Aion is a visually stunning MMORPG where your character wields devastating powers and sweeping wings to explore a celestial world of breath-taking beauty and epic adventure. Your character plays a pivotal role in the fate of Atreia, where the enemy is not only the other player faction but a deadly ancient evil as well.

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  1. Hey Magic i have a quick question “What server are you playing on and what is your Character name?” I just got in to Aion and i need some guiders if you wouldn’t mind.
    Thank you somuch and Hope to see you in the server 🙂

    • I have a posted comment above that has links to the FAQs for both the EU and the NA content. You can get to the official sites right from them if you wish!

    • If it is, the truly free model will still be like Lineage 2.

      So the choices are
      EU : Pay for features
      NA : Pay to win

      Either way you’ll have to pay 🙂

      • Except that Lineage 2 isn’t pay to win at all, so that argument goes right out the window into the, “I r dumb” box.

        Seriously, look a the model with Lineage 2 again, you don’t have to spend a single cent because 100% of the content is available for free. You purchase cosmetic changes and convenience, not power. They are doing the same thing for Aion.

        Please don’t post if you’re just going to be stupid.

  2. Anyone playing can add me if you want, I am on Zikel, Asmodian side, IGN: Mirko, level 23 chanter currently.

    Have fun~~~~

  3. “hot keys on the keyboard…i have no idea what that means” <– you nearly killed me off here xD couldnt stop laughin 😀

    • HAHA! It is one of those things that sounds like it could be dirty but doesn’t really make sense! 🙂
      Thanks for Watching!

  4. Also Magicman I have been seeing alot of your first looks on here as well as some other sites too . Keep up that excellent job ,your doing just fine .And btw we all get and arrow or two somewhere at one time or the other ,but my characters at the Queen Pin Pillows to attract them to them . LOL . 10 Thumbs up to all who are keeping us here in touch with the Games and News of them ,as well as letting us see u play them too so we can get a taste of what it’s going to be like . 😉

    • Thank you for the positive feedback! We love having people watch! Make sure to check out our weekly podcast also on YouTube and MMOBomb called the “Free to Play Cast”! I think you’d enjoy it! 🙂

      P.S. Look out for arrows! 😛

  5. Ok I’m going to do my best in finally getting my pc working again. Can’t wait to get into the action with a female char and yes I’m femalle too a older one who just loves MMO & MMORPG.Hope to see u in the game at lease some of u .;-)

    • Either/or is fine. This has been a subject of debate since the game came out and differs usually based on where you live. Aion (pronounce A-on) is also a real greek word so there is precedent for that pronounciation. Either way, it’s a game, have fun!

  6. Hey,i have a question:This aion f2p model in NA will be global?I mean, the NA version of the game will be global?

  7. Hi Gang!
    SO there is a ton of confusion here because NCSoft is following different models so I felt it might be wise for me to put ALL the information together here for everyone.

    1) The Europe free to play Aion is out and yes it does have some restrictions. THis is because that is managed by Gameforge. Restrictions and details can be found here:

    2) THe North American free to play version will follow the “Truly Free to Play” model that Lineage 2 does. From the NCSoft site:

    “What are the benefits of Truly Free?
    The Aion Truly Free experience combines the best parts of the
    Lineage 2: Goddess of Destruction™ Truly Free model with numerous enhancements.

    Here are some of the key features of Aion Truly Free:
    No subscription fee. Play for free!
    No account restrictions. Visit any zone, chat in any channel, sell any amount of stuff on the trade broker—nothing is off limits!
    Robust countermeasures to combat game abuse. We’re dedicating a ton of resources to preventing account theft, botting, and real money trading.
    No hassles. Create your account, download the game, and play!
    No harassment. Don’t worry, we won’t hound you with constant offers or promotions.
    A lot of great stuff we’ll reveal more about leading up to launch!”

    More Details here:

    3) Do NOT confuse the “Free Trial” access that you can currently play in North America with the Free to Play conversion. There ARE limitations on the trial but it gives you a chance to get ahead of leveling before the free to play conversion is complete.

    Hope this clears the air a bit!

    • Thanks for the clarification, one thing I never mentioned, in mmorpg I always go for PvE, since I use mmorpg as a relaxing and fun game. I however from time to time I would PvP, but thats in MOBA or FPS or Stratgy games, other than that, if I have a world to explore I rather PvE, I find it more relaxing that way. 🙂

  8. Ah I see so those chat restrictions and stuff, are only for right now? but not for when it officially goes free to play? hhhhmmm, I ll let my friend know, they might get excited over this, and I guess I ll stick with it, and you can add me IGN: Mirko.

    Btw Magicman, I think I am one of those people that spends hours and hours in character creation. Dam my obsession, but perfection takes time. XD

    • Correct. If you are not a currently paying subscriber and you are playing the “trial” you will have restrictions but when free to play it will follow the Lineage 2 “Truly Free to PLay” model which does not have chat or auction restrictions. Have your friend look at the FAQ over on the site for clarification.

      I will add ya next time I am on!

      • Okay maybe this is a stupid question .. but isn’t Aion already F2P in europe? (i am in europe) and i still have those restrictions it constantly tells me go get a gold pack and you can chat -.- idk maybe its just me

        • Not a dumb question at all. As I have been very vocal about NCSoft really screwed this one up. Yes, it is already free to play in Europe. But the F2P clients in Europe are run by Gameforge so the restrictions may differ from the NCSoft “Truly Free to Play” model being used in North America.

      • Srry for spelling Your nick wrong -_-, i saw it when You created a char in aion :s .
        No prob mate 😀 ,the “arrow into a knee” got old, and you had brought it back to life!
        Good luck with Your new episodes!
        Peace out :3

      • hey i just downloaded aion free to play have no clue if it’s trial or better version whatever but i noticed that there is no server called zikel why is that and im on aunhart right now do u have a character on that server too? :/ … oh and btw this email is a facebook email so if u have facebook add me on there and we can chat abit more if u like about aion it looks good btw


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