We caught up with Producer Jon-Enée Merriex at CJ Games Global (Netmarble) to talk about three upcoming games: Hounds, Monarch and District187. See what we discovered and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.


  1. Lol… I can’t believe CJ Games would actually hire this guy… This knew NOTHING about the game, can’t pronounce “Phalanx” correctly, and essentially ruined Granado Espada international.

    Good luck CJ Games, and hope your game wont’ get destroyed by this idiot admin.

  2. I am more interested in Monarch, reminds me of Sword2, and Atlantica Online and Kingdom Heroes. It’s just really interesting being able to have multiple characters out at once, so you don’t ever need to make different ones.

      • To be honest, APB:R was better we had him around ! Lots of people hated him but he was ONLY the active admin who would answer our questions.

        APB is bloody F boring now 🙁

        I miss him !

  3. Ummm ok i cant stand this guy…. And why do all three games look like there from 2004 xbox360 crap…. CJ Games needs to put more time into there work…. Its not a car and the goal is not to see how fast you can pump out bad games…. And bloom so your telling me when all the black ppl say “Look at that crazy WHITE boy” that’s not racist? color will be apart of the world just as much as air is. So get over it… It’s never going away.

  4. That is one happy black guy.

    60 games over 5 years ? There is a very distinct aroma of quantity over quality with those numbers.

    • Yeah, he does seem rather enthusiastic, doesn’t he?

      Anyways, Why is it that I’m reminded of other games when he was describing their games, only with the perspectives switched? District 187 (that title tries too hard) seems like a FPS APB, Monarch is Dynasty Warriors in Euro, and Hounds is 3rd-person “zombie-horde” meets “another modern military shooter”? Maybe I’m just burned out by the theme retread.

      BTW, when are the normal shows and trailers coming back?

      • Yeah and hounds might actually have something going for it if they do it right but then again, it’s coming out in 2014. By then we will be rolling in great games. All three games are atleast 2 years to late.

        I hope there is at least something worth while among the other 57 games they are whipping out.

        Speaking of zombies… WarZ <3


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