GunZ 2 developed by MAIET Entertainment is the sequel to the popular GunZ. Focusing on high-mobility and precision timing, GunZ 2 offers players the opportunity to wall run and freely dash in any direction while in combat. The third person shooter offers both casual and competitive modes of play with 4 unique classes each possessing their own weapons and abilities to choose from.

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  1. It has pretty ok gameplay.

    I picked the sniper guy and it turns out I’m pretty mediocre at sniping, but now I’m stuck with it because you have to pay for more characters – which pretty much means i’m quitting.

    The campaign mode has extremely poor AI and shouldn’t even be mentioned, however it is a good way to get exp – so it’s worth doing. One thing to note is the transitions between scenes in missions are absolutely horrendously done and can bug people out, as well as trigger events such as a bridge coming down can bug out as well – forcing the player stuck to kill themselves.

    The PvP is great but there’s some really odd quirks that make it annoying, such as you can’t melee people on the ground, so you have to switch to your gun to finish them off (like, really?).

    I have a bias against FPS on PC that don’t allow controller support because I can’t stop thinking about how I’m just pointing and clicking on someone’s face to kill them, it’s much more enjoyable for me with a controller because it feels like I’m actually playing a game instead of “click within range of body/head”. so take my words with a grain of salt.

    • lmao. You would get flamed so hard by most people who play FPS games on PC. But I get what you mean. Unfortunately not too many games really take limb damage into consideration. Its always takes so much damage and die. Its not like you can shoot someone in the leg and they’ll start limping and what not. Or shoot someone in the arm and their accuracy is affected somehow(or even have an arm blow off lol)

  2. kinda hate that you cant create your own character.
    I shall await closers, X, and super smash 4 with some other game.
    It’s fun to play though it’s just something about it that rubs me the wrong way…..

    • To be fair, Loadout had very specific goals it wanted to accomplish and lot of that was around the idea of being able to customize weapons the way you wanted. Whereas for Gunz 2 they wanted to give players a new Gunz experience and like the first game didn’t include alot of customization, at least not in the depth of Loadout but still gave an enjoyable experience(apart from k-style and the hackers).

  3. I gotta be honest – without the K-Styling and other glitches, the game feels like more of a level playing field. While I am a supporter of K-Style, this is a refreshing new take on GunZ. The graphics are by far superior to it’s predecessor, and the gameplay is still just as fast-paced as ever. I’ve played GunZ: The Duel for almost eight years now, with no sign of quitting. Sure I love GunZ 2, but it’s so vastly different feeling than the first one that I’m continuing to play both games. No more leading bullets is always a plus though. Without K-Style, it allows for newbies to still have a pretty fair shot at killing veterans. Although K-Style is gone, you never know what the future may hold – maybe it’s a different implementation of K-Style that makes it easier for everyone to use. If you think GunZ: The Duel was bad, please tell me how the game has survived (and profited) for almost eleven years and counting. Give GunZ 2 a try, you’ve got nothing to lose – simply delete the game if you dislike it that much. My only rants about it so far is the UI, which is lacking buttons and isn’t full screen in the lobby. The prices for microtransactions are absolutely outrageous at $15 per one small item. Considering this game is in early access, I’m absolutely positive these problems will be fixed, with much more content added.

    • I never had a problem with k-styling…I just put bullets in their head. Assault rifles are fun that way.

      You can do all the fancy little tricks you want, I’ve yet to meet a trick that can outsmart bullet.

  4. There is still animation canceling? Looks like I’m going to avoid this game. Some argue is skill, I argue it’s exploiting a glitch that the developers were incapable of fixing. I remember doing it in the original, it wasn’t fun and eventually was the reason why I stopped playing it. I just didn’t feel like doing it anymore and if you didn’t you were at a disadvantage.

    So many garbage F2P games lately.


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