Kings Road is a 3D browser MMO that features hack and slash style combat. Players must adventure into the world while partying with others and unlocking new skills to use in battle. The game features an in depth story as well as Facebook integration.

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  1. Just your typical kids who judge a book by it’s cover, if you can even say that i doubt kids these days pick up books, but yeah you get my point it is all about eye candy to people these days.

  2. Lol hack and slash came about from games like this.. games like Tera and RaiderZ didn’t even exist when the term hack and slash was first used.

  3. how the heckis this game hack and slash when you cant control the characters hack and slashing this is the same autoattack as every other mmo. hack and slash is like Tera Online or RaiderZ online not this stuff

  4. I don’t know about you; but I would actually like to try this out. It’s a colorful looking game; maybe it’ll be good, maybe it won’t. Doesn’t mean I don’t want to try it ^ _ ^”


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