Nothing in the world could prepare you for this video. This video is a best of with all the outtakes, bloopers, things that went wrong and that should stay buried. But they didn’t stay buried deep enough…

Some scenes are funny, others are glaring mistakes and there’s a whole lot more never-before-seen-what-the-hell footage directly taken from the “MMOBomb First Look video previews“. The result is something that will leave you in absolute tears… or so we think.

This video was created with a whole lotta love (noticed the subtle musical culture reference?) for our members, so we hope you enjoy it and share with your friends, enemies, lovers and pets. Except gerbils, because they don’t really have a sense of humor.

0:05 Scarlet Legacy
0:13 Ether Saga Odyssey
0:27 Dragon Nest
0:34 Allods Online
0:39 Battlefield Play4Free
0:57 APB Reloaded
3:23 Runes of Magic
4:11 Brawl Busters
4:23 Elsword Online
4:44 Rusty Hearts
5:03 Drakensang Online
5:56 Asda 2
6:30 Lost Saga
6:41 Iris Online


  1. I have our pet put 500$ in the 13º book you can see in the city lybrary if u wanna see them another time
    (i know i have a problem)

  2. OMG LOL. “I don’t what’s going on here but, um… It’s really cold here.” X3
    This video is so funny, especially that merchandise bit and when that guy ranted on Drakensang!

    … Oh yeah, did that girl say that she can nom your face? WHAT

  3. The guy that was playing Dragon Nest has got to be pedo. He is uber creepy. If I was under 18, I’d be screaming stranger danger at him. If I saw ever met him.

  4. Lol awesome, the parts I most loved, was the Battlefield p4f, I just dont know how many times someone crashed the helicopter with me on it, xD, the “merchandise” lol, and the dolphin horse. Awesome guys, keep the good job.


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