Hawken is a first person mech shooter published by Adhesive games. The game features customizable mechs with varying sizes and loadouts. Unlike other mech games Hawken focus on fast past action while still incorporating a multitude mech elements that define the game as a mech game first and foremost.

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  1. “I’m Spunkify. I’ll see you guess next time… This has been Spunkify. SPUNKIFYYYYY OUT!” <– Utterly annoyed by this, especially the unnecessary increase in speech volume he does with that on every video.

    Spunkify, you seem like a cool enough dude, but could you maybe tone that down a little?

    And no, to the rest of you about to retort on my comment, i can hardly care of your replies. Thanks.

  2. I’ve played both MWO and Hawken, going to admit right now I’m a mechwarrior fanboy so make of this what you will. To me, Hawken felt much like any other standard FPS game, just with a “mech” theme pasted on it.

    Now don’t get me wrong its still a high quality game in its own right, graphics are top notch, gameplay is quick and fluid. But to me the whole “mech” thing just seems to be a theme and nothing more. You could just as easily substitute the bots for soldiers and it would play pretty well the same.

    In short, when I’m in the mood for a FPS game, I’ll definitely turn to Hawken, but when I’m in the mood for something with mechs….not so much.

  3. I have played both HAWKEN and mech warrior online and i like HAWKEN by far,HAWKENS maps are just so beautiful and mech warrior maps are dull and boaring,both have good game-play but my pick is HAWKEN.YES! were gonna have real maps now for missle assault,in the alpha we just had a testing map for missle assault

  4. I cant judge 100% because I have not played either games, but based on video… This game looks soooo much better than those other mech games coming out. The other games just lok cluncky slow and one leveled. this is multi level mech killin awesomeness.

    • Mechs don’t even exist in real life.. There’s no realistic comparison to be made so you can’t really gauge realism in something like Hawken or even mechwarrior, except for maybe environmental factors but that’s really about it, but even then that’s really just because we say “that’s how it would work if it were real…maybe”. So asking for alot of realism in a fictional setting of something that doesn’t really exist is kind of asking for disappointment and a little too much.

        • yeah there’s that now, I’ll agree there, but its really no more than an expensive toy. You can argue that the other ones that have been developed count I suppose, but as far as 40-100 Ton, 10 story tall, fully functioning militarized mechs go. Right now they don’t exist, maybe in development? god only knows and god only knows if we have the resources for it. All i’m saying. And the Scale Gundam in Japan doesn’t count. Pretty much counts as a statue cuz it doesn’t really do anything and its stationary.


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