City of Heroes Freedom is free to play 3D comic book inspired MMORPG. Craft your hero’s identity and join millions of Hero characters in a constantly expanding universe.

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  1. I agree with u champions. DC is hack n slash, meaning u don`t have to click on enemies. U just attack the crap out of them. Champions, u still have to click on them, but u can evade, and move around while attacking. when you press an attack, u stand still, making weaknesses for both melee, AND ranged. the best class available has got to be the pet classes.

  2. I love how he says “I love this game” but in the next sentence says “I’m not exactly sure how to play it”. WTF? lol How can you love a game you don’t know how to play? Come on… saying you “love” a game is giving it your glowing recommendation. For goodness sake, at least have played the game for a few weeks before you say to the world that you LOVE a game. FFS…

  3. It’s not completely free to play game, a lot of customization for character are costing money, locked class or content.Limited the game more likely as a monthly pay mmo.

    Just pay for full version is better than have a lack version, but it just my opinion I know some ppl won’t mind about this.

    I will say wait for DCUO or try Champions Online may better than this game.

    Nice video btw =D

  4. This game still doesn’t live up to Champions Online or DCUO. slow to start, requires groups for most all content unless you pay lots of money, powers are on very long cooldown timers making fights that should only last 10 seconds take 3 minutes.
    For example, a shadow scrapper with 5 attacks at level 8 can cycle through all 5 and when finished not only is the enemy he is attacking still alive but you have 15 seconds before your first power is cooled down enough to attack again. Group content is good for players that want to socialize right? well not when they don’t allow you to use the chat system to find more players to group with til your level 20. It’s a total wash out for a superhero MMO. I recommend Champions Online more than this ancient failure.


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