Is Arctic Combat the free to play Call of Duty game that many gamers expect? Watch our first look video and judge by yourself. Arctic Combat is a new free to play twitch-heavy online first-person shooter (FPS) featuring realistic warzone effects, a variety of modern weapons and much more.

To find more about Arctic Combat check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, tons of screenshots, and additional videos. Don´t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.


  1. I think its fun to play, but if there are still people playing COD 4, i think i will pick that one up for a low $15, instead of this rip off.

  2. May i ask a question guys i register recently to this webzen this website they send me email about Arctic combat and beta key closed anyway dont say a lot…. i try to log on log out i do this couple times…. whatever i go to my profil actually i though when i will register it will apear little box which is say PLay now i dont really know how to play Arctic combat IF anybody can help me i would really apreciate 🙂 Thanks

  3. Shitty ripoff of COD 4, they’re so lazy, they didn’t even make iron sights, instead they made a red dot, wait no, made? RIPPED STRAIGHT OUT OF COD 4 red dot sights as default, so that they didn’t have to make iron sights for each weapon. The bullets travel 5 seconds late, the hitbox is broken, the maps are boring and are just mirror maps, meaning they’re the same from both sides, the dialogue is terrible, and I’ve never played an NA version of a game with English dialogue and voice acting far worse than the Russian dialogue and voice acting. The graphics are nothing even on the highest settings, the music in the backgound is abysmal. The game’s still in beta but if they don’t fix this, I can say that this game will be far, faaaar worse than Combat Arms, Crossfire, Sudden Attack, or any other shitty reskin. Can’t say I had high expectations to begin with. I can already tell that when it comes out it will be under the shadow of Blacklight Retribution, WarFace, and Global Offensive.

  4. Webzen is a horrible company. Every other game they have there are bugs and glitches and they do nothing to fix it. They just keep put cash shop event. Horrible company

  5. The sad thing is that he goes on about the classic COD4 feel, It came out in 2007(5 years ago) sorry that’s not classic I maintain that games are the same as cars when it comes to classic status. A car is a classic after 20 years and so is a game. There is no such thing as a classic COD game.

  6. Yeaaah, thanks, but no thanks, I’ll stick to Blacklight Retribution, Tribes Ascend, Planetside 2, Warface and Ghost Recon Online. At least they have some innovation, unlike this crap.

  7. Okay, another CoD copy, that copied CS, that copied something else.I wish somebody make a Unreal Tournament like FPS…Or a new genre at least.Iam receiving a vision about this game!!Yes!I see golden cash shop weapons!Zombie mode!Good guys and Bad guys!Somebody planting a bomb!C’mon, at least create a new game mode that is innovative.Iam tired of running around defusing bombs…

  8. They really need to make a FPS MORPG Borderlands but online! With all the skills & powers I don’t know why the gaming world has not done thin yet.

    • Its worse than ava tbh. Played this months before in the korean version. Just not up too snuff for my standards that have been set from a.v.a. Its not even popular over in Korea tbh. Jerky Animations, Random mouse accel, below average voice overs, dumb kill streaks, list goes on and on. I got a beta key to give this game a chance again and it failed to meet my expectations again.

      • Let me also add that this game pails into comparison to new games coming up like Metro Conflict, Warface, and SF2(have played).

        • I’m putting my hopes on Warface for what I have seen up until now, even so, FPS’s are really low on ideas, they just throw in the same modes, a shit load of weapons and mods for it and that’s kind of it. I miss a really nice FPS, either free or paid. if you know of anything please do tell, mainly free please 😉

  9. Notice the letters when he says search and destroy. It doesn’t say “destroy” in the game but “search and destory”!!!
    I think it’s important to give that so the dev’s can change it in the game :p

    • I know! MMOZ ! MMOZ would equal Massive Mutliplayer Online Zed game. Yes, we need more zombie survival games.

      Infact, we need any survival games, a real hardcore survival game, a free2play one becaue we have Dayz. A really challenging one where you have to be constantly on the move, to avoid getting hunted, hunt for meat, find settlements, build a shelter, survive natural disaster, shit like that. Why the f*** no one makes that kind of games?


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