Dogs of War is an arena turn-based strategy developed by Cyanide Studio. In Dogs of War players can recruit squads of diverse mercenaries from three distinct factions. Each faction offers a range of fantasy units which can level up individually, granting them bonus abilities and traits. Once completed, the game will offer three modes of competitive play along with bonus single player challenge missions.

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  1. Darryl on May 11, 2017

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  2. ExHuman on October 20, 2013

    I like TBS with decent depth. This one seem to have it. I’m still having lot fun with Banner Saga, but defiantly give it a try.

  3. Cavoer on October 20, 2013

    Meeh..looks like one of those games that will ‘pass away’ after a few mins.

  4. Lorenzo on October 19, 2013

    Seems boring..

  5. Mr.H on October 18, 2013

    Stupid Pay2Win system like Driftopia when you need to use the revive card after battle or you’ll lost your char forever…

    • kalatraba on October 19, 2013

      It would be such a shame for the Confrontation franchise if this is actually true.

    • Tilthan on October 19, 2013

      You should do more research… Everything except for fame bonus and company slot (you have 2, can buy the 3rd) can be bought with in-game currency and real life money, except the fate card, which can only be bought with in game money and not real life money. The game as it stands in closed beta is far from pay 2 win. Oh and the dying needs explanation. Basically if u play pvp your guy can die in a match but because its PvP he will never be lost or there is a very small chacne that has not yet happened to me. And yeah if you don’t have in game money to revive him, no way to pay real life money coz that would piss some ppl off.

  6. Ken on October 18, 2013