Hunter Blade is a free to play 3D action MMORPG with similar gameplay to the popular Monster Hunter series.

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  1. Has any1 noticed that the game is literally monster hunter but like 20 times worse i mean look at the w. wyvern things they were exactly the same as the baggi from monster hunter 3. and not only that the 2 handed blade is the monster hunter long sword. the only thing i didnt see it do that the MH long sword does is the final slash in the spirit attack combo. but seriously though if u want to play a game like this just play monster hunter its so much better (plus hunter blade actually took some of the models from monster hunter and repainted them). dont play waste off time. the end

  2. yeah is good the restrictions but the game will be rrtseicted to america only, including sur, north and center of america, no only north america im from latin america, and i hate that restrictions

  3. Don’t listen to all the people who say its a bad game. I downloaded it earlier and got to lvl 15 I think and so far its pretty good I think. I would at least recommend it for a try out. If you don’t like it just delete it. I’m also waiting for Raiderz to come out but since I don’t know when that is I think I’ll stick with this game. Oh and for those who want to download it and play it. DO NOT download it from the official site. It takes hours. It kept giving me around 20kb/s. Just look up hunter blade download on google and click one of the links to download it faster. Only took me about an hour or so to download it that way.

  4. nahh i wont download this im waiting for RAIDERZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but its gonna released in north america first T-T i dont when will it be released in asia -_-

  5. took me 23 minutes to download. its fun i played til lv 34. later in the game you really need to have a party you cannot solo much. thats what ruined it for me. i like to solo

  6. I refuse to play this. Sure nothing is original anymore, but this is just taking it to a new level. I’ll stick to my MonsterHunter and my dream that Capcom will localize Frontier. Someone call in the Blue Bomber to clean this mess up.

    • Its not that nothing is original anymore we just don’t think out of the box to see what is original or make something orginal. Anyway this is just Monster Hunter, in really just all aspects of waht made Monster Hunter ,Monster hunter. Iv personnal never was a fan of Monster Hunter but worse in my opinion because it attempts too add more then a silly reason too do stuff..

    • I hate to burst your bubbles man but, it has been confirmed that capcom is not localizing Frontier to US, due to the fact that they cannot get enough people to be interested in MH compared to how many fans are there in Japan

    • Your dream is to see Capcom localize Frontier? Wish you luck. Even after you die it will not happen. Your best bet is to play it in your dreams.

  7. HunterBlade Is a virus, it has been proven by two separate computers of my friends. One of which has to be wiped, the other got lucky. It has a back door trojan.
    Not only that but Hunterblade literally steals some of the models from monster hunter and paints them a different color. Their players look worse, their textures are crap and they stole from MHFO. Please do NOT support this game.

  8. anybody having a hard time downloading it?
    my internet connection is overpowered but this 1,7 gig thing says its gonna take 12 hours to download


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