Hero of the Obelisk is a chibi dungeon based MMORPG which features 3 non gender-locked classes each with branching specializations. The MMO offers action oriented combat, and allows players to group in order to tackle challenging bosses or engage in PvP. Hero of the Obelisk offers both open world PK combat and guild sieges which pits guild on guild in castle warfare./p>

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  1. Its a fairly decent game, but it just possesses various flaws throughout the process. Besides, its in CBT progressing slowly towards OBT, it’ll get better throughout the expansion in the future years i still have some hope for it. ;;

  2. extremly repetitive gameplay, the skills itself doesnt make it up for duels. basically who have the highest grade gear/enhance wins the pvp. ofc its like this in most game, but the skills here doesnt mean you have a chance having a crap gear lol
    theres alot of complain in the forum already about bugs and people being pk’d infinitly in the open field area (where you can farm fatigue and enhance gems plus kill some kind of MVPS – this one reminds iris online open field whoever played iris knows what im talking about, athought iris had amazing skills and amazing gameplay i srsly loved that game)
    the pvp have been bugged last i heard so people cant farm points for the free cash if you are a top ranked pvper

  3. well. as expected from eyasoft, the game already have alot of bugs and from what i heard from the kr or jp version i dont think it got fixed there too. basically the class with pistols can cancel their auto attack if they attack and move at the same time, meaning you can attack up to 5x in 1 second making the class handle most of the dungeon records if not all and hold all the wings.
    although eyasoft is a crap enterprise normally they make decent games, i was expecting way more for this one i think the game lack alot of ideas its not original at all and don’t have any good thing from other games.
    i guess all we can do is play and hope they’ll do magic, but comming from eyasoft i doubt it will ever happen.

  4. This game sucks… i thought it’s gona be this epic Dungeon based chibi cuteness Hack & slash!!!! ownage, but it’s just Point Click and Spam Potions kind of game.. graphic’s are good but i prefer Great Gameplay Over Great Graphics.. Although wouldn’t complain to have all in 1 game.

  5. I can never seem to expend all my fatigue anyways, so it hasn’t been much of a problem. It’s true that it’s not a hack and slash at all though.

    A not-so-bad game. It’s held my attention a lot longer than a lot of other games around as of late.

  6. its not a good game but it has that lame Fatigue/stamina system limiting how many times u can go to a dung by day and stuff,plus they say its a hack and slash game when its just a point and click XD


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