Lineage 2 is a 3D fantasy MMORPG and has been revitalized with a revamp of existing content, all-new high level content and the introduction of the Free to play model with the launch of the Goddess of Destruction update.

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  1. Man this is the mother of all this sort of games and was years earlier then WOW was.
    I played it 6 or 7 years ago, and there was keyboard controls… you just had to put it on, its off by default.

    There where (are) many private servers for it when it was paid.. i will take a look in this free to play version,

    IMO its was one of the best games, but you have to learn how to play it, and you realy need a clan to join to participate in the castle sieges where you can become the ruler of a city, and you clan can declare taxes on every sale people do….

    Its more then just running arround and kill mobs.

  2. I understand it is a first look video, but the person making the videos should have a bit of a historical background on the game before just hitting record. Or, just general knowledge of the keyboard layout for the game. Minor things that take 10 minutes of your time, to give a much better first impression.

    “I believe it’s an Asian MMO, not sure.”
    “I don’t know what the final level is but, leveling sure seems easy.”
    “There are skills, but I don’t know how to use them.”

    That being said, I will agree with you that the controls are extremely dated for a game that was just recently overhauled.

  3. To ppl that complains about grinding…Tell me just one,just ONE MMORPG that dont have grinding and i give you 10 dolars…

    L2 is a great game, great pvp and in my opnion great gameplay, mouse and click is good because i get tired of pressing W to just go there, the game is complex later levels because of it so detailed system where at night you accuracy gets down, but a dark elf gets up, somedays the gatekeeper do a discount, Seven Sings, Olympiads, Castle Siege, Clans halls, tons of classes and skill, and of course a really good story not like 90% of f2p mmo that there is a god, he maked the world of sh1t and monster have invaded to make you get something to kill, get a time to think about this and choose between this “things” that you call mmos or a real game, where everthing is difficult and make you fell pride of everthing you have done.

  4. the game was allway this way and it sucks. in higher lvl its just grinding and its so hard to get gold for eaverything…
    ant the click click gameing is so boring

  5. omg reviewer is bad,such a brainless man,i mean open the map,look more then only in town,check out stats and stuff. All you did is walk around. Saulshots is toggle and learning is skills is easy,the game play is challenging in higher levels and pvp is even more epic.

    OVERALL BAD REVIEW 0,5 stars out of 10.

  6. Its only MY opinion so dont take it serious (especialy L2 fans) 🙂

    Left click, left click… haha i cant imagine pvp in that game, you just click on player and pop ur cds while stuck in one place or just hit and run? 😀 anyway i never played lineage before and thats not my play style i just luv keyboard and cant play game where 90% is mouse control… i know that L2 players gonna play this game anyway but isnt it boring w/o any dynamic ? ^^
    – graphic and detalis r nice but nothing else^^

    btw about that melle range attack… isnt that bugg or lagg?
    also they did one place for all races?
    at least its playable with massive players gathered in one place ^^

    I will wait for gw2 then (hope they wont fail it)

    Great video.. now i dont have to waste my time for this game and i was about to download it (and then uninstall-rage) ;]

  7. Man, this game is great but you fail on many things. How to use auto soulshouts is explained in tutorial. And how to learn skills you also just skip trough. Tutorial is 1-20 now. End game is all about massive PvP, castle sieges and clan wars for bosses 🙂 great game but very hard


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