Face of Mankind is a free 3D sci-fi MMORPG with realtime combat in a single persistent science-fiction universe.

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  1. Don’t listen to this guy up here, it’s all a lie, he is just a noob that don’t want playerbase to rise, believe me, the game is peacefully, I am a LED and I just love to play it, Permadeath is almost impossible, since every clone cost 350 and you begin with 20k, each 2 hours on a group will grant you other 4k, and all the items you get are from faction pool, well, the game is very good, I love when me and other soldiers join up in a squad and go eliminate all criminals on a certain area.The game is one of the best I’ve ever played, so don’t get me bad, just don’t listen to this guy, very friendly comunity, first thing you must do ingame though is join a faction in your apartment computer.

    • Well since someone’s going to be the “His story can’t be possible because it’s not exactly like mine” typical internet user. I WILL say that I tried playing some time ago, and maybe those players have left. I still say, however, that I was repeatedly spawn camped until I just uninstalled. Maybe things have changed, who knows? I certainly can’t see open PvP as anything less than a mass grief fest, but I could be wrong, it CAN happen. Maybe there’s a peace right now, but I can’t take your word for it anymore than you can take mine (kinda works both ways)

      One thing’s for certain, if the developers allowed it to happen, they’ll allow it to happen again, so they blew their one shot with me.

  2. The fact that you made it out of the cloning facility still baffles me. Not because of your intelligence or anything on your end, don’t get me wrong, but by the sheer anti-new-guy the core community can be. I tried playing, only to be spawn camped for an hour. All I could do was die and respawn back (there are limited lives) all while being told to go uninstall and find another game. Eventually my lives ran out, permadeath. I was forced to make a new character, different faction, only to face the same issues (and be teamkilled no less!). I’m also not the first person with this story, as searching the forums proved. I enjoyed your review, and think you’re great at what you do, but I will never be able to understand how you weren’t pasted the moment you left the cloning facility.

  3. I have heard of a giveaway for this game, but I didn’t even clicked it, I didn’t knew how the game was or heard of it, but now I might even try it out because someone made a review, thanks.


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