C9 Continent of the Ninth Seal is a free to play fantasy-based action multiplayer online RPG showcasing splendid graphics, strategic battle zone system, and story driven quests.

To find more about C9 (Continent of the Ninth Seal) check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, tons of screenshots, and additional videos. Don´t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.


  1. Magicman, I’m in France and when i would like enter to the world of C9 its say i’m not authorized to enter is that a IP BLOCK ? C9 seal in online in EU Please answer me ! 🙂

    • The game is in a beta , Only 10,000 players were selected.
      You must wait and hope to get invited to the next beta phase in march.

  2. Hi Magicman !
    After watching this and your last free to play cast. I am wondering if you and the others here from mmobomb that do your free to play cast.
    If you guy’s will ever do real time dungeon or boss raids on games that the 4-5 of you really enjoy playing.
    I myself would like that opportunity to see and hear how well you all work as a team in some of your favorite and most difficult mmorpg’s.
    Also this gives us another aspect of the game your viewing, First looks are great , Don’t get me wrong but we only see the game usualy as a solo mode. Having all of you on your skypes,Just a bonus .
    Your playing anyays , lol share the info 😛

    Your Friend Inflictious

    • There are ideas brewing that we are trying to set up the best quality technology wise for our fellow MMOBombers. Keep your eyes peeled!

      • Glad to hear that !
        And you know me i will always be keeping my eye’s peeled.

        I do have 1 question for you though after watching a few of your video’s

        I myself had done some fist look videos in the past ,And i gotta say and give you credit where credit is due
        .Alot of the fans might not really know how time consuming these are.The rendering alone for a 10 minute video is so time consuming on your pc , Making it rather impossible at times with high quality graphic games to render and frap one that you are trying to do a first look for at the same time.

        My question to you since you do the Free to Play cast , and First Look’s and News.
        ( thats like a full week of just editing and rendering)

        Do you run more than 1 pc at a time so you get some gaming in for yourself?

        I read on a you tube comment about your new pc build , sweet i must say , yours and my pc build that i did in december are pretty well the same machince , just diffrent brand names … 😀 Great mind’s think alike hahaha.

        Your Friend Inflictious

  3. This game is not laggy, MOhater is as his name says.
    The graphics on this game are not as BAD as the few people above say. There are some minor graphic errors, but overall this game has amazing graphics, especially for a free to play. Compare this f2p to it’s nearest counterpart, DragonNest. DragonNest has worse graphics, style locked and gender locked classes, less skills, less character development, shorter dungeons, less story, almost no crafting system, less classes and DragonNest has a class that IS this best class for everything in the game, the Paladin.
    This game has far more balanced pvp, except the squishiest units can have some trouble (illusionist), as you get farther into the game (25-ish) parties will actually be required for some quests. Leveling is fast, i got to my advanced class in two days, and there’s over 50 active skills to use in battle. The graphics, especially when you tweak the color and contrast are better than even vindictus, as well as the game being less mashing mouse buttons than vindictus.
    This is a GOOD GAME.
    Plus, Tera is going p2p, so everybody saying “Dude, just wait for Tera” will have to wait 6 months-2 years for Tera to go f2p (my prediction)

  4. when will companies learn that MO action games are so not fun.
    seriously its basically solo, lag, or wait for a team with no lag to play.
    vindictus was the same way and it was NO fun at all no one stayed when you partied with them and it got very old soloing everything in the game.
    open world MMO’s are the ONLY way to play online.

  5. Rly?!!! , 2012 and your characters still float on the imaginary floor? and the shadow makes you realize the floor is only flat? for real? 2012 and those dudes still relase this kind of games? ima back to maple!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!

    • sim cara, irá ser sim, só não irá ser liberado nos países onde a internet ainda não é muito boa e o pessoal nao tem condições financeiras para comprar itens do jogo a bem dizer vendidos por cash 😉

      sry for the language which u use, cuz i’m brazilian 😉

  6. everything works perfectly fine, but the game itself…..i don’t know why but i´m kind of disappointed. after playing vindictus, i have to say that this game is definitely worse. not by much, but…i don’t know, maybe it´s just me.

  7. I don’t know how to download it. It is 000-00-00 hours left but i can’t download it, It just stick to the countdown page what do i do?

  8. It’s a real shame now that I didn’t get a beta-key for this game :(. Very nicely done with the cutting into parts, very easy to understand it all. Maybe I’ll see you on when the game goes into open beta. 😀

  9. Magicman, thanks for the video review, your first looks are awesome, this game looks fun, the pentagon with the stats of each character, really a mark of korean/chinese/japanese games, just needed more classes and I gotta say something, I really HATE this point and click combat system, no, it’s not action game if it’s point and click in the battle, at least the movement at least is not point and click.I SAID POINT AND CLICK 4 TIMES! YES I HATE IT!

  10. guys, I really wanted to play this game because I love the genre. but when I would make my account, it was too late, I hope someone who has made two accounts can give me one. please if someone can give me, contact me via email: thugjogos@live.com 😡

  11. Some of you that have seen my other First Look videos: Do you prefer this format or the truly “first looks” where I literally play the game for the first (or maybe second) time? Let me know! I do these for my fellow MMOBOMBers and want to put out what YOU like!



    • I personally prefer this format of first looks because it give’s the viewers a heads up on what’s to come and on the plus side it also motivates some gamers such as myself to work harder to get into games that are good such as this one. While on the negative side it may turn some people off because they may not want a newbie reviewing a game. I sincerely hope that you continue to use this format if it isn’t to much trouble.



    • I actually think you should do this more often, It’s really a lot easyer for you to get out all the info and not be distracted by the playing 🙂

    • first look video should be done by playing the first time.
      do it like this one and it’ll be good. for thous who wants to see more ok the game, they should jest play it and find out mor by themselfs.
      by the way cheers from Lithuania. and yes its a a whol country not a part of russia

        • While I cannot answer your question fully, I can tell you that the beta had an EU, US, and Asia download client only. At this time I can’t find information on the final release’s availability though so that could change.

          • @magicman i can answer that:

            webzen officially said time ago that this game will be global so there is no ip block except to those territories who have their own version of the game (china,japan,korea) about the downloads client those are just servers downloads to download the game more faster, once you have installed the game and get in there will be different servers in different locations so you just have to choose the server with less latency (well for now we just going to have 1 server during the test so more servers on different locations will be added later on)


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