SOE makes some changes to H1Z1’s early game scavenging, Major Layoffs Hit Strife Developer S2 Games, Phantasy Star Online is still on its way to North America, Riot is redoing League of Legends lore and more on this week’s episode of the Free-to-Play weekly!

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  1. Still looking forward to PSO2.
    Even though I’m sure it’ll be complicated investing time into both PSO 2 NA and PSO 3 Asia when they are both released at the same time.

  2. Think SEGA’s purposedly delaying PSO2 so by the time it gets here it will be so forgotten nobody will play it , and that will give them an excuse to delay more games.

  3. I played PSO2 like 3 years ago on Asian servers and by time it gets to NA, it will be outdated and becuase of that lack of players and lack of players dead servers and dead game. Good game but should be in NA waaay earlyer.


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