Dota 2 is a free to play action Moba game. Dota began as a user-made modification for Warcraft 3. Dota 2 is the result of Valve hiring the community developers who built the mod and giving them the chance to finally build a full product out of their idea.

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  1. DotA 2 is officially and honestly bad. The first and only true succesor of the DotA franchise is Heroes of Newerth (HoN for short). It took DotA ‘s gameplay and launched it into a new level. DotA 2 is way more worse game than HoN was in its first state. I played DotA 2 for less than 10 games and i despised it. No leaver protection, no report system, no actual essential changes from the previous DotA. Playing HoN for several years now I expected DotA 2 to be far more carefully designed than this…

    • well is still on beta or kind of and i couldnt play dota 2 but it seems ver nice, btw hon is just the same game with many heroes from dota just with difierent name it includes the same map and same gamplay i can believe that u say that dota 2 is way worse game than hon what it is what it should be the same game just with better graphics, is like you say: “i think starcraft II is the worst game because is equal to starcraft just with better graphics and a couple of new units” it still on beta proyect remember that. Did u play the beta from hon? i play it and i couldnt report anyone, the leaver protection sucks and many other shit that they were fixing until they do the final release and make it a pay 2 play game 😛 hon isnt good at all because is a fake dota 2 same map same heroes and same everything jejeje I hope that they fix the problems that u say and make it public free 2 play game because i really like dota and ai want to play :P.

  2. LoL is in no way a sequel to DOTA. The sequel to dota would surely be better then the downgraded/Noobzalized mechanics of LoL.

    Also if you wish to be good at all or most of the MOBA games out there just hop on HoN and see whats up. Make sure you are determined and have a decent GPU and CPU with alot of time to spare you’ll need it.

    • The only problem of HoN is that the game eats up a lot of your hardwares capacity. I mean with an older PC you can’t actually play (same with LoL, but it’s requirements are lower and in my opinion it still looks nicer). What I’m saying is that the program code is not the best in HoN.

    • Nguyen did u play dota at least 1 time? i guss u play it and u could say to yourself that hon is a copy of Dota and now that they cant continue copying the same heroes from dota their are doing stupid heroes like artillery, or that frost queen that hereos are really unbalnce and their arent even fun to play, so if u can see that why do u think that DotA 2 there true sequel of DotA is going to be worst than hon?

  3. How is this first look? Beta was for like a century there.

    What’s about the game, it sucks. First dota is so much better. Even graphics, not talking about gameplay wich totally dota 2 lost. It’s my opinion and only my.

  4. the graphic look rly nice, as an old LoL player I like the look of this game, I bet i’ll drop to try it out with my bf;
    UI looks good, no useles stuff, big clear icons. I like potions on right side
    What else i can say, for sure I’ll try it out 🙂

    btw rly nice catch of the game

  5. dota was one of the first moba games, it was just a map for warcraft 3 and millions of persons play it actually. This is a remake of dota, and i find it PERFECT. One of dota creators quitted project to make LoL, and this game is made to compare it with LoL. So no, it’ts not another “just pvp” game. It’s a really good one

  6. ah yes another PVP game like we need a 4 millionth version of another pvp game.
    most PVE games are just level up grinders and there are very few that are not slated to be for pvp after you reach the level cap. makes me sad that the only type of games coming out are kill or be killed instead of finding friends and going on adventures together.

    • Jesus christ you’re retarded, first of all, a lot of MOBA games are based off of this game, they simply just upgraded it to fit todays standards. You’re absolutely ignorant for calling this game just a simple clone, this game isn’t meant to be a pure on level up game either dumbass. So stupid, comparing a MOBA game to MMORPGs. You’re downright retarded. Reading your comment is making me facepalm soo hard, you’re absolutely ignorant to say such things, as well as comparing such opposite things. You’re probably 12 or so, thinking majority of games are just kill, or be killed, because there are tons of games coming out just to party up, like Eternal Eden, it is purely based on teamwork. God so retarded.

    • As I see you don’t like either PvE or PvP oriented games. Why don’t you just go chat with someone if you want to socialize? Or if you insist on playing something during this there are many kid games focusing on making friends and doing stuffs together like Helo Kitty Online or Club Penguin. As you described these are tge games for you.


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