Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A) offers frantic fragging action in an Unreal Engine 3-based free MMOFPS game. This modern warfare experience promises exciting multiplayer online gameplay and fast paced action, ensuing visceral, intense battles unlike any other game available.

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  1. Truthfully the game is fun once you get the hang of how everything works. First you start in the noob server and it may seems easy but once you get kicked out of it or simply have to play the Public channel don’t think it’s a walk in the park. That’s when you are really pushed to play better, for this is where you meet competition. For those that find the game boring try messing with a different class or something, better yet join a clan your bound to have a great time once in one. I don’t mean to be a dick but if you suck at the game, keep playing I promise you’ll get better over time. Pros aren’t made in one day, takes a lot of experience.

    • Whoa…. Combat Arms is one of the best games around. Sudden Attack became borring, I agree.
      Also with the lame graphics and gameplay since other games are better of Soldier Front…
      Maybe CA and Project Blackout, also TF2, are the best FPS games now, this is my opinion.

  2. This character is terrible with videos and narrating! Do some research on your speach before you start spewing stuff and not knowing what you mean. Also if you think you were destroying people in that little bit , wow. Why mmobomb places this characters video on there site for review is beyond me. This character is not professional and to call people kids and talk about t-bagging, again wow mmbomb, this is who and what you want representing you?? Once this character starts getting nailed in game he starts making excuses etc on why he is sucking, wow.MMOBOMB, could you not find some one a little more mature and professional??

    • you need to chill out I think he did a nice job he is playing a game like its a game and he was having fun with it witch makes me what to play the game a whole lot more then some one who was just talking about it in a monotone voice that’s boring now if the guy was in to it like this guy was I’d think we hell this game must be pretty fun i think ill try it there is nothing wrong with how he talked about the game half the fun of playing a fps is yelling at your friends when they shoot your head off it seems like you take life far to seriously to really enjoy anything loosen up and enjoy life a little dude its good to be mature but to much of it and your just boring

  3. My brother played this game and he said that the players there are totall noobs…
    So as it seems, newbie zones are noobier… Though, awesome headshots! Awesome video!


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