HeroesGo is a dungeon crawler styled MMORPG by Joymaster. In HeroesGo players can choose from 4 gender locked but distinct classes, each with their own set of diverse subclasses. The gameplay revolves around players completing various dungeons while utilizing both auto attacks and spells to perform intricate combos which deal massive AOE damage. HeroesGo features a large assortment of enemies with some dungeons containing multiple pathways to explore.

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  1. (ignores the trolling above)
    the only aime themed game i like that was a rpg was lucent heart online (that has been shut down) this basicly looks like a crapyer version srry but i would rather go on festa online then play this game this seems like another shadow

  2. I love it ,how people say”They don’t like anime games”yet in still they possibly played scarlet blade..smh *sighs*

    • exactly, if people don’t like “anime-like” games… than they basically don’t like 75% of all MMO, LOL.

      Because anime-like games for F2P have the largest player base in the world right now.

      Besides… you can basically say all games are anime-like due to the graphics used are all anime-like color, texture, there is no “realistic-like with real world looks” F2P game. (which would actually be creepy… and there’s no graphic engine out for that yet)

      • you 2 obviously haven’t played a lot of games and are probably still under 15, most games aren’t anime, just because they don’t look 100% real life doesn’t make them anime, I wonder where do you get your numbers from, and it’s stupid to say people don’t like 75% of games, no f’king shit, who the hell has enough time and no life at all to play so many games, so you’ve played 100% of all games and are able to tell exactly what percentage is anime?

          • LOL, so that’s the only part of the comment you can respond to? you’re almost positive i’m 15, but i’m 100% sure you’re wrong, and judging by you’re YouTube profile pic you really are 15, or a very ugly child like adult

        • People like you pisses me off trying to be mister smartass all the time ,cause never once did I say all mmorpgs are anime. In like I said be for instead of trying to be mister smartass pay attention to what people say you stupid troll.

          • And fyi this not my youtube name dumbass.Instead of trying to troll people you need to get yourself a pair of glasses in learn how to read people’s comments.

  3. I like those kind of games. Who ever likes slashers, dungeoncrowlers, combo-style combat should enjoy this game
    About art style:
    Allthough personaly I like art style of City of Steam, Path of Exile or – when it comes to anime – Rusty Hearts, its not reasonable to critisize game that has different style. Yes it is based on kawai anime, but as it, its actualy not bad. Main target audiance is kids after all.
    PS: I used to be disencourage by Elswords art style, but was nicely surprised by the gameplay when finaly tryed it

    • so your saying that dragon nest is a copy of howling sword online? since howling sword online was made waaay before dragon nest came out

      • Where do you see that he made that connection? He is just saying the village, GRAPHICALLY was designed with the same layout as DN, except in crappy 2-D, that has nothing to do with “who came out first”…if this game designed the village DIFFERENTLY, then it is not a clone as DN did not copy Howling sword village lay out…you made the wrong connection. Buy glasses.

  4. 2013…
    Gender Locking…
    Not having customization on characters…

    Stop being lazy game companies, Have fun when the game fails in about 3 months.

  5. Bad game, old, and the look of the characters and “costumes” (never change only weapon) its horrible

    • It’s quite ignorant of you that when you see a game. People like yourself automatically assume it’s a copy of another game. “Oh a WoW clone” etc
      And first of all…Dragon nest is in third person……And this is a side-scroller you sir…I can’t even think of a word…
      The game is unappealing. Yes. But it’s not a clone of DN. If anything it goes with games such as GrandChase,Elsword (Both created from KoG except that one switched) and some other ones. So………Yea and SolBalmungs point as well. Look up some facts before you judge.
      And carefree to ignore this long comment it’s tedious to look at and as well read.

  6. Looks incredibly generic. I think it’s safe to assume that any game with gender locked classes is complete garbage.

      • Except Path of Exile doesn’t really have classes. Choosing a class is the same as choosing an appearance for your character. You can make your character whatever class you want when choosing skills. I don’t think it’s fair for you to compare this to Path of Exile…

        • Well its not like that, characters like the duelist have affinity to strength and dexterity, so he can have variations in that course, but he can’t really go for inteligense, as well as a ranger can’t go for strength, while the shadow can go for dex and int.

          • Actually they can, they just have to make a direct path to where those noids are. I’ve seen summoner duelists, two handed mace rangers, and others. You just have to quickly run your characters level path to another ones before you spread out.

            Most specs in the end have stuff on all other class trees.

    • Although I still prefer “anime looking” in a more non-chibi form would be nice. so this is close to what I want at least. too bad Dark Blood is gone, it would’ve been for you


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