Dragona Online is a free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG with a unique Dragon Possession system. Dragona Global features 4 races, each of which offers 2 character classes.

To find more about Dragona Online check out the Dragona page which includes more info, user reviews, tons of screenshots, and additional videos. Don´t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.


  1. sorry steuck but im not hating on the game man im no troll i really wanna try it but it never said anything about browser i made the account and when i did that it was telling me to download and so thats what i did all i was doing in my comment was giving out a warning so next time think before you act jerk

  2. be careful with this game my computer is in the shop right now after trying to download it. Its got Virus written all over it. It erased everything on my hard drive!

    • If this was true, the game would have no players. The virus probably came from something else you downloaded, so don’t blame it on this game.

  3. I played phil one it was ok but the grind is bad killing high lv bosses move on next quest is not what I call fun at all 🙁 busy wait for guild wars 2 xD

  4. DONT PLAY THIS UNLESS: You can get past X-Trap. The anti hack program. I do not hack, I have basic Windows 7 on a new machine. I get this error message everytime I try to log in. I searched 30 pages into google. NO ONE has a solution. No forums, nothing. They had “Ideas” on reinstalling, etc.. I tried it all. It just does not work. This program is known to crash systems on other games too. I dumped this game after 4 downloads. 2 durring beta… no work. 2 Open Beta, still blocked.

  5. whats the grind like lol? sorta looking for a good steady grind that dosnt get to awful u know 1 month grind for 1 level to insane and im even a hardcore no life gamer just get bored when it gets that insane. Looks fun though I love MMORPGS but those insane L2 grinds or zero online good example of insane grinds can’t stand that sh*t I like to hit end game and do everything rather than grind my azz off for eternity that get’s soooo soooo boring.

    • I want to mention I don’t mind gear grinding like how Guild Wars was I been playing it since ’05 I still log in to grind for items even though already topped out and end gamed just it has that repeatable game play i never get bored of if this game isn’t like that anyone got any recommendations ive played pretty much ever free mmo there is but there’s a few i have skipped

    • The grind isn’t bad at all, and the levels come really quick. In about 30 minutes or so I’ve hit level 10 on another character.

    • I’m agree with you about zero online i used to played for along time and is the same shit and you need spent money to be strong.

  6. First.This game is so fun not to hard not to easy.Not all mmorpg has the transform option.I recomend you to play your aaa sss of

    • Oh where to begin with you… 1.) not so easy not so hard….care toe xpand on that?

      2.) Not all mmorpg has the transformation option… but why is it NECCESSARY? Other games the have it in 3..2…1..: WoW has transofrmation class, Prius Online (best F2P) has 3 transformation, Reqreium online has transformation (beast mode)… I can go on and on..also… FPS has it… Wolf Team online… etc…


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