The Aurora World is a 3D MMORPG by GBE games. In The Aurora World players can choose between 3 factions and participate in open world PvP. The game has an interesting Maijin pet system where players can collect pets of different types (similar to Pokemon) and train them to different stages which unlocks special abilities based on their type. Players can even ride them as mounts. The game offers a wide variety of events throughout the day for players to participate in including a Mario Kart like racing mini-game.

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  1. I really enjoy the process from designing a game to its birth. Just like Age of Wushu, its beautiful scenery and various Kongfu moves astonished me!

  2. TY 4 the review: this really convince me to try the game and I have no regrets about that.
    So what is AW? Its decent old school 12345 mmo.
    Esthetics of the game is ok. its not super new, but whats more important – its complex. What I like in this game is attention to details and lots of nice little features. Really lots of them. In-game events almost every hour or so. Spanky already told about racing and I was really surprised when I try it.
    What matters 4 me in those kind of games is quests because its boring to just grind. So I was not bored, quests were well made and fun to do. Ill repeat myself but AW team is all about attention to details. While questing I was sneaking from behind, turning to different animals, calling demons.. cutting down here – don’t want to spoil.
    overall – at least worth checking

  3. I played the opening weekend Beta of Aurora World and was less than impressed. I dont think it was that bad a game. It just was not ready for Beta. It had too many issues that developers should have found. Also the graphics and render depth were very poor. The world also felt quite static with auto questing and NPC and MOBS that just stand there it was like playing in a robotic world. Compared to other beta’s Scarlet Blade, Neverwinter, Age of Wushu, the Aurora World has a long way to go.

  4. for a tab targeting mmorpg its really good.I tried it but i stoped the moment i heard there will be a wipe.I will go back to it once it goes open beta most likely.If u like tab target mmos or mmos that have similar or some of the systems JD has then u will probably like it.The game is simple nothing too complicated and just cause u dont like the game personally dont bash it like some of u in top of my comment did.Also someone mentioned age of wushu?ya its better than this but age of wushu is p2w and snail games is a really bad company compared to GBE games since GBE actually listens to the community.Overall good game for its genre and pretty good first look as well.

  5. This is just one more game to get some money. After that it will shut down. This game doesnt come up with anything new. How many games did u see with a farm like this in the beginning with pumpkins? WAY TO MANY.
    Well, maybe the Pet system is Kinda interesting but if i wanna train Pets or things like that, ill go play Monster Hunter or Pokemon.
    So sorry, but ill give this game 2 years bevor it will shut down and this is very positive from my perspective.
    But for everyone that likes it, have fun. Just my Opinion 🙂

  6. AgeOfWushu?lol you make me laugh,if is that a greet game i will pe pope,and i played age of wushu enaugh to see how unbalanced it is.VIP players have an great boost in lvl and money,and you need to craft like hell or do forbidden instances for making money,kidnapping is available only for neutral and evil,if u are good u need to save kidnapped ppl but if u don t have wild goose or other flying skills and good inner skill lvl u are useless,so if u want an game with clans unbalanced and taking over an year to be good,that`s your game to play.Yes it have great graphic and good kung fu techniques,but it not worth to play US Age Of Wushu,anyway i wait for EU version to see if is balanced or unbalanced.Thanks and Have Fun!

  7. Seriously I don’t see any game play in this, why are most mmo games nowadays have this same problem? I’m going back to age of wushu, at least that game has depth.

  8. I actually enjoy tab targeting games, I enjoy action combat but it gets a little annoying to me to constantly dodge roll while grinding away. I think that kind of gameplay is great for pvp but while mob or quest grinding i prefer simple mechanics since most games are ultimately about end game content like raiding and pvp and by that point i get so burned out on action mechanics because not only is it repetitive motions but you have to hit even more keys to do what older games only needed one or two button presses for. I am sure that’s not how everyone feels but repetitive is repetitive no matter how you present it and I, as a simple person prefer simple things.


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