F.E.A.R. Online is a FPS title from Aeria Games that brings the popular F.E.A.R. franchise into the MMO market. With scenario based PvE missions and multiple PvP game modes, the game offers a bit of everything to as many players as possible. Does the franchise hold up in this new format? Take a peek and find out!

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  1. This was more fun in alpha then now.
    We were dropped in a small map with a ton of AI and some players. When you were shooting someone you were taking their character, including their weapon. It was crazy fun.

  2. @Naceo, the game being bad has nothing to do with the engine it’s built on at that point. The tutorial mission looks better than 90% of the other content. Past the tutorial the game looks and plays nothing like FEAR at all. It’s a brainless mess built on a recognizable franchise, that has nothing to do with the original product more than the name and some of the creeps rushing in being shot at sight. It’s a bad excuse for a fps, like most of the korean fps games, but being a FEAR game, that’s pretty sad. I’ve been in the beta, but seeing how far the game goes, i don’t even want to try it again. Aside from some ui menu changes i can’t really tell the difference from now and then.

    • It’s still indicative of the number of f***s put into this game. If you wanna hate on the game ya gotta hate it on a technical level as well as the metaphysical level. Quite easy to do really as cash-ins tend to have busted and broken game mechanics.

  3. Another FTP shooter built off the LithTech engine. Want to know how many of those games are actually good let alone functional? Zero.

    • I wouldn’t say the best fps but as a FEAR fan i could tell you i really liked this game, it could be way better offcourse, the pvp feels like any other fps out there and the pve gives it a little more “life” to the game but nothing special. The game’s good to average, i hope they add more story and dinamics in the near future.


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