Bullet Run is a 3D semi-futuristic FPS published by Sony Entertainment. In the world of Bullet Run players become contestants on a reality TV show where the motto is “kill or be killed”. In Bullet Run it’s up to the players to put on the best “show” possible in order to rack up the “fame”. If a player does well during a match they can unlock on the fly combat skills such as a minigun, an explosive remote control heli-drone, neuro-spider, and more!

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  1. Am I the only person wondering who the giant greenish guy was standing/walking/dancing around on the Dominion game on that map?

  2. Its ok. its basically a F2P version of Brink.
    It seems unfinished. and some of the game just doesn’t go together… its like its trying to be futuristic, but wasteland’ish at the same time (pick one… jees)

    it takes forever to amass enough cash to buy weapons. it takes forever to rank up and unlock clothes, and gear.

    it all LOOKS really good. but they are going to make you grind for it. All the while the PAYERS are getting uber gear and good lookign stuff and they murder everyone in game… no bueno.

  3. And Sony is well known for its “support” , “updates” and “bug fixes”
    They are going to shut it down again….
    Sony sucks.

  4. How does this game suck for many of you. Old or not, this game is actually pretty fun compared to some FPS’s that actually look and feel horrible. “This game sucks” is what i’m seeing everywhere I go when it doesn’t. More over, I think something is wrong with you guys who places these negative comments on a game that actually enjoyable.

    I bet they can’t kill a damn soul in this game and that’s their reason of complaint.

    • I am god awful at Tribes: Ascend, but I still consider it a very good game. This game on the other hand is just garbage. If it came out in 2008, like it should have had, it would have been incredible, but for today’s standards, it’s just not good.

        • just to specify it simple you may unlock thing but it might takes ages of game play to collect it and the point of in game money has no meaning cause of the fact you need cash money with it to buy a gun or clothing you wants even with you level requirement fitting itif this was meant to be free to play this gone entirely out of that concept it only has you running and shooting with a beginner gun and also a clothing option that has no variety unless getting cash items

  5. Really wanted to try this out but I know my wouldn’t be able to play it without lag. Anyways, Wish they kept the old title of the game felt like it went with it.

  6. Hey Spunky Bro-ster,
    Are you saying “domination” as a game type in general or are you misreading “dominion”? No big. Just me and words, you know?
    Anyways, after watching the video, my reaction was “Meh, another FPS”. They’re all starting to look like “Aim, shoot, reload” to me. (At least its not “run, shoot, and jump around like a hyperactive 10-year old”, amirite? 🙂 ) I don’t know, maybe I’m just burned out by the “tag” aspect of the genre and looking for something with a little bit more context. Or am I just weird?

  7. I wasn’t so sure if i wanted to try this game out or not but after seeing this video it defiantly made me want to give it a shot. Thanks Spunkify!


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