ChronoBlade is a 3D sidescrolling brawler MMO developed by Nway. Players can choose from several characters, each with their own attack combinations, abilities, and skill trees which can grant their character both offensive and defensive abilities. Upon release, ChronoBlade will feature 4 player co-operative much like other dungeon crawler MMOs as well as competitive PvP.

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  1. P2W?
    To each his/her own.

    If you are noob then you -can- buy gear but in the World Map you get loot drop and money. The gear you get in the game is the same as in the store. That’s my experience. It’s still in beta so who knows what they’ll do during launch. That has been my experience so far.

  2. Good first look. I only played for 2 hours or so, but i do agree with spunky, definitely feels p2w. Since it’s cb they might change it, but i doubt they will.

  3. Do all the games of this type use the same engine? Except for a change in graphics this game seems like about a half dozen other games of this type.

  4. @ZhaoYun most of your comments you make on mmobomb is negative….and its really annoying seeing that i mean we’re all entitled to our opinions but damn, your like never happy lol. šŸ˜›

      • ishy i am sorry if i gave this impression to u but i dont think u read my comments enough if u got that impression so far and golgo28 do u know me?i dont think so.So stop acting like u do

  5. I just realized I said 2D side scrolling in my intro! I meant it is like 2D side scrolling action MMOs such as DFO.

        • Stop hating LMFAO if you say so like stated your the one sad to be saying that word dumbass and 2 words for you “Make Me”

          • Your saying, that it is dumb that he does it and that he has no life but you complain on every comment. So actually it does look like you dont have a life either. Just ignore it. It has a reason why he does it. go watch older vids.

          • @iluvgames
            Agree. Everyone who cries about mounted should watch older vids, or take a bomb to the knee.

    • this looks really good i could see myself playing this
      too bad keys like dissapeared so quickly i quess i’ll wait for open beta or something


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