Gundog is a comic book style third-person shooter published by OGPlanet. In Gundog players get to fight as dogs who walk on two feet while engaged in a world war of just dogs. Players can collect unique “cards” which serve as varied loadouts and classes for players to choose from. These cards grant distinct character visuals and stats along with class specific weapons and abilities. As players level up they can unlock new cards to further their progression of a certain class type. The game offers several gameplay modes including TDM, Demolition, and Stealth.

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  1. just wanna throw it out there, im getting tired of this type of game. can somebody just change the charactor looks, its all the same now. now that neverwinter and age of wushu is launching soon, i’m quite looking forward to check it out, hope its worthwile.

  2. I refuse to believe that any sort of questioning of “morality” of this game is anything but a joke. Not a very good one at that, please do not perpetuate it.

  3. You nailed it thats what I was talking but couldn’t nail for some reason any ways you’re right if you have problems in your head don’t play any fps game even if it looks like a two year old made it.

  4. Ive been playing games all my life(starting with diablo in 96) but that never made me shoot people in real life or my dog..etc…this games make you violent or makes you do things in realty its only fake I love dogs i got 3 and tryed this game for like 2 hours( like any game ) and didnt make me kill them ..O_O of course if you have mental problems yes.. you shouldnt play games at all not only this

  5. One day im playing a game and i shoot a dog the next day I shoot when in real life yeah shooting a dog on the computer is animal abuse SURE.

  6. Is this game for a two year old? I mean really come on this looks like it was meant to be in chucky cheezes arcade :/

  7. Hey spunkify,
    You should check out dxtory if you have a lot of problems with fraps. The downside of dxtory is that it only records DirectX games so no desktop recording etc. But it works smoother and can record multiple sound channels.

  8. hey the game isnt that great … but why all this peta and stuff anyone who cant make a diffrence between a game and reality its a retard in my opinion … so why hate a dog vs dog world ? i luv dogs so why not play as one (its a game so what is my dog gets shot .. ITS A GAME!!!)
    Anyway game sucks other then the dogs its your basic cartoonish fps

    • I agree, you have to be completely retarded to even start to talk about it. There are and there were tons of cartoons and comics in which animals are main characters fighting against each other and now dumb kids talk about PETA…it’s ridiculous.

      • both of u not showing too much empathy u will be crushed by our lawyer group including Pamela herself dressed like puppy. Expect main dog Court invitation soon…. mature players

  9. Damn another fps with a loby & only pvp. Really crappy if you asked me. The same fps over & over again. Warframe is a lot of fun & way better than this. I am tired of this loby based pvp fps crap! when is fire fall going into open beata & full release? They been working on that game for like 3 years. Wtf is up with that?

    • Do you think we give a shit?
      Do you?
      Other people ahve other opinions.
      I personally like this game.
      Just because you love grind games dosent mean we should love it too :/

      • Your trying to tell me pvp fps games aren’t grind based? That’s all you do is grind & see how many head shots you get & every fps I played every map is the same fuking thing & they all look the same as well. All are based from counterstrike & halflife.

    • “The same fps over & over” “Warframe is was better” LOL? Every god damn level in warframe looks the same. Thats way better? I dont think so. Warframe isnt bad, just gets fast repetative and boring.

    • that would be better “cats vs dogs”, but i didn’t liked the game it was lagy and full of bugs next time i will try this game it will be in ob, not worth testing game when its not worth your time

  10. Looks like this game takes place in a dog eat dog world. Hah, bad puns aside, I’m not quite sure what to think about it.

  11. i hope they will not release it in North America, because Pamela Anderson and PETA will sue them for animal cruelty 100%


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