Guns and Robots is a 3D third person shooter by Masthead Studios. In Guns and Robots players create robotic combatants from scratch utilizing a variety of parts and weapon types, each with their own unique attributes. Players participate in last man standing style of matches where they can destroy individual components of their enemies robots in order to cripple or disable them completely.

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  1. Actually I read somewhere, that they will add whole new section to the customization “device”, which will bring “so wanted” strategic combat to the game. Devices will act like unique abilities to each robot build. Something like place mines and turrets, use “the force” to lift up and throw enemies..etc.

  2. I am for slow combat if it is STRATEGIC. This was just “roll to the hallway and he whom over zergs wins”.;… LOL never going to install this garbage.

  3. i usually always try out games that are f2p no matter what but from this video i can see this is tooo slow paced shooter for me i got nothing against the game its looks fun but it seems too slow paced for me maybe i will decide to try it in the future maybe not who knows we will see whoever think this game looks good for them i suggest u go ahead and try it

  4. Looks good,a refreshing feel compared to so many generic shooters thats being spat out at the gaming community,I just hope they polish and well tune this game before they release it because this has a lot of potential.

  5. its offtopic to this article but cant find right place sorry.
    I just would like to give into attention that many new things hppend around Otherland game. Its MMORPG still in developement but there was another close beta last weekend with plenty new things and so on. Its said OBT should come in early 2013.
    In my opinion this game have really a lot of new features(really new) and from cbt i can say it is far better then most of mmorpgs on market now.
    Here is the point 😀
    Do you plan to review this game? If yes and can give many from-in-game infos 😉


  6. Well, I can’t personally say this is “My Cup Of Tea”. Honestly, I couldn’t even make it through practice with a robot I’ve created. I thought somewhere I’ve read this game was supposed to be fast action based, but this game just feels incredibly slow.

    I suppose I can’t really judge from barely practicing, and not even participating in any matches. It’s really not just my type of game, however, others who enjoy this game, I have no choice other then to respect their opinions and thought on the game. I’ve probably just outgrown these types of games.

    Then again… I still do enjoy Gunbound…

    • dafuq? hows that never seen , sir you are realy wrong , go watch all the others first look from this year ,.

      *coff coff ahem* hawaken

      also not only this year , there was a game called bots , and another one called exteel .

      • Well.. eXteel was shut down and it was a mecha MMO to begin with with nothing close to this kind of costumization.

        Bots was mediocre at best and while I didn’t played it – seems it lacked on the aspect of costumization too.

        CosmicBreak featured a huge range of costumization but the graphics and gameplay wasn’t all that polished. I’d say that and it’s precedessor may be the closest you get to a robot building-battling arena style MMO.

        However I do agree… it’s nothing really new just presented differently than the previous tries on such themes. These games do lack on gameplay experience tho on my opinion but they all have a potential. It’s just to make a perfect one requires way too much funds and an expert team to get everything right for the first try and still it might not bring the money back if there isn’t something extraordinary about the title cause while it’s fun to build robots.. for certain people… it doesn’t have all that high fanbase to build an entire title upon it. One should offer more than that to draw a wide enough playerbase into such games.


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