Dark Blood is a thrilling new free-to-play action RPG arcade brawler published by Outspark for North America and Europe.

To find more about Darkblood check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, tons of screenshots, and additional videos. Don´t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.


  1. Cool looking game! Wanted to ask about your internet though! 75 Mbps up and down through fiberoptics? Who’s the provider!?

    • Hi!
      Verizon FioS. The top speeds used to be 35 Mbps in my area but now they offer up to 300 up and 75 down in my area. The plan advertises at least 65 Mbps up speed but it runs between 75 and 80 in my area.

  2. The game isnt bad, the graphic is actualy nice oldschool feel with gore with is actualy pretty rare in today games. Two cool things in game that i noted so far is: AH fee goes to lottery pool so you wan win x% of the money acumulated if you are lucky with it, you can drop from monster costume/avatar equipment.

  3. classic arcade style game giving new graphics and animations. sorry not my type especially pvp in this style its just too old of a interface.

  4. Reguarding the Outspark website, Pages take about 3 seconds to show. Not that bad to me.

    Idk how long it takes you though, 3 seconds could seem like a lifetime lol.

  5. not a big fan of the jigggly aspects of the game, but it looks pretty decent, would love to try out the game, if only the site would load for me.


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