Welcome to the first episode of Free-To-Play Weekly, the new and exclusive web show from MMOBomb.com. This show presents you with the most important news of the week about free-to-play online games and the latest releases, with a few jokes thrown in for good measure. Have fun and expect a new show next week!


  1. I just want to thank you for all the comments and emails, we’re reading all the feedback carefully and we will improve quickly 🙂

  2. It was nice for a first episode, I found it very enjoyable and entertaining. Nice if you want a quick glance of what is going on in the free MMO world without needing to browse the site. I’m also in agreement with some of the poster, I do believe it requires some work, most of which has been mentioned above by other posters.

    A suggestion if I may, maybe you could make something slightly longer with a little more depth into the common features of the game that users look into e.g guilds, pvp, endgame, crafting, classes, races, the game selling points i.e. what makes it unique and stand out. It is after all a weekly release. I would personally enjoy a little more to watch after waiting a week :P. Maybe this could be used like a preview for what’s coming the following week?? The reason for this is that personally when I saw global agenda I was like “Ooooo this looks good, what’s this about? Sweetness!! Jetpacks!! Oh wait! Is that it?? Oh well good show, back to LoL”

    Keep the good work coming!! (^ v ^)


  3. Suggestion1: Get rid of the animation all together, just have the voice-over with the clips. For a transition between games you could do zoom out of a monitor, shifting to the side and zooming into the next monitor with the next clip/set of clips. And while your introducing the next game show some intro clips maybe quickly show the developers/producers logo, and some clips that don’t directly give away the game, until you start talking about the game itself.
    Suggestion2: Get a real person to stand in front of a camera and green screen to do the narration.
    Suggestion3: Category clips, when you want to introduce some shooter, have a clip with “Shooter(s) of the week”, same with the MMORPG and game of the week.
    Opinion: The guy doing the narration speaks too fast and a little uppity/happy go lucky. After a very short narration it has just silence while showing a bit of game play, it feels a little awkward. Very little information about the game is given, maybe talk about a review or critic opinion if any where given, or give some information about the game or its predecessor (even spiritual predecessor). The last game was the best narrated giving a decent amount of information while being short and sweet. One last thing, I don’t know if it was an inside joke or something, but you said something along the lines of: “…a game that doesn’t suck, unlike another trademark title”, I have no idea what that trademark title is supposed to be, not all players will be immersed in all games/genres that you bring up. There’s probably more nitpicking I can do but that’s enough, I still hope to see other videos, it’s nice to get updates on f2p games without having to go through each game site to get all the info.

  4. I’m pretty impressed, the content is great, it be nice if you included more games, and i like game of the week segment. Nice voice to listen to, you know your stuff and you make some jokes.
    Overall a good rating

  5. To be honest, I loved the intro and the content you displayed, but your enthusiasm sounded fake and dry which kept bugging me the entire video. The animations were alright, a few distracting weird hand movements at the most and the silence felt awkward. That’s all I really have to say, good video though.

  6. Would love to see more reviews or at least a look at actual game play content, otherwise good direction. Also I thought the pacing of the voice was fine, more info would be nice.

  7. Well, good overall, short and sweet.

    Gotta say though, puppet much? The movements just look really weird. But, that will clear up with time I expect.

  8. I need to say “thanks” in a big way for all you’ve done. I’ve been disgusted with p2p games for the past three years now. I ditched them and then floundered around looking for f2p games i liked and enjoyed. I did ok finding stuff, but wasted lots of time downloading free games a rapidly decided I didn’t like enough. I wish this site had been up years ago.

    Even so, with the info you are providing, I’ve been able to check out games quickly, and easily, without wasting a lot of time deciding if a game was something i wanted to try out.

    You’ve saved me time, effort, and money, and I really appreciate what you are doing.

    The podcast was good, not great, but that just means you need just a little time to hit your stride.

    Thanks again!

  9. Gotta say, need to work on the editing skills a bit there, but otherwise a nice little update on the latest happenings. Got some ideas for content, like to see more of us involved in creating some interviews and doing our own in-depth reviews of various new games that are released etc.

  10. To be completely honest the intro was awsome from there it was all down hill for me

    Unfluent animation (should smooth it out with something that dosent look like pin the tail on the donkey)

    Wierd pauses that are silent after some game content (should add some music or SOMETHING)

    thought the voice was a little fast as evreyone else is saying.

    More dedication to the website would be cool hardly saw anything !BooM! like in the video
    this is mmobomb.com, is it not? XD

    last but not least the random hand sign’s.. dont know why he threw a piece sign but it bugged me

  11. Cool video, like Random714 said, the animation could use a bit of work to keep up with the fast pace at which you were talking, or it could go vice versa and you could slow down a little bit to keep pace with the animation. Either way, nice work. It was short, and got right to the points without any dilly-dallying.

  12. Nice job! i think the animation could have been a bit better, needs to be more fluent and you were talking a bit too fast. but mostly good keep up the good work!


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