DK Online is a free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG with huge PvP battles, thrilling dungeons and castle siege warfare.

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  1. DKOnline is rather disappointing nothing new or exciting tons of issues (which it is in beta) gender lock race/classes and a total grind fest get boreding very quickly swing and miss Aeria swing and miss

  2. Yeah not touching this with a 44 and a half foot pole. I DESPISE gender locking, especially when the male races only get the class choice of Warrior/paladin while the females get 3 classes total.

    Also, jiggly physics are NOT a selling point.

  3. They game is just “meh”. I played it for 1-2 hours last night and didn’t enjoy it.

    DK is an average game with average classes.


  4. Been playing the closed beta pretty much since it started. Got a Shadowmage up to I think 15 or so until I switched to A felynx warrior which is 28 right now. And yeah it really does have some FPS and graphical issues. I only get maybe 23-26 FPS and it constantly drops to near 0 and this has been happening to almost everyone. Yeah, the game is pretty generic, we’ve had numerous discussions in class chat about it lol. But that really isn’t a deal breaker to me, alot of F2P games are rather generic to begin with.. kinda just gotta pick your poison. The gender lock doesn’t really bother me. I plan on playing Scarlet Blade and as we all know… that’s an all female cast.

  5. Honestly i would like to see you guys explore the reason why companies like aeria and PWI stick to these garbage cash shop models, as well as why they keep popping out WoW clones like Big Macs and why the hell they can’t seem to get a grip on what people actually want. Tera is groundbreaking and no one is learning from what they have to offer! we are stuck in a literal factory of WoW clones with tab target being a now dull standard. These companies don’t go out of business because there are so many washed up games people don’t realize there is anything better out there.

    • Tera wasn’t without its issues. But anyways, I don’t play games on sites like Aeria or Perfect World, because I don’t know there is something better. I play them because I can afford to. Unfortunately my current situation isn’t fit enough to be able to afford subscription fees. Nor does it allow me to splurge on cash shop items. But I am still able to find what enjoyment I can for a minimal fee or a couple of minutes to download a install file. Really isn’t asking too much.

    • tera isn’t groundbreaking, its not that amazing either, its just different gameplay, different graphics, but same story (quests), it still has the KRMMO stigma of killing 10 rats, get 5 boar meats and such, and to add salt to the wound (called subscription) they had the audacity to add a cash shop.

      In the end Tera online is pretty much the same old KRMMO grind fest, offering nothing new other than gameplay mechanics as an exception

  6. Already had a foot back, thanks for the video, will make sure to steer clear. Aeria games really needs to step up it’s game…


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