FreeFall Tournament is a 3D third-person shooter by Free Range Studio. In FreeFall players can choose from 8 different jetpack supersuits, each equipped with unique abilities and weapons. Players will be able to engage in both melee and range midair combat, with each player jetting around and picking up power ups scattered across the levels.

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  1. I have been playing for weeks and loved it, haven’t watched the first look yet though. My main problem with the game is that you don’t get all the classes for free but they switch the free ones daily. My favorite part of the game is the gravity!

    • Glad to hear that you love it, jdrew2000! The class rotation system is similar in concept to other games, like League of Legends. We feel this is the best way to make a game free to play, and not pay to win.

      • well as far as it goes for rotation freefall tournament>league of legends big difference between every day rotation and every week rotation like leagues 😛

        • Of course. That’s why I said “similar in concept”. We also only have 8 classes right now in 4 clearly defined ‘chassis’ categories: light, striker, heavy, and utility. And our rotation system is different too, but we’ll keep experimenting with that as well. At the moment, only one class rotates out per day. We use a Gray Code to determine which one.

  2. what we need now is (check chefmadness’ comment) is some sort of fpsmmorpg with open world, pve AND pvp. classes, levels, missions (quests) and all that. now THAT would be a game to look forward to…

    im sorry if there already is a game like this, i must have missed it then.

    • My dream…
      Oh wait, it can’t exist, all games only follow the same protocol and no company is there to break it.
      The game in question would sound like borderlands online, or skyrim online, or even fallout online, the problem is all we can do is wait for mods for those games, borderlands could support more players, the other 2 would be awesome if they had an online support.

    • Firefall?Its Open world, FPS, quests, crafting, “staged content” which is an awesome idea!
      Its in closed beta now, i have a key if you want!

      • Global Agenda also has that to a much more limited degree, although oddly enough they probably have more quests than Firefall does and they also have co-op dungeons and raids, but GA2 isn’t going to have any of that because apparently HiRez has gotten lazy, and Firefall is still in beta and hasn’t incorporated most of the content that they have said they are going to.

        • all that is true my friend but getting into firefall is really not that hard not sayin its really easy but not that hard at all either.Don’t believe me?go on the forums 1/3(ok maybe 1/4) of the posts is people giving away dota 2 and firefall keys 😛

    • Lol you make me laugh. You have no idea what your talking about. Copy of global agenda? That’s a really dumb comments this game and global have only a few similarities. 1. Jetpacks, 2. PVE & PVP, and…. well nothing else really. This game has vehicles which some aren’t implemented yet and dynamic events. This game doesn’t really have any quests or storyline to follow. So please if you make that comment again list the things they copied! And and btw the pve combat on this game is much much smoother.

  3. Just another good looking FPS. When is the gaming industry going to get creative? WE need BORDERLANDS ONLINE!!!!!! FPSMMORPG!!!!!!!

    • No just no. You would have to play this before you can judge it. Its not just any good looking fps it takes the same idea GW2 had with the dynamic events. There are watchtowers that can be taken over by enemies and then you have to take it back. Random events happen constantly and you gain xp unlocking skills and weapons.

    • It’s TPS. What’s the creativity in us delivering Borderlines Online? We hope players will notice creative elements in game play in FreeFall Tournament: locomotion system and sense of inertia, target locking, aerial combat, melee, curved gravity in maps, class design, etc. One day we would like to deliver RPG elements as well. One step at a time.

    • We put it up on Kongregate on April 24, 2012, so that we could develop the game with players input. We didn’t promote it or try to expand beyond Kongregate until last week. So in a sense, this game is new to most people. Thanks for remembering us though!

      • You guys did an excelent job with this game!Its more original and fun than most AAA’s titles i played.Keep with the good work!
        Also, i remember this game being one of the most played in Kongregate o_O

    • An unfortunate coincidence. We started developing this game almost 3 years ago, but like many indie games, it’s taken us awhile. Then Firefall came along…

      • No worries, there of course obvious similarities to all games when they come out especially when it comes to shooters. But still, it is nice to see a dev actually responding to comments on a first look video. Aside from my and others pointing out what other games seem to be obvious inspirations, I unfortunately neglected to say that I did think it looked like fun.

        I’m honestly gonna say that I don’t know if it will be “the game” for me but I’m willing to check it out as it is, at least on the surface like many other games that peak my interest. And given that for a long time we had way too many games in the mmo market that were fantasy based, I’m always glad to see something in the realm of scifi.

  4. Sorry i meant tournament not arena but the rest still applies. I am still looking forward to this one though,just not quite as much as global agenda 2.

    • I think you also meant Freefall, not Firefall (2 completely different games). From what I have found on the Freerange Games website, the game was originally called Freefall Arcade and was an isometric perspective shooter like Alien Swarm where you fought off waves of aliens in a co-op arena, then they changed it into a 3rd person shooter and shifted it’s focus towards a PVP tournament structure.

      Here is the trailer for the original game –

      • Thanks for covering me there,personally i like isometric shooters like shadowlands but for a less niche appeal they made the right decision to change directions with it.

  5. the game does actually have a fair pve element to it that was covered in the first look before they switched the title from firefall to firefall arena. it was majorly hyped for ages but the development process has taken so long it has started to fall off the radar of both gamers an press. it still looks promising but if they don’t make a move with it soon i think they are going to shoot themselves in the foot and launch to a market that takes little notice of it.

  6. Good game but i don’t like it i got no idea why but i don’t seems ok an fine but i cant picture myself having fine while playin this so i will pass for now

  7. This looks very similar to Global Agenda, except that it appears to not have a PVE aspect. With the rotation of the classes it’s almost as if it’s a combo of Super Monday Night Combat, Global Agenda, and maybe tribes with the amount of time in the air you can spend. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t look bad, but it also looks like there is an aim assist to make you lock on to your enemies when they are in range, even with using things like a minigun.

    Still, every game like this draws from what came before it, I just don’t know if it would pull me away from the other games that it does draw from. I personally still have characters in GA and Tribes that I play every once in a while and I don’t see anything in this game to make me think that I should drop them.

    • Super MNC and Tribes, along with other games, were inspiration for this.

      Target Lock is intentional, as it enables fast paced aerial combat, one of the differentiators of our game. It makes some aspects of combat a bit more casual, but at the same time also gives us a platform for more melee combat. For those who want to prove their skill, there is a trade off between damage and accuracy when using Target Lock. Plus we want to advance technology into our near future science fiction story. Already today’s US military UAVs have target lock, so why won’t space marine battle suits of tomorrow have the same technology?

  8. this game is a lot of fun, but gets boring after a while since there is not a lot to do in it and there is almost no one playing it.

    • Granted it’s a bit shy on maps (it only has 3) but we are working to continue to develop our indie game. We’d be interested in what you’d like to see.

      We didn’t do any promotion before, but this weekend, thanks to MMOBomb, Raptr, Amazon, and spotlight ads on Kongregate, there are more people playing.

    • Used google translate on that. It did not recognized the language, but after several know alien languages crossings it did suggest you might wanna say mounted. muhahaah


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