team cheers at the outcome of the closest race. Thank you to the Smite community for making it a real nail-biter till the end!

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. LOL Whatap with Cacaballz’ ignorance? Has he even played any of these games 😛 For everyone who’s actually believing is comments:
    Please don’t? I mean, I can easily write pages and pages correcting his stupidity but I’m sure you’re all well aware of his incorrect statements as they are corrected by others. All I’ll say is that… forget all the trash talking and go and try out all the games since they’re all unique in their own way… imo there was no need to go beyond the division winners 😛 Mabinogis the best amongst the games of its kind, Warframes the best amongst the games of their kind and so on so why not try them all out and see what suits you instead of wasting your time reading things posted by people drunk on haterade :O

  2. Vindictus will do better next year. *Nods*

    I still hope for that Mabinogi vs. Vindictus match-up next year. Sucks when that possibility gets crushed in 30 seconds about 3 minutes from the closing of the poll.

  3. Haven’t played Smite, Played Warframe.
    Still voted for Smite LOL.
    Sorry Warframe, like your game but some people in your community (I know they don’t represent you but I see more trolls that other games at once) made me vote for Smite. Plus all this who should of won or WOW WE WON IT WAS OBVIOUS WE WOULD WIN crap is annoying and no one cares at this point. ITS OVER soo.. whatever.

  4. It’s sad to see so many people calling Warframe out for cheating in an event that literally offers nothing to the players other than the right to say ‘my gaem is betr than urs mobob ses so’ and some credit to the development teams of either games. I’m actually questioning who here has actually played the game squaring off against their own and who here just Googled reasons why suchandsuch is good/bad and slapped them in here.

    • Is that what you tell yourself when someone posts actual experiences and current game mechanics that drives people away? I get how the “durrr-urrrrrrrr Werfram iz jus HALO CLONE” are silly, hateful, troll comments. Smite gets enough moronic “dota clone” comments as it is. But you can’t just write off actual opinions based on fact and gameplay experience as “googled reasons why suchandsuch is good/bad” when someone is clearly arguing against the “staying” power of a game in a manner that obviously shows he’s done more than googling :/

      I’ve played Warframe an insane amount of time. And now, I don’t. I consider that a negative. It was one the most fun games to play for the first couple of days. Weeks, even. When I ponder on the why I stopped playing Warframe, I always think about the same thing: An endgame that doesn’t allow most of the frames in the game, and a community that seems entirely okay with that.

      People who read about the harsh experiences about almost tragic reasons to a game that has the potential to be so good and write them off as “googled reasons why yada yada” pretty much prove that the Warframe community is unwilling to raise the ceiling on how far that game can go. The game has problems. A lot more than Smite. Winning a contest doesn’t get rid of those problems. It may get Digital Extremes to recognize the potential of what they have though. Here’s hoping it does.

  5. Well the contest is over. Some except the results others don’t. Either way nothing will change. Regardless of who won or lost folks are gonna continue to play their favorite games and recommend them to friends. Other folks are gonna continue to not like some of the games, that won’t change either.

    Since MMOBomb is gonna have one of these every year why don’t we talk about what they got right and what they got wrong. What kinds of things can be done and what can’t.

    I’ll throw these out there:
    – I found it curious how the number votes skyrocketed from RO-v-Mab round 1 and on. MMOBomb has said that from the semi-finals on there was very little cheating (THAT THEY COULD DETECT). Perhaps this is in-fact so, it is by no means certain. I think the polling software for this was quite inadequate and should be upgraded. A few things they could fix are
    a) add email verification
    b) add CAPTCHA for access and to label the choices as well
    c) make the choices variable in order and perhaps location on screen
    d) put in a forced time delay between selection and availability of the VOTE button.
    This of course makes the voting process longer and more tedious but if we’re all honestly voting just once then it isn’t so bad and is a small price to pay to mitigate the effects of the more intelligent bots.

    – The binary nature of this contest while exciting encourages support voting, spite voting, and strategic voting, which can obscure the meaning of the results. The contest began with 64 games it could have instead say had 8 races of 8 with an 8 game final or even a 4-4-4. Plurality wins. Now you have to choose whether to support your game or support another or vote against another for example.

    – And I’ll throw this out there for fun: conversely they could’ve left everything as is and simply said anything goes promotions, all types of voting, multiple voting, bots, the lot. I think it would’ve been kinda fun if that final voted had totaled to several millions of votes. The advantage of this is at least everyone is on an even playing field and there is no bu11$hit pretense.


    lolol jk, I voted for Warframe. Guess that makes me a bot, eh?

    I dunno about *your* grapes, but mine are delicious. 😀

  7. This is great and all, but I really hope Warframe uses this opportunity to address the problems that hinder the players’ willpower to keep playing. As of right now, the toughest guys in the game, which are like level 300, have to be cheesed in order to be brought down, as every single Warframe ability in the game does FAR less than 1% of every single monster’s HP at that level. This leaves only warframes that have infinite CC or infinite survivability as the only playable ones(and sometimes that’s not even the case). On top of that, the warframe community would rather these certain frames get nerfed, rather than buffing all the other ones, for “balance”. In a PvE game, they would rather have nerfs. WoW.

    In comparison with another co-op PvE game, Diablo 3 is doing things correctly, as it buffs crusaders while KEEPING wizards the same. Now it’s DE’s turn to see if they can step up and become real game developers that make changes in accordance to the people that matter when playing them: the ones that actually challenge themselves. DE can either change their endgame entirely or make those other frames viable, I don’t care, but when they do something like that, I’ll play Warframe again.

    I’ve never even thought about quitting Smite though.

  8. Can’t you people just leave it? Warframe has almost eight millions of players, 100k votes are just a tiny portion of it.

    Deal with it.

  9. Was reading some of cacaballz’s comments and was hitting my head into table… “really, and worst part is that they walk among us” echoed in my ears…

  10. Well, let’s make some things clear:

    1) Neither Warframe or Smite bribed their own players to vote.
    2) In the very end of the tournament, however, they had link to the poll on their launchers.
    3) Neither of them is pay to win, although Warframe grind can be disheartening in the beginning.
    4) Both are awesome games by pretty small companies. Hi-Rez has pretty bad reputation because of Tribes, but with Smite they have been great. No one ever complains about Digital Extremes.

    I’m glad these two games were the finalists and that it was such a close call. Personally I play both of them, although I have to admit that I spend far more time on Smite than Warframe.

    • Well said m8, I am glad that both a PvP and a PvE spectrum of “mmo” games made it into the finals. Each game is too different to say which one is better, and the closeness of the result shows this fact, I’d say both games are winners here, and both have a reason to celebrate the results. New people will visit and check out the games in the contest and i do think all participants will enjoy the surge of fresh blood. Congratz to both. As an older player that has his competitive gaming behind him mostly, I supported Warframe and i am happy it has taken first place officially, but i am thinking of giving Smite a go just to check it out, since the community looks dedicated and supportive of their game.

  11. Now, i play both games quite active and i love them both. Mabinogi has endless possibilities, even about 10 different ways how to fight. But warframe has really cool combat. But please… Mabi is NOT a “chibi game where you grind crops”. Its a world where you really choose what you are. The best anime rpg i stumbled upon. No classes. No restrictions. Not even a need to fight. But when you want, theres plently of ways.

    • Thank you for Explaining that, Those who Talk trash about Mabi talking about Grinding Crops never played it Before. Mabinogi is the closest you can get for your character to do almost anything, you can Master as many class you can and follow an Epic Story line. Those who Haven’t appreciate the Creativity of the Game i say to Watch Sword Art Online and you Realize Mabinogi and SAO Shares Similar Concepts.

      • Ahah well you know that Mabinogi was the only game to successfully make a SAO crossover event with all the outfits and what not 😛 SAO wanted to collab with a game and no game came anywhere near close to it except for Mabinogi 😀

  12. It’s a great match actually lol. and yeah both games are awesome (playing Warframe right now, watched gameplay videos of SMITE) and both are actually AWESOME. To those who are saying both are P2W, NO, they are not P2W because i believe you can get as much stuff on Smite with grinding, lke warframe. I don’t know what the hate is all about; they’re just games so I dunno why everyone’s so mad. But it’s good to know that Warframe won, and I have another MOBA to check out (SMITE)!

  13. I was watching the great battle.Smite had very good lead of 3.5k votes.But at the end it all stoped.It was a big battle,and for me both games are extremly good,but again,Warframe had more fans voted.I would recommend people to try bouth games out. 🙂

  14. Im not trying to start a fight here.Yes warframe won congratz all tenno but on the way to the final they struggled in the first round and when airmech needed to help them.Thats just cheating where as you see smite demolish every game on the way to the final again i think another game has helped vote for them its clear to everybody airmech were the people who helped out warframe get to the final if it wasnt for them they wouldnt even be in the top 4(please dont take offense of this since it is a true statement)

    • lol Ace you do know that smite had help from other games(mainly mobi) right?

      Also I have played both game ALOT and I love both of them but sadly I feel like to many smite players and warframe player only gave the other game a once over >.> sadly.
      if we compare both games with graphics and animation warframe would win HEAVILY, but smite is fun to play 2, but to be honest if anyone used bots I would have to say smite would have I mean warframe as almost 8M account and even if you cut that by 1/8 that is still about 1 mill votes, how hard would it have been for someone to watch the poll being posted and then yell in world chat “HEY WE ARE LOSING PEOPLE VOTE PLS” >.> not that hard
      sadly smite does not have a world chat and a lot of people don’t read forums ecpt to see updates so ya, going to have to say warframe won, plus it saddens me that so many smite players really did not play this game that much so they really don’t know the amazing part that takes time to get like the time it take to get a new warframe and the trading and guild parts of the game.
      so ya in short I picked warframe because it has much more to offer and is not some COD copy, In fact I rarely use guns and go more melee and ability in warframe, and there are over 130 weapons to use. smite is good and all but really I don’t feel the progression like I do in warframe and I have played smite ALOT got 20 mastery rank( and for warframe users that means i have got to know 20 gods really good) and I still play smite, and it does have a lot of good char.

      like the op he bo, and my fav god loki (:

      • maybe you should take your own advice and learn what smite properly is, getting 20 god masteries not really that hard and in no way does it mean you are really good at a god, heck you can get that without even being decent at them, and ofc there is not the same progression as such as warframe since it is a PvP game, progression like in warframe would ruin that, but in turn each match is different since you playing against ppl where warframe you know what you go into and what you face and how they react to what you do more or less, and really graphics quality have NOTHING to do with how good a game is in general ofc a game where there is a grand total of 4 players working together can afford to have better graphics than a game where it is 5 ppl playing against 5 other ppl, is a LOT of more data sending forth and back and the if you wanted the same graphics quality as warframe you would require the players to have computers that is 4-5 times as strong. And really COD copy? both warframe and smite are both quite original games, just the fact that you change the perspective from isometric to over the shoulder 3rd person view changed the gameplay a LOT, and that is not the ONLY difference from smite to LoL, Dota2 etc

        • gummi its does take time to get to 20 mastery and also I never said warframe was a COD copy i mean really COD can suck ass for all I care so ya, and i know smite is not just over the shoulder 3rd person view changed my fav part is that you can guide your a attacks more and dodge attack( kind of a must with he-bo and zues after you) so ya dude , in my own opinion that don’t feel any progression. also i never sad getting 20 god mastery means im good with all those gods i said i got to KNOW the gods rather good >.> also you seem quick to anger so ya no need to be mad this is my own thoughts

          • But what is the reason to bring up the copy stuff in first place? as both game are so different from anything else, and no 20 masteries does not take long, a couple weeks with non very intense play or so, with intense paly i geuss you could do it in less than a week (ofc it depend on how often you loose and how often you win)

      • Mabinogi did not vote for SMITE in the Finals. Most of the playerbase abstained their vote because we mostly agreed not to interfere if they had never played either game.

  15. And I only got 25k votes for SMITE with my bot 🙁
    Prob. that’s why we lost.

    PS: This post isn’t to be taken seriously, I am just proving that anyone could post anything in anon mode incl. “cheating confessions” as provocations

    • ofc, but that doesn’t make me any less interested in how they check it, as it stands now imo both games won because we really have no real way of knowing how many botted votes were left out, and with the very close end result (less than 1%) not many have to have been overlooked to sway the result

      • Well they could make it so ID Card/Passport data is required for voting to make sure that cheating has no chance. Or even request biometrics data like fingerprints/eye scans.

        Sure that will create safe online voting service… which nobody will ever attend to XD

        Unless, of course, you have magical means of detecting dynamic IPs, phone/tablet/laptop alts connected via 3G and friends’ internet abuse, etc. 😛

  16. I am very interested in knowing how do they actually check for which votes are bots and which are not? do they simply check IP, or do they have better methods? Cause if they just check IP’s that would be so easy to bypass

  17. Both games fought hard, Both fanbases voted hard. Good match for all, but to people who are bragging “Warframe is better, Smite is terrible, etc.” What are you posting for? Bragging rights? To try to be on the winning side or something? Both games are great, and both deserve a W. And to people who are whining about “Cheated Votes”, Each of the four Finalists had them, and while there is those who are guilty, not the entire Community is to blame. To sum everything up, Both are amazing, Don’t Brag, Cheaters Cheat (get used to it).

  18. Sorry guys, but i think Smite deserved to win, alot of the fake votes of the 10 year olds who played/play Warframe( and also Smite, but shooters are the worst kind of kids ) weren’t removed, the last final stretch was 20% cheated, meaning it wasn’t fair. But well Smite had some cheaters tough, and i think it was a good fight! Well done WarFrame! … (goshdamit am i now thanking these morons from the twitch stream? ;O)

    • >shooters have the worst kind of kids

      I don’t think you understand. Warframe, while a shooter, puts more emphasis on the gameplay surrounding the shooting, rather than the shooting itself. Heck, as of tomorrow, they’re completely revamping their melee system, making it just as competitive as guns.

      The difference is that MOBA players in general are proven to be just as childish, if not moreso. Warframe doesn’t have any real PvP, despite that fact that I’d love it, so there’s no real competition. No reason to bitch at each other than one person playing a slow frame, and another being faster. The community is naturally a streamlined group. MOBAs are literally just “I carried the team. I don’t care what anyone else says. gg ez”, and I say this as someone who has played LoL, Dota and Smite religiously (for years even, when it comes to the former two).

  19. While I never played Smite, I am really surprised by the number of people that were backing it. I fully believed Warframe was going to streamroll it. Their community proved me wrong with a HUGE bitchslap to the face.

    Anyways, congrats to Tenno and Gods alike. And to said Gods, give Warframe a try. Though do be warned; it’s not a competitive game at all right now. PvP does exist, but it’s not balanced at all. So unless you can get into PvE gameplay, might wanna hold off until PvP is polished up :).

    The business model WF uses also isn’t bad at all. I would say it’s more accurate to say that getting ‘traction’ is hard at the beginning (due to having to wait for weapons to build over the course of half a day to a full day, and lack of things to sell to players on the market). But once you DO get traction and hold onto your patience, there’s nothing you can’t get that paying players can.

    I have nearly over $10 worth of Platinum (in-game, paid currency) just by selling rare mods I’ve randomly found along with Prime parts from Void Missions, which are kind of your go-to missions once you’ve maxed your weaponry and frames. And this isn’t over the course of a month- no. I’ve made this much Platinum in only about THREE days, and it’s enough to get a fancy scarf, a new color pallette, or more inventory slots.

    In most other MMOs that say you can get stuff from the item mall for free, you typically have to take WEEKS to grind up enough in-game cash to buy that special item.

    While I know alot of people can’t stand to wait to get goodies, isn’t that kind of a universal thing for F2Ps? Pay 2 Not Wait? WF is no different in that regard.

  20. warframe really? smite had to win with eyes closed.. wtf…??? warframe is like one of the shitiest game i have ever played

  21. Warframe for lyyyyyyyfe

    GET REKT SUUUUUUUUN, gg no re, gg feeders

    Mabinogi losers, smite losers, path of exiles losers.

  22. Smite fought well. I hardly expected my favorite moba to get this far, competing against TF2. I haven’t played much Warframe, but it was an honorable battle won only by the smallest margin.

  23. I’ve played both games extensively, so it’s good to see both games get to meet in the finals. But I stopped playing Warframe, and haven’t stopped playing Smite. Smite has a really bad “tier list” and several useless Warframes that the entire community has scorn against whenever they see one. Great game, fun gameplay, interesting story, but the community themselves seems like they only want about 5 or 6 warframes to be viable at the highest level of play. How could a community want that.

  24. next time we will beat warframe everyone will outvote them we should make sure that warframe dev must never do that ever again.

  25. okay this was messed up how the hell do u get over 3000 vote in less then five mins, oh wait bots so go f your self warframe sucks and you can not tell me any diff you have to grind way more then u should just to get a new crap wep unless you pay real money and i bet most off you that said smite sucks have not even played it, and yes i have played warframe and im sad to say i wasted time playing it i played it in the closed beta till now and it went from some what crap to super crappy say what you want its not going to change, and if you want to get into it every game that comes out is a clone every one.

    • major runnon sentance. Someone is buthurt, you are clearly just being a sore loser because you know how they where able to generate that sudden jump, it was becasue they put the link in the launcher thus making more people see it. it was a close race, im sad to say someone was botting for us, but they removed them. And WF barely won by a 1500 vote difference.

    • They added the link in the launcher a few hours before it ended, so no surprise. They WF Community has about 3Mil players. So yeah, butthurt much? Grinding to make weapons/Frames is practically nothing. Only in the beginning. But once you get new weapons, a new frame you just stack things up for good.

  26. Well congratulations to all the medalists:
    Warframe for winning Gold
    SMITE for winning Silver
    and since Mabinogi got more votes than Path of Exile did I’d say that’s the Bronze.

  27. Good work tenno, those virgins putakus (otakus) are crying because that “very innovator game (sarcasm – another copy of dota)” cant won the showdown. a beta game beating a full supported game, is a epic win.

  28. thank god the Spy Bot… I mean… Smite didn’t win

    after what Hi-Rez did, it is sad to see how many people supported them

      • they stopped all the support for Tribes, after a series of controversial announcements (like saying they were still supporting, saying to people that they would be allowed to mod), and they did the same with global agenda when Tribes started; when you download their games, it comes with a bot that spy your pc even if you don’t open the game, a video showing showing how even not playing the game detects “illegal” programs opened in your pc and IP ban you automatically, Hi-Rez said that this could be disable (not true) and tried to remove the video from youtube

        they say Smite will have full support from them, but this is what they said to all their games

        • You forgot to mention that both of those games lost them millions of dollars. Like it or not, Hi-Rez is a company. They need money. Smite is their first game that has actually generated revenue.

          You should be glad that the Tribes servers are still running. They could’ve pulled the plug on them very easily. They decided to keep losing money just to support Tribes fans.

          Smite will keep running until they make another blockbuster.

          That’s business, bro.

  29. Funny though, League of Legends would won if they did the same than others game by offering a “payment” ingame.

    • This is very funny because warframe dont give us a “payment” to vote, just the latin community support this game because nexus dont like the ppl from south america, so that is a reason why we give all our support to the game. 😉

    • If League of Legends tried to actually tell more people about this event it would have helped too. I guess they didnt bother. Or i was just blind.

      • This was the first time this website has tried something like this, so a lot of folks were caught napping. This very articles says there will be another one next year. Considering the total number of votes cast in the finals, I suspect that one will have fewer upsets.

    • Warframe didn’t even offer any reward for this, and they have only announced this contest for like twice, in their live streams. Moreover, the news wasn’t on the game launcher until the very last day.

  30. MMOBomb didnt even take cheated votes away and the whole showdown was about they getting money from people clicking on their site. Well anyways, i guess both of the games are ok if they got to here but i have to say that Warframe is totally pay to win BECAUSE you can buy the weapons even though you can just get them for free. I guess other mobas voted for Warframe cause they are jealous 😉 Smite ftw anyways. Warframe community gave me cancer @ Twitch 🙁


    • “I guess other mobas voted for Warframe cause they are jealous”

      Sounds like they’re not the jealous ones…

      It’s alright if you say you still like Smite better, and that you don’t think Warframe should have won. These are perfectly respectable opinions. What is not respectable is being a sore loser and insulting ten thousand gamers.

    • suuure WF is Pay2Win ……. reality check a*****e …. i didnt even bought a single plat in WF AND i have 14 more slots for frames (each slot is 20 platinum (currency in WF which equilat real life money)) and more then 30 additional slots for weapons (2 slots for 12 plat) ….. lets not forget cosmetics and potatoes for every frame and weapon. that would be around 1K plat if i would take it that way ……. sooo i used up around 1700 platinum which values to 8 thousand coins in my country. AND as i said i didnt spend a single coin on any platinum ingame. So suure WF is totally pay2win game. and considering for strongest weapon and frames ingame you cant even buy em but you gotta GRIND em from special missions (which they usually have very low drop chance) its hardly pay2win ….. spending plat on weapons and frames is waste of plat considering you can get weapon for 300 plat in shop for 26 plats both with slot and weapon + some 12 hours of building and another two or three hours of grinding materials

      • Also if you wana label WF as Pay2Win what about Smite huh? i played that game. and if you want to get there somewhere without almost 1 week of constant grinding of Favor on a 1 new god you HAVE to PAY for new gods….. in WF you can get everything by grinding two or three days max. except cosmetics but those will always be for real money.

        • Lets start out with saying no neither of the 2 games is P2W however your argument kinda falls short, since you get exactly ONE warframe to choose from (from a grand total of 3 choices) where smite gives you 5 gods from start you can play with, ranging a good amount of roles if i remember right) as well as 5 gods taht will be part of a “Free rotation” that changes every major patch so you have enough time to get somewhat accustomed with it, and on top of that you can play and all gods (including those you dont own) in practise ANY time, so you can get a good idea of waht gods you want to unlock first where in warframe you have to geuss from numbers etc what warframe you might like

    • “was about they getting money from people clicking on their site.” EasyPolls has litterally no official connection to mmobomb. anyone can use it for polls…

    • Thank you, so much, for making our community look like a bunch of dishonest cheaters and disqualifying your own votes for repeated IPs. We are in your debt.

    • Lol@smite , dude. Even if you did 30k+ votes it counts as 1 vote. So,yeah. (Team Warframe FTW) Smite community did it good too. Warframe nearly lost because most of us weren’t online when they informed us.

    • Dear LOL@smite,

      You should be thanking me I did 30+L flicks on your mother’s bean thanks to auto flicker 🙂 She sucked it too so don’t worry, nerd.

      • Mmmm ya you keep posting them please. can never have enough necrophilia porn on the internet. use her eye socket more plz.

    • Oh well, I spammed around 20k votes for Smite, I’ve done my part. Warframe weeabos can go and suck themselves.

    • Mainly because Warframe is a free to play game. The only things you can’t get for free are cosmetics, which everyone knows makes you a better player xP

      Give it a shot, my friend. You may enjoy it 🙂

      • Actually whit the trading system you can get every item that you would usually have to pay for free. So you would think that this game is even more free to play then normal.

        • Everything you can trade with the trading system can be obtained in game for free, if you have the time to farm that is. The things that you can only get it with real money are the cosmetic items that don’t effect gameplay.

      • I’ve been thinking of trying out Warframe but I assumed that there would eventually be some cost to it. Since you say everything is free except some cosmetic changes, I’ll probably try it out very soon. Since I don’t know much about each of the different character choices, I’ll probably try every one of them to see which ones I like the best and then just play my top 10 characters most often.

        • Unfortunately without paying for slots you have only have 2 frames(characters) and handful of weapons to keep. However, if you got some rare drops in-game, you can trade them with people for the item shop currency, and buy slots with them. Although by that time you would be hooked and pay out of your own pocket to support the game.

    • If you buy anything but cosmetics in warframe you lose out on the only reason to actualy play its literaly pay 2 win congrats you have nothing left to get you got the exact weapon warframe and mods you wanted now sit there and do nothing you just won :U
      think of the pay 4 crap in warframe more for people who are suckers :X and or just want stuff early

    • able to get every weapons(except the late event one), warframes, and power ups module (such as forma and potatoes) without spending a single dollar
      how can you call this beautiful game “pay 2 win” when what we’re unable to get without spending a dollar are cosmetics and inventory slots?

      • With plat trading, we can even get those.
        So this is most certainly not a P2W game.
        Maybe Event to Win a while back, with brakk, and Strun Wraith, but not anymore.

    • I have never brought a single weapon on Warframe. The only thing I have spent plat on would be cosmetics and inventory slots. There are even threads on the Warframe forums stating that buying weapons is a complete waste of money.

      Sounds like to me, you have never even tried Warframe.

    • U dont know, the real concept to f2p right? a game is f2p when any member can enter to the game and play without paying.. many games are f2p like Aion, blabla but somethings, like costumes, rare items blabla are payables, but the game still being FREE TO PLAY, ANY PEOPLE CAN CREATE AND ACCOUNT AND PLAY FOR FREEEEEE!.. noobster

    • Actually, you can even get the cosmetics in Warframe without paying. Platinum, the “real-world equivalent” currency, is tradable between players, effectively making everything in the game available without paying a single cent.

    • Lolwut?
      Even though i played alot, thanks to the trading system i was able to buy all the cosmetics, slots and potatoes( i had alot of spare ones from the alerts anyways, but oh well, lol) i wanted to.
      It’s not Pay 2 Win one bit. It’s Play A Lot To Win/Grind To Win. By the way, you know nothing about Warframe and its potential. Plus, it’s damn original.
      Congratz to Smiters for putting up such an amazing fight, though. You did great.

    • Dude,no. Just no. Warframe is a real F2P and the only thing that you can’t get in the game is a bunch of cosmetics and you can also get them too if you trade with other players. The devs keep giving players Platinum (the currency that you get with real money) so we can keep trading and keep the plat flow going. Warframe is NOT a P2W game. You might wanna check it out,It’s pretty good.

  31. Now that it’s all over, lets Finish it with one HELL OF A DANCE PARTY!!

    it was such an awesome battle, insults were hurled, tears were shed, laughter filled the halls and happiness flew across the land,

    the adrenaline to hope our game wins , the sadness our game lost, you all put up a good fight, but the battle is over, but now is the Time to Celebrate!, LETS PARTY!!

  32. Well done Tenno, the day is ours. rest now for vay hek is recreating his army. and it will not be long before he emerges once more to destroy us. see you on the battle field.

  33. Who actually won? All of us. Warframe, SMITE, their community and MMOBomb of course.
    Such hype, damn, it was crazy. We have found new friends at this tournament, which is great.
    Thank you all!

  34. With many less removed votes SMITE showed that they where a good community and an honorable opponent.
    GG WP

    • GG, Smite. And if it’s true that Smite had fewer removed votes, sorry about that on behalf of my community.

    • With a massive insurge of votes which weren’t bots, we showed that despite the odds, we can still make a comeback.

      Definitely the best round. GG Smite, I was expecting you to win.

    • Ehm… What are you talking about? Please if you do not know what youre posting… dont post at all. You would do everyone a favor.

    • Wow, that was a long time ago…
      No need to bring up old stuff about what happened with SMITE and you’re religion (:P)
      mostly because they fixed it, no offense but if you were smarter you would have checked to see if they had fixed it before posting this comment. Next time get you’re facts right before you say something. (VERY SORRY IF YOU TAKE OFFENSE TO THIS!!)

      • Also, the depiction of Kali was not offensive at all. In most of the depictions she was completely naked… So yeah…

    • That claim was stated way before Smite had even entered closed beta. Kali was the only target, and she’s been remodeled since. But even before that, Kali is portrayed with a lot less clothing traditionally, as are most of the goddesses in the game.

  35. Rraahudd Tenno!We fought together.We crushed the greedy milk from their skulls.Smite voted paid their crimes with their useless lives.(still respect ,smiters)

  36. Congrats to Warframe, but it’s a shame that mmobomb streamed the results and directly affected the vote count. Without the stream, I highly doubt that the influx of late votes would have occurred allowing Warframe to narrowly edge Smite. That being said, Warframe is a great game and one I might have to get back into.I highly recommend both games to any and all viewers of this page.

    • Exactly! I just think that it is very unfair especially when they said that they will not post the results before it is over…

  37. Man, I was expecting a much bigger article. Also, remember, Warframe almost lost to Vindictus in the first round but no mention of them? xD

    • Yep, I think most Tenno’s weren’t aware of the poll back then. Either way, we beat them again during the Nexon alliance vs Warframe +Airmech poll.

      • Again, Dragon Nest voted for you guys. It was still really just the 3 games (Mabinogi, Vindictus, and MapleStory) that were in the tournament that cared. Dragon Nest voted for you guys in spite.

  38. Well, that is a surprise … Congratz to Warframe.

    And dun worry, smiters, it’s just an internet thing and everyone know, that’s totally serial biz !

  39. Well, gg to both games but this battle has been handled very badly by MMOBOMB. I am sorry but if you say: We will not reveal any results of this battle -> then continue to post unlabelled results to Twitter -> and then STREAM the exact results??? Like, well done, you earned quick buck… but you couldve told this to us in the first place… Hey guys, we wanna make some more money off of this so we will stream the results. NOT LIKE THIS: Ehm, yeah, we wont show the results at all… The next moment you stream them for some little ad revenue…

    Just one more thing: You should’ve set up some moderator bots in the stream… the profanity in the chat was just HORRIBLE… + everybody was spamming all the time. I know that you were probably not ready for 2,5k+ people but seriously, having those mod bots is necessary especially when doing an event like this…

    Anyway Well Played to both games! Unfortunately Warframe has bigger playerbase and surprised us with a ninja attack:D

    • But the thing is,we were not promised a prize.(I don’t know about smite, but I heard a lot about mabinogi).We still got an awesome reward.(I was sweating in that we would lose but we won)

    • We made no money off the stream. Any ads run were run by Twitch and not us. Yes we should have had more mods. I did not expect 3k people to show up when I was away from my desk.

      • Ok, but could you please comment on why did you show the results anyway? I think that posting those unlabelled results on Twitter was good idea which created a lot of hype while not giving either team any advantage.

        • The hype was dead when MMObomb kept the polls anonymous. Whether is was fair or not, MMObomb managed to keep it interesting when they decided to show the results.

    • PAt yourself on the back. YOu beat a chibi mabi poopoo baby game. LOL shows that sad state mind numbing game Warframe is (grind out suits in repetitve boring action)…In an odd twist of fate, repeating stupid warframe combat or growing crops in mabinogi…hmmmm…. Was this a vote of “the stupidest grind frest game that exist?”

      • Is someone MADinogi? :V

        Dunno, what a frest game is but you might wanna take that finger off the caps button for two seconds while you’re rage posting, son.

        • Oh dude that MAD joke doesnt even work in fact it hurts my eyes every time I look at it. The way you pronounce the A isn’t like mad its more like when a kid opens his mouth at the dentist and says ah. I’m not against your post, I think this guy is flaming so hard that you could use the sun to cool him off, but that joke, that joke.

      • growing crops?…. please fist research what mabinogi is before even writting about it, unlike most MMOs out there mabinogi is not a grind fest, it is literally a fantasy life, you can farm if you wish, but that is not a requirement to be the best in the game…. you can compose music and play different instruments, hunt for monsters or just plain have fun with people….. ginding for materials, crafting, cooking, and farming are just parts of the game but are not a necessity for your game life.
        FYI mabinogi is one of the few… (if not the only…) games that have infinite character growth, you can literally train ALL the skills in the game from all the different classes and fighting styles, from Gunners to Melee users to Mages, Archers, Puppeteers, Alchemists, Bards, Lance users, Clerics and Fighters and not be class restricted.
        Also i should not forget the aging and rebirth system which is unique to mabinogi… no other gaming MMO has quite got it as right as Mabinogi.

        P.S. the only restriction in mabinogi is transformation wise… you can only be either a Knight of Light or a Dark Knight both with its pros and cons, and only choose one goddess demigod powers… either light powers or Wing Powers…( however unlike Dark Knight and Knight of Light you can change Goddess powers every week as you see fit…)

        • I have a near end game haracter in the game. It actually gets worse as you progess in the game. That horrible glitched since CB combat and dungeon experience. The horrible spend a day growing plants. The cart runs to try and get rich. The certain builds that OP things…
          Have you ever built a balloon and taken a balloon ride to see the OP NPC 1 shot because bugged dragons that float around the world? I have. Take an OP Electric casting mage to spam the raft ride to just harves….IT is stiff, broke, and repetitive….I can spend 2 lifetitmes repeating the same activites…Then walk into the player housing areas to see what real cash gets you…it is nothing to feel good about.
          And also “infinite skill” is a joke. Theoretically you can. BUt that would be noob move. You need to follow a certain “build” to really get the benefits of it. And when certain aspects are glitched or poorly designed, (like the raft rides, ballons, cafting, etc..) you are better of for sure with a caster AOE before exploring the fighting depending.. why am I Explaining. Your obviously a blind fan. Pigeon. Pigeon? COOO COOO

          • The fact that you said you have a near end game character proves that your ignorance LOL It’s physically impossible to “end game” especially with the constant new content and what not… Go ask the top players in the game with total levels of over 20,000… Or even Korea where people are over 40,000 total levels even… yet they still haven’t gotten NEAR “endgame” go talk to the people hitting over 100k damage a hit… or 500ks in KR… still they feel weak LOL

            Also… I baloon ALOT and umm there are no bugged dragons.. maybe in 2010 there were LOL And it takes an average player with maybe 5 minutes put into lightning magery in order to solo rafting which is only needed to do like twice every 3 weeks why tf would u raft or hot air balloon any more than that?… I’ve never spent money on the game yet i made 50mil in my first month of being on my most recent new character. The market is literally real-life economics LOL not my fault you don’t understand the basics of merchanting 😛 .. There really is no certain “build”, well depends on what you mean by that. If you mean that if you start with mage then do warrior you ultimately are OP gunner that leads to massive fire and water alchemy damage, then ya theres a “build” but it’s not how the game was meant to be played. Why would you be a caster AOE and ruin the fun of the game.. aren’t games meant to be fun? I mean you can argue that logic with every single game out there– “weaken them with your AoE before the warriors run in” works with virtually every single game.

    • this wasnt really a voting match… it was a fight between bot vs bot… do u really think that 200 people vote in 4 sec and after 1 min. more then 1500… and after 1h more than 15k…. and every houre the same… not really…

      • Bots get removed.
        And it’s possible when we have at least 4 ways of informing people, including one that reaches everyone online.

      • For example we got invited to vote online on warframe, basically in game it redirected us on steam to the voting page,so in 1minute 1500 people voting from all over the world in many different ways (including entire game server) seems pretty normal to me.

      • Agreed. One of the worst votes I have ever seen. Botted to hell. But in their defense I have never seen any mmorpg vote not botted. has a game list with every new title voted number 1 in seconds (with GW2 and SEcret wold top 2…probably worst mmorpgs on the market…and AIKA pops up at 7th randomly one week.).
        MMosite had Knights online win best game of 2013 (an old 1996 mmorpg) with greek bots bosting in in the million vote catagory.
        Mmohuts actually is a pretty decent, but it can get skewed. This site is no different.

        This vote in particular was fairly stupid. Seriously? Pat yourself on the back warframe. You beat MABANOGI! LOL apples and oranges vote are reflections of piss poor internal management of whoever put this together. They should not have done “division” voting and done catagory voting in different ranks. MOBA, MMO, MMORPG etc. Then UPDATE their game list based on the results. And dear god a website needs to open up that archives different votes by year. NOt cummulitve (or at least have cumilative as an option).
        War frame has a smug player base that now includes PS4 so when they launched the Facebook announcement they were technically double dipping. Since most games on here do not cross platform, they had allot of extra votes, and no doubt by players that like PS4 but have never touched this game. And yeah. Probably one of the longest and biggest votes that had 0 impact or sense on mmorpg community. Just sad really. wellP…back to playing the games that are actual winners! See ya suckers!

        • I also love the game systems in both the final champions:
          Warframe : grind out repeat combat and maps for parts to upgrade. Boring.
          MAbinogi: Grind out crops for parts you need to harvest. Boring.

          Mix the two for the ultimate fail mmorpg? MabiFrame: The ultimate ninja crop guide.
          LOLOLOL faillllllll all around *points at you, you , you, and you* *insert buzz light year* Look buzz A game with content won a mmobomb contest! ” “WHERE??” “AHAHAHAHAHAH”

          • Oh dear….yeah, you just defined the entirety of the gaming system: Do repetitive tasks to achieve a meaningless goal.

            If that bores you, what the heck are you doing on a gaming website if not trolling?

          • TL;DR??? Too long dont read?
            Really? Your brain has reduced your literary skills to less than 2 paragraphs? SAD SAD…no wonder your vote for shit games. I bet you hash tag as well…Disgusting. But makes sense considering the context ^-^

          • Are you stupid? LOL there is no harvesting or cropping involved in progressing in Mabinogi LOL Go play it sometime? Or at least learn to? 😛 There is no repetition involved whatsoever unless you have nothing better to do than go train one skill for hours and hours 😛 but thats your choice. Name one game that has anything similar to magi’s unique combat system :O Can’t? Can you even name a game that gives you as much freedom in the open-world? No? Damn.

        • Are you mad because your game doesn’t have better means to communicate in-game? Are you mad because Warframe won legit with a fan-base and help from other awesome games? Are you, by chance, tempting to say that MMOBOMB didn’t check the IP addresses and did a bad job?

          Warframe is not even in the Top 10 Shooter in here. Are you mad that a growing game defeated your MOBA game? Also if it were accumulative, Warframe could have won by a huge gap. And they basically have a “Megaphone Alert” that appears to everyone in-game whether they are in a mission or not, talk about features, lol.

          • Nope not mad at all. Actually just feeling sort of “I am proven right” smugness. Pigeon consumer turds. Thankfully these kind of “funnel the tards here” approach helps keep my titles solid with a solid community. The only thing to be “mad at” is the stupid “flash in your face” results the partner companies throw around. Raptor top google search is “Mmobomb siad Warframe won so it is basically the best F2P game! in 2014” XD it is not even mmorpg that is the saddest thing as well -.-.
            So smug, proven right, and only “mad” at the dumbing down of your brain. Because in general I like to have faith in humanity…

        • GW2 and Secret world worst MMORPGs. Says cookie cutter mmo should have been number one. Says a game from 1996 can’t be good.

          You never go full retard.

          • Idk if that was supposed to contradict my statement… but what I meant is that PS4 is basically equal to a 10-year old PC 😛

          • Are you seriously comparing Smite (PC game) to Warframe (PC + PS4 + Xbone (60fps with dedicated servers offered by microsoft)). Has this guy (person who posted this original comment/first floor) just gone FULL RETARD????????

      • …must



        Nah, but seriously you’re just making excuses for being a mad bad loser, brah. Gratz.

      • we do have some sort of pvp if you PLAYED the game you cannot say nothing till you tried to actually accomplish something in Warframe not bagging on Smite it has its ups and down which plays like dota, LoL, dota2 and that goes the same with buying the characters with them. so both game can be p2w and Smite is fairly new so the fan base is a little lower…. Warframe on the p2w part yeah you can buy weapons but you have to earn better ones… so dont get mad over one thing about pve games


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