Heroes of the Storm is a new MOBA which incorporates iconic characters from Blizzard Entertainment’s most notable universes. Unlike other MOBAs, HoTS focuses on augmenting hero abilities giving them unique traits as they level up. HoTS features several objective oriented maps which players must fight for control over if they wish to succeed.

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  1. guys have faith in the creators of starcraft and world of warcraft.
    blizzard will take revenge from valve with this,for stealing his beloved Dota 2.
    you know guys I think the only good thing that valve has done with dota 2 is making it free now blizzard that money hunger company should make HOS FREE 😀

  2. Instead of releasing new games, Blizzard should implement these “Games” into World of Warcraft. Like PvP you can go MOBA with your normal char or your companions. Or you can find cards and duel other players.

  3. played this at blizzcon, cant say im that impressed with it over all, it seems like blizzard just wants to hop on the MOBA bandwagon and make some quick cash.


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