Firefall is a free to play 3D Sci-Fi MMO team-based shooter (MMOFPS and MMOTPS) set in a beautiful but devastating vision of earth’s future. Players will protect the Earth through the use of high-tech battleframes, which can be customized extensively to unlock the power of Firefall’s class-based combat.

To find more about Firefall check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, tons of screenshots, and additional videos. Don´t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.


  1. awesome video my mom won’t let me play violent games anymore but if she would i would play that!

  2. Been waiting for this for so long, I hope its worth the waiting. But character customization wise not in-depth, but its a shooter I have low standards in that department. I just hope the game is fun.

    • I’m the same, every game I always go for the sniper guy but in firefall I barely used the sniper because the little bugs are too fast, so I had to use my SMG >>

  3. Any chance you guys will be giving some beta keys. Even if you don’t I’m sure it’ll be awesome when it goes to open beta IF they add more quests and make it less grindy

  4. couldnt find that graphics card but one question CAN IT PLAY CRISIS 2 MAXED OUT WITH DX11 MAXED OUT WITH THE NEW UPDATES FOR THE GRAPHICS????

  5. I’ve played it but even tough it’s in beta, the PvE is getting sort of repetitive now. Nobody is doing PvP and all I can do is to “thump” for minerals -_-

  6. Looking good. Firefall looks to be an awesome game, I hope the PvE gets filled out going forward later in beta process.

    Keep us informed. I really like the animation style and color schemes.

  7. this duds pc is too weak to handle this game with 720p recording do not let him make anymore videos till he upgrades that WEAK pc

    • its not like that for some reason its lagg and maybe he change the options? just like my champions online ghrapic i let the ghrapic low so i can play well…

    • its not like that for some reason its lagg and maybe he change the options? just like my champions online ghrapic i adjust the ghrapic to low so i can play well…

    • Hehe. Here are my specs, in the beginning of the first look I advised og lag chops occasionally and server stability as issues that exist in the closed beta. Thanks though! 🙂

      PC Specs:
      Intel Core i7CPU 960 @3.20GHz
      ATI Radeon 5890 HD
      6GB RAM
      2TB HDD
      Windows 7 Home


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