Heroes of Newerth (HoN) is a free to play Team based arena style action RPG that is very similar to DotA (Defense of the Ancients – a Warcraft 3 Mod).

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  1. Although I really dig this site, the first look videos are really bad.
    Maybe this comes from my (wrong) understanding that first looks are supposed to show us, the viewers, a first look of the game from a casual, but prepared perspective. If I wanted to see someone play a game for the first time I’d watch Out Of The Box videos on youtube.
    This video did nothing to introduce me to the game and I should have turned it off after the commentator said something along the line of “I don’t know what to do and should’ve played the map before”.
    Even from the most casual perspective it didn’t show any meaningful gameplay beyond a guy hitting some stuff and standing around. All I got was that the interface is nice and the gameplay is like dota / lol / whateva.

    I really do hope for the future that the commentator will be prepared to actually show something about the game he’s taking a “first look” at. Cause casual doesn’t necessarily mean not even knowing the most fundamental basics of a game.
    Right now, this video is neither for HoN fans nor for anyone interested in that game.

  2. “We try but unfortunately we can not please all users all the time.”

    so someone requested this? if so can we please have videos for…

    Age of empires 2
    Worms 3d
    *Insert other aged title here*

    • The video is a quick first look video from a casual perpective to show uninterrupted gameplay with commentary, and not a indef review. We try but unfortunately we can not please all users all the time.

      • English is not my native language so try not to flame T.T

        1st There is no trial account. F2P gamers start with basic account (they are not limited to only 10 games but to 15 heroes that rotate each week) and later on they become verified after lvl 5 or after they spend coins in Shop

        2nd There are no classes like mages, warriors and rogues. Only difference between AGI/STR/INT is stat gain/stat bonus. There are different “types” of heroes and these are: hard carry (crap at start but with full farm hard carry can solo entire enemy team, they are rly dependent on items), carry/semi carry (they dont scale with items as good as hard carry but they are usefull through entire game, they are outshined by hard carry in late game) , support/hard support (ward machine, roamers/they just run all over map and try to get some kills, babysitters), ganker (roamers, heroes with huge spell burst), initiator (they go in, use spells, die and their team wins)

        3rd As f2p player heroes that are outlined with green border can be played for free without any kind of purchase (they do rotate each week)

        Commentary is bad. This video would only turn players away from trying hon (it would turn me away 100%) and you know why? Put it like this, hon is competing with lol atm for f2p moba gamers and after watching this video as old/new moba player what would you play? Would it be lol with free champions every week or “hon with 10 free games”. Maybe guy in video didnt know that most things he said were false shrugs(call it w/e you want) but they proly turned away a lot of ppl (looks like intended). It seems il never see fair competition between these 2 games.

        Im on 1900+ rating in lol so pls, feel free to call me hon fanboy.


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