ArcheBlade is a 3D PvP focused fighting game developed by CodeBrush Games. In ArcheBlade players choose from a full roster of characters each with their own unique fighting style, combos, weapons and abilties. Players can change between the characters freely while they wait to respawn. The gameplay is a mix of street-fighter style arcade games and third person shooter mechanics.

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  1. This game lacks any creativity has 0 combo ability and is poorly designed around team play while emphasising that it’s a fighting game which only equates to them making it super kiddy style and extremely low skill cap; but if you’re garbage at fighting games and love watered down jp texture games – this is for you!

  2. This game looks fun played it and…
    Its laggy i mean i know its 180 ms is bad best ms for europe im from middle east
    But come on! League of legend i have 165 ms AND ITS SMOOTH AS HELL its not like i atk and suddenly i see myself fly to orher place
    Is the ping lag glitches will go after the offical release or i wont be anle to play dis game
    Im a huge fan of fighting games and this game is perfect but… ;( i cant concetrate on combos cuz of this lag….

  3. It looks like it may be fun enough to give it a shot, but reading comments and watching the video it seems to have imbalance issue BUT it is in closed beta and meant to improve the game based on external feedback so if they choose to recieve the feedback and actually act on it id definitely try it when it launches

  4. never was a fan on these types of shooters/mobas or anything in that matter that is 3d person look i have tryed some but never liked a single one that much anyways i am not probably gonna try this cause of the comments i read above me but good luck and have fun for whoever is gonna play

  5. This game is imbalanced heavily in favor of ranged characters. Seriously, if you’re going to play, don’t even try to play melee. You will be outranged and outgunned every time. And good luck trying to get in range to score a hit on one of them. Between the sniper that can kill you before you know where it is and the dual gunner (Miss Fortune anyone?) who is so agile you can’t hope to touch her, you are one lucky sonofabitch if you manage to get a kill with a melee character. Besides rampant balance issues, ArcheBlade is really only okay at best. For the most part, it fails at actually being a good fighter, unless a good fighter is supposed to be focused around click-spamming. Overall, even if they manage to balance everything out perfectly, I probably still won’t play it.

    • I didn’t play any of the ranged characters, and I destroyed every match with the hammer chick. The ranged characters don’t have hitstun or any real way to kite you. Everyone has some sort of gap closer that makes the ranged chars useless because of their low defense and no hit stun. Seriously, all I have to do with the hammer girl is sprint and juggle them to death.

      • Some of the melee characters fare better than others. Try playing a match with the guy with the mace and shield. He gets rocked by ranged every time. And the one with the big sword kinda has an off chance of beating some ranged. Also, a lot of teams will stack ranged so that you get hit by multiple attacks while trying to close the gap.

    • Smite and Archeblade what? MOBA v.s. Fighter?

      Anyway…if Codebrush doesn’t implement counters, do something about basic attack stun lock, have more evasive maneuvers, do something about stamina charge and so on, this game would be considered for the mentally challenged and children starting at age 5 when released.

  6. Sorry for anyone who loves this game but in my opinion it’s a piece of shit.
    Characters are completely imbalanced. They use the excuse of saying a character is harder to use to make it OP, but the truth is any like that are just purely cheap. If they hit you once, you cannot do anything as they stun you, and if they stun you, you’re dead before you can react.
    With all that the cheap ones are long ranged, meaning if you’re hit once, you cannot move and it’s all done from long range.
    If you are unfortunate to get caught by these in close range it’s even worse. Their attacks are either impossibly fast, or incredibly powerful. Because of all these aspects it’s not based off skill or anything, but simply who chooses the cheapest character. I’d say the 3 cheapest are the two fire/ice users or the robot, since two can teleport behind you and then stun you. The other has these retarded rockets and punches that all launch you into the air, making it impossible to react.

    Oh, and all three of these have the fastest attacks, highest mobility and probably the most damage per hit as well. And since they’re all small, reacting with any character can end up being futile due to missing them.

  7. im bored from most shooter my favorit moba:

    -leage of legend

    im no love smite i hate that game but i love tribes ascend

  8. + spunkify sucks at these games. he is so freaking bad at it, no defending at all. plus he shakes his screen like a noob when he fights.

    • he is a guy who makes FIRST LOOKS at games u don’t have to be a pro to show a game to people plus last time i checked u always considered a “noob” as u say(which is not even an word to insult anyone as u use it)if u new to a game so chill a bit would ya?

    • Well first off, he’s making a “First Look,” of the game which means he hasn’t played much of it. This makes him a noob by definition (aren’t we all in something new), and on top of that hes also commentating on the game whilst playing and anyone that’s in that line of work knows that commentating while playing can be tricky.

    • They will do a first look only if the developers ask them to, otherwise they will wait until their official release. Some companies choose this to give their games and early boost in popularity.

  9. I’ve played it a bit during the last 2 days, it’s a fun game but I can see it get boring quickly unless more content is added pretty soon after launch.

  10. lol so.. why the heck is the text copy pasted straight from free fall tourney? LOL i’d like to write some things for the site… can you guys email me?


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