Digimon Masters is a free to play 3D MMORPG featuring the popular Digimon franchise. The conflict has spilled once again from the Digital World into the Real World and the fate of both worlds will rest on the hands on a new generation of Tamers.

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  1. Chipz how many times do ppl have to tell you STOP SHOUTING IN YOUR VIDEOS.We can hear you if you talk normally too,you know?Your shouting is so annoying that i was really close to start swearing in this post,but i’ll rather not.Just stop it dude and talk normally.

  2. Also for best example on how bad the Censor is >
    5.the obvious curse words like the mans bottom, etc.

    It is a horribly outdated Censor really, you cannot say assume since it automatically belives you meant to curse, instead of reading the whole word and seeing how inferior it is.

    Also enjoy the lack of a forum, and it has some lame pages you can post on or create at the site.

    Which is also under the influence of the terrible censor, when you write something wrong (And it is not even a word you or anyone else has heard of) you will NEVER find the issue, and might aswell delete your comment or utterly rewrite it.

    All in all, Joymax is a failure and the game itself is no real prize either.

  3. The game was a disappointment, you wasted your time on Pre-CBT only to be “Bribed” once OBT came out(If you are that cheap) by a increased EXP gain.

    People have literally wasted weeks of they’re life trying to get a stupid new Digi only to utterly fail on the first try. (You got to succeed 3 times to get a Digi, 4 or 5 times for a little larger one and a little more stat gain or stats to start with, dunno.)

    Once The game comes out, be ready for a really buggy release, since they just try the same stupid Digi as BEFORE. Untested Digi is exactly what the crowd wants, amirite?!

    One things for sure, It has the worst Censor (Korean one).
    They cannot, I repeat, CANNOT translate for hell. They call someones Sister a little brother.
    Just boring combat system, you target something and thats pretty much your whole role in all of it. Besides bashing F1 and F2 (Since digi are just limited to two skills or three, but very few got that amount).


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