Lost Saga is a free fight-action MMO game that involves over 18 very different mercenaries with diverse skills, where they fight and defend in a map to determine the champion.

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  1. This is bast game ever made! Maybe on this movie it dont looks rly good but trust me, this is aweseom!. To play this you need 100% skill. You are able to link items with skills and create your own unique combos, including different heroes. Skillas are not, half-perm and permament, which means you can counter skill of your enemy. I love it! Beside this balance system is great, if there is 4v2 those 2 guys have more hp dmg etc until some will join, so problems with leavers do not exist. I am a graphic designer so for me one of the best advantage in this game it that you are able to redesign all epic items. All you need to do is get Gear Designer, download template and edit it in graphic program. I’ve never seen advantage like this in any other game so this is a HUGE +. I have no f…ing idea why OGPlanet removed this game. So for a now there is no EU server what is rrrrrrryyyyllllllll sad :/

    Can you guys from mmobomb do something to raise LostSaga EU server? Maybe one of many publisher could carry this game? I rly want to play ls again.


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