Forget everything you think you know about real-time strategy games, because AirMech puts you directly in command of a powerful transforming robot to dominate the battlefield. AirMech is a free to play Action RTS with tranforming robots and persistent data across all platforms.

To find more about AirMech check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, tons of screenshots, and additional videos. Don´t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.


  1. To get a free Steam key:
    First you must get to level 7 in the PC or Chrome version, then post a key request in the Carbon Games forums in this topic: Get your Steam beta key here!
    Here’s a code you can redeem before you get to level 5: 7CX2-I3N2-IGM5-PRMN
    Note: It has unlimited uses but you can only redeem it once.

  2. Yes you DO need a Beta Key – but only for the STEAM version. The AirMech Steam version is currently in Closed Beta Stage. I don’t want the Chrome version, and I don’t want the stand-alone PC client for the game, I want the STEAM version…. you know the one with Achievements, Steam trading, auto-updates, giveaway contests and so on. So I’ll wait until either I get a beta key, it goes Open beta. Once the Steam version goes live there will be a much larger player base, so its worth the wait.

  3. I played as well, it is a cool game
    but it is too lagging for me to play with other players…

    not sure if Asia is limited to play it lol

  4. Go to their website,and get it for chrome or PC,and sign in with user gmail if you have one.I never put in a beta code to play it.Don’t believe try it out then.

  5. I really like this game too but there is no time when i see more than 5 players online.
    What happened to all the beta keys MMobomb gave away?

  6. I created a new account using my Steam credentials and it doesn’t work. There are only two options for creating an AirMech account: through Steam or through Google Chrome, and I refuse to use Chrome (due to reasons of my own) so that leaves me with my Steam account. It seems to work at first but then the confirmation screen hangs. I guess I’ll try again in a couple days in hopes they get the bugs worked out. Looks like a cool game.

  7. I would also like to point out, that each of the different mechs have skills that you can add a point to every time to you level in-game, in the top left above your pilot you will see them


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