Age of Wushu (Age of Wulin) is a Free to Play action type MMORPG is some unique features. The game is incredibly in depth (more so than a First Look could possibly cover) and should have no problem building a very dedicated player base.

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  1. I can relate with the auto path’s. Theres so many menus every time I had to auto path I would check out the menus and do some research.

    The beta server they provided was for pvp only. They may introduce pve. Ive not played any other mmo like this people saying its like Tera clearly talking crap.

    Mounts are cheap and you can buy with in game gold.
    Run on water + combat under water. The video’s of the characters running on water put me off the game before I had even tried it, how wrong I was the game is amazing and can defo see myself playing this when its released.

    Im not a big fan of open pvp, but every time I encountered a battle with another player I would just use my stylee skills and run like a mofu. One of the shaolin defense passives actually allow you to gain movement speed as you parry. PK’ers could not really keep up the debuff lasts for a nice ammount of time aswell.

    The non combat skills you can learn ie fishing, mining, chef, farmer so on so forth. You actually get ranked which you can view in game. There is no AH every resource (almost) must come from players. If your in town and push V you can view ALL stalls etc etc.

    New players to this I would suggest taking Life skills Chef + farming at 1st and make a load of Steamed Bread to keep your Nutrition up. Then just take some other life skill.. hey take a few learn the game its some experience.

  2. You cant autopath to all quests, You need read in this game, You will regret not reading as many people in CB didnt know what to do for next quests

    never had problem with switching window/full maybe hardware problem there

    agree, a lot more to do here, few months ago I wrote review for one portal in my country 9pages in word font 11 soo guess…

    trust me You can play easily without 100% exp, You will have more than needed anyway

  3. overall I must say the game looks beautiful, however i’m concerned about the cash shop if i’m not mistaken this one allows you to purchase in-game currency, there is going to be a lot of balancing issues involved here

  4. yah, all the keys humor posted are in use ,srry guys but i,d love to get in if any1 got 1 ea key ,kind of broke ,so i cant buy package. if any1 else got a key just 1 ,im not greedy. i would be your bud for life of the beta ,and do quest and stuff together.

  5. Tired of copying/pasting already, tried to do this like 5 times over again with some kind of long paragraph attached, not doing it anymore. Here you go, 5 keys for Age Of Wushu Beta.






    Long story short, couldn’t stand the animation. Enjoy to whom ever jacks all these keys.


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