Heroes & Generals eliminates the formulaic baggage that weighs down the shooter genre by delivering satisfying strategic action in a full blown first-person shooter experience.

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  1. ThcMonkeey –> You character status doesn’t get reset with every war. Absolutely not.

    Curst -> I’m pretty sure russian servers are coming. So hang on 🙂

  2. Haha, I guess now we know that Magicman isn’t much of a pilot. There was also a creepy part about paratroopers having to bomb something. XD It wasn’t a bomber actually. This plane is used to paradrop players that spawn in it (yes, you can paradrop by pressing “E”, even if you’re a pilot).

    Ah well… I wish they had a Russian server too. The game is great and very promising, but I don’t want to ruin it for others with my ping. It’s usually something around 110ms, and no, my internet connection is not bad. The problem is that I live pretty far away from European server.

  3. I played the game a few weeks ago. But it was way to unstable for me to stick with it. The game kept crashing on me, either the client or the server connections so i decided to give it some time before trying it out again.

    The few minutes i managed to spend in the game were very enjoyable actually. It felt original and fresh.

    Like fish-slapping a donkey

    I don’t really know what they plan to with it, but i frown on the idea that my character status gets reset with every war. I hope they plan at least some persistence withe the progression.

  4. I want to be in this game!!! Looks really awesome and taking part if the wars accually count for something (you take teritories)…

    • we all know the history of that war… France and England, got into the fight first, then Canada and then US (Yes they were last to get into the war). And Hitler and company was defeated. For more detail go on Wikipedia.

      Oh and by the way, correction for you, the allied represent all country who were fighting against Hitler and company not just United-State.

      • If you’re correcting me, I specifically state in the video that currently you can only choose from USA and Germany but they plan to expand to add in the rest of both the Axis and Allied powers. No sure what you think I got wrong here. That statement clearly implies knowledge of the “Allied Forces” being more than 1 country.

          • No! Not at all! Just didn’t want you to think I was being ignorant of the reality of a very horrific historical event 🙂

            Don’t worry you rock!


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